Inscryption: Foil Farming Techniques

If you don’t know what foils are or haven’t seen them in the game you should turn back now. Otherwise, this is a guide about numerous strategies to farm ridiculous quantities of foils and it’s open to suggestions.   Endless Scrapyard Required Cards 1x Energy Conduit 1x Steel Mice 1x Bone Heap 1x Any conduit […]

Inscryption: Act 3 Game Map

Mapped out Game Map for Act 3, because I kept getting lost. SPOILERS. Hopefully this can help someone else find the things I needed help looking for.   Inscryption Act 3 Game Map S = Start X = tile, x = tile with NPC – = directional path, ~ = hidden path, # = bridge […]

Inscryption: Extra Secrets Guide

Nothing that is required or even mentioned in achievements ( contains spoilers for all acts).   Shack Secrets Act 1: Some of these are obvious but ill list them all -The skull can be looted for teeth -The candle can be extinguished to grab a smoke from the bulb -The clock at 11:00 gives a […]