Infinitode Guide –Tips and Tricks to Be Pro

Tower Defense is a genre that blends strategy, fast-paced gameplay and general clicking around. If you are a tower defense game lover. You must have a try. This graphics of Infinitode is simple, but this game has really over-the-top explosions, detailed towers and complicated enemies. There is few tips and tricks for the game online. If you want to be pro in the game, here is some guide collected by GamePretty. 


Do Not Afraid of Failure

If you are the first time to play this game. You will definitely lose in the level 1, loss is one of the part of the game in a way. Above all you must upgrade your progression tree in the main menu. You start the game with three towers: one that throws bombs quickly but doesn’t deal that much damage, a sniper that deals lots of damage but is slow, and one that targets only air units. you can get coins to get more afterwards even you lose in the level 1.


Invest Enough Time on The Game

A level in the game can easily last 20 minutes and you had better invest enough on it. Although you can save the game when you are playing. It may lost if you suddenly have a change of plans.


Upgrade Your Towers to level-5 Firstly

You should focus on a few towers with your global upgrades, rather than more towers with lower upgrades. Cannons, Tesla, air, and snipers are your best and should be focused for globals more than the others. Ice and blast are also good and should be focused. The common mistake for rookies is that pay all the coins to build more level-grade towers.


Try Different Tactics

If you are in trouble in one wave. You should try different tactics. Focus on two or three tower types always an effective method to get over. If this method still does not work. You need more coins to upgrade your progression tree.


Find the Behave of your Towers

You can play the game at real speed or even slow and watch how the towers behve mech better than medium or fast. It is a litter tip when you are in a jam.


Learn the Attributes of your enemies

If you want to be pro and achieve the goal. You should firstly learn the attribeures of you enemies each level. There are several kinds of enemies with different attributes, such as flying ones, enemies that walk really fast, others that have a strong defense but are slow, some have a certain weakness.


Use Different Targeting Modes

There are different targeting modes in the game, each modes has its characteristics. Here is some recommend strategies of targeting modes from Penwatch.


Less Splash And Multishots

If you are a noob to start the game, the best advice for you is build more blast instead of Splash and Multishots. you place more Air towers you can reduce the amount of Teslas you would need to deal with flying enemies, I normally see better results dealing with Light enemies by using more Snipers as you can position the start in such a way that you could have a Sniper hitting something all the time, you can’t do that once you get far away with Teslas.


Infinitode supports the customized maps by the users. You can enjoy more pleasure in the game by create your own maps or share the maps with your friends.

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