Inscryption: How to Gain Foils Quickly

Guide for gaining foils quickly and easily. Spoiler alert, especially if you don’t recognize the graphic used in the guide icon.   Introduction Foils are the currency in act 2. They can be spent at merchants to purchase cards and card packs. Foils are awarded after card matches based on overkill damage. In this guide, we will […]

Inscryption: How to Mod on Linux

How to mod Inscryption on a Debian/Ubuntu Linux distro Prerequisites I need to get this out of the way before I say anything: I will not spoon-feed complete linux noobs on how to do basic things. I am all for giving tips and helping people (even if they’re inexperienced), but I’m not going to teach you […]

Inscryption: Collective Effort Achievement Guide

When I was grinding through the collective effort achievement I couldn’t find much information on all of the special cards that you can’t buy with foils. I made this quick visual guide to hopefully make the achievement go more smoothly for you all! **ACT II SPOILERS**   Before you Start I recommend (especially if you […]

Inscryption: How to Grind Foil Pack

In this guide i will show you how to grind foil pack very easily. It will be time-consuming so i hope you don’t have anything to do if you do this aswell. Training Dummy So first things first, you need to unlock act 2 in Inscryption. (you can unlock the act 2 when you find […]