Inscryption: How to Grind Ouroboros Quickly

The Ouroboros is a “carry” card.
Why can’t it be an “overkill” card as well?
If you never want to have to worry about Foils or Money in the later Acts, then give this guide a look!


The Set Up
  1. You must be in Act 2
  2. Your Ouroboros should have atleast 5 Power and Toughness
  3. Build an Ouroboros deck (1 Ouroboros, 19 Squirrels)
    • Total cost of 27 Foils, 19 if you started with Leshy’s deck
  4. Grimora must not have been beaten
What’s an Ouroboros Deck?
It is a deck that allows you to Turn 1 play your Ouroboros card.
There is a unique mechanic to the game that you *cannot* draw 4 of the same card on your first turn.
So if 19 of your 20 cards are the exact same thing, you are GUARANTEED to pull your 20th different card on your first turn.
It doesn’t have to be Squirrels, it could be Skeletons.
It is not recommended to use Bots or Mages as your base deck as there is no “free” bot, and the mage resource doesn’t give blood.

The Grind
Once you have your Ouroboros Deck, go to Grimora’s Crypt, defeat her henchmen, and challenge her.

  1. Turn 1.
    1. Play 2 of your 3 Squirrels
    2. Summon your Ouroboros
    3. Play your last Squirrel to distract the BoneDog
    4. Hit the Bell
  2. Grimora will now kill your front line, but return them to you as Zombie (Free 0/1) creatures.
  3. You will get your (2 Blood cost) Ouroboros back, and Grimora will give you a Zombie Squirrel and (NO COST) Zombie Ouroboros.
  4. Turn 2.
    1. Draw your second Squirrel.
    2. Play your 2 Squirrels.
    3. Summon your (2 Blood cost) Ouroboros
    4. Play your Zombie (0 Cost) Ouroboros in the Left-most slot
      1. Select Hammer
      2. Select Zombie Ouroboros
      3. Receive Powered Up Zombie Ouroboros (Note Power Increase of Base Ouroboros)
      4. Play Zombie Ouroboros
      5. Repeat
    5. Forfeit. At and after 101 Toughness, it takes multiple Hammer strikes to kill a card. And yes… it really is faster to Forfeit and get back to Turn 2 than it is to swing the hammer multiple times.
  5. Repeat until Base Ouroboros is at the desired Power and Toughness

Thanks to sabata2 for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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