Insurgency Sandstorm: Gore Changes and Unlimited Ragdolls (works in MP)

I love ragdolls and wish the the guys came apart a little more often. Now they do.


Override can be found in

  • [BOOT DRIVE – most often C]:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Insurgency\Saved\Config\WindowsClient\GameUserSettings.ini

Use Ctrl + F to find “ragdoll”, and change the line
(“r.RagdollMaximum”, (Value=16,bModified=True))
I am currently running a value of 256, but performance will be hardware dependent so lower your value as needed. The original poster said his system can handle 160 stably so you may need to experiment a little.

Obviously save your changes when done.


The only changes made here are dismemberment force of bullets (to make dismemberment happen more often and with more weapons) and the force applied to the ragdolls (how much they are pushed back)

These can be found in the same folder as the GameUserSettings, but instead will be in Engine.ini

  • [BOOT DRIVE – most often C]:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Insurgency\Saved\Config\WindowsClient\Engine.ini

Look for [SystemSettings] header, and if it doesn’t exist, write it in manually. We are going to be manually adding two more lines to affect the gore:

A multiplier for weapons and explosion damage, setting these to higher values will make limbs more easily dismembered.

The amount of physical “push” that will be applied on the ragdoll, the higher the value, the more “push” will be applied on the ragdoll from the direction it got hit before dying.

Both of these default to 1 unless otherwise specified, so setting a value to 5 will be 5x the normal game.
These are my settings, but feel free to customize this to your liking. Below are tables to help you find the values you want, but you will probably be relaunching the game a few times while testing.

Value | Results
0 | No dismemberment, might as well turn it off.
1 | Normal dismemberment.
1.5-2 | No noticeable changes although any value pass this point will cause explosions to insta gib.
5 | Rifles will be able to take off limbs in 2-4 shoots, Pistols will dismember in 2-5 shoots.
10 | Rifles will take off any limb with 2 shoots, Pistols will dismember in 1-4 bullets.
15 | Any weapon (except melee) will be able to dismember in 1-3 shoots.
20+ | 1 hit gib

Value | Results
0 | Normal weak push, nothing from explosions.
1 | Very slight push.
5 | Ragdolls will respond to bullets and fall back more noticeably, ragdolls will fly from explosions.
10 | Hard pushes even by the smaller calibers, ragdolls will FLY from explosions
50+ | 5 meters plus from the smaller calibers, to the moon we go

Thanks to GoGo Shrimp Daddy for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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