Insurgency Sandstorm: Hot Potato Settings

This is a short guide on how to change the item dropped on death in the Hot Potato mutator.


Alternative Items to use
Currently, with this mutator, you can have other items drop, such as F1 Frag, Rockets (exploding), Drones (exploding), Molotov, An-M14, or the default M67.

In the “[/script/insurgency.mutator_hotpotato]” area, use one of these settings:

GrenadeClass=”/Game/Game/Actors/Projectiles/BP_Projectile_F1.BP_Projectile_F1_C” //F1 Frag

GrenadeClass=”/Game/Game/Actors/Projectiles/BP_Projectile_RocketBarrage.BP_Projectile_RocketBarrage_C” // Rockets

GrenadeClass=”/Game/Game/Actors/Projectiles/BP_Projectile_IED_Drone.BP_Projectile_IED_Drone_C” // Drones Exploding

GrenadeClass=”/Game/Game/Actors/Projectiles/BP_Projectile_IED_BomberDrone.BP_Projectile_IED_BomberDrone_C” // Exploding

GrenadeClass=”/Game/Game/Actors/Projectiles/BP_Projectile_Molotov.BP_Projectile_Molotov_C” // Molotov


GrenadeClass=”/Game/Game/Actors/Projectiles/BP_Projectile_M67.BP_Projectile_M67_C”//Default Setting for HP Grendade

Notes: The rocketbarrage and exploding drones will cause massive explosions, potentially big fps hits for lower end cards.
You can wipe out 50 bots quick. Enjoy.
I took the time to find the entities because I felt there was not enough information provided in the mutator.
Also, please note that you could cause other items to drop, such as smoke and gas, but I did not look that up.

If you search for the game’s assets and want to find more, then search for the term “DynamicClass BP_Projectile” and you will locate other items to drop.

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