Insurgency: Sandstorm Beta Access Pre-Order Now And Join The Conflict In The Middle East

Insurgency: Sandstorm is the sequel of the popular indie title Insurgency, a mordern tactical FPS developed by New World Interactive, a mod of valve’s source engine. Insurgency: Sandstrom will bring you to a lethal close quarter combat and objective oriented multiplayers battlefield. It’s coming in September 19, 2018 on PC, and consoles’ versions will be released later.


Insurgency: Sandstorm – Teaser Trailer


Realistic Close Quarters Combat

Being realistic is always a feature of Insurgency, there is no aiming mark on the screen, no bullet number indicator, you can keep the half used clip and use them later, or discard the clip alone with all the bullets left in it. Insurgency Sandstorm possess unprecedented audio design with positional voice-chat for realistic teamwork, and heart pounding ambient audio to bring you into the battlefield. Move fast with caution as you advance, in this conflit, death comes fast. Manage you anmmunition carefully and always stay sharp.

Insurgency: Sandstorm | PvP Gameplay


Pre-Purchase For Instant Beta Access

Includes 10% Early Adopter discount available until September 26 + 10% Loyalty Discount.

– To benefit from this offer, make sure you are logged into your Steam account and that Insurgency is available in your library.

– The loyalty discount offer will remain after the release of the game until the end of 2018.

– Loyalty discount only applies to the PC version of Insurgency: Sandstorm.

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