Infinitode 2: Secret Achievements Guide

This guide contains all secret/hidden achievement descriptions


Ash generator
Burn 10 enemies in less than a second

Fail the tutorial

Step back
Kill 100 enemies who are being thrown back in one game

Rocket rain
Have 100 missiles flying over the map at the same time

Wow, this blew up
Kill 100 enemies with one Nuke

Thorny chain
Kill 3 enemies with one projectile using Splash’s chain reaction

Snowball combo
Hit one enemy with snowball 5 times

Kill any boss under “bonus coins” effect

Mass production
Have 25 miners at the same time on one map

Art of persuasion
Have 3 enemies fight on your side at the same time

Stunning shot
Stun 10 enemies with one shot

Light show
Have 11 ball lightnings flying over the map at the same time

Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V
Copy 5 towers in one game

Offhand shooting
Kill 10 enemies with a projectile which flies back in one game

Eye protection required
Double your Laser’s damage using its ultimate

Death from the sky
Kill 10 walking enemies with Anti-air tower in one game

Spiders on my side
Disorientate a spider

Space efficient
Build 3 more towers than amount of platforms on the map

Minefield walk
Have 25 mines on a map

Explosive bullets
Explode 100 enemies with bullets in one game

Bullet storm
Have a tower with 200+ attack speed

Worth of dozen
Build one tower but finish the game with 12 towers

Apply 10 different buffs on one enemy

Tightly packed rainbow
Build 125 towers on level “dev”

Kill any boss with disoriented enemy

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