Isolationist Nightclub Simulator: 100% Achievements Guide

A brief guide, providing general directions and explanations on how to obtain all achievements in this game.
Note that the guide contains unmarked spoilers. Read at your own discretion.
  • After you spawn on the disco dance floor in the game, enter the stage behind it and operate all music instruments in the row.

  • Drink any drink from a cocktail bar on the counter.

  • There’s a small room in the back of the bar rooms’ corner – enter it to find a computer you can interact with and write a message on it. Follow interceding onscreen-prompts.

  • Use the Pinball Machine and play until the display shows a score of at least 10.

  • Use the Arcade Racer Booth and play for at least 60 seconds

  • Pick up the ball in disguise and score 2 times through the hoop.

  • Interact with the Yum-Yum Machine and spam left mouse click until 10 candies have fallen through.

Art Gallery
  • Once found and entered~

  • Once you’re inside the Art Gallery, follow through until the end of the hallway. Now take a right and follow through, finding an array of blue vertical light beams. Move past them to find a travelator, then step on it and make your way to the end of it.

  • Once you’re inside the Art Gallery, follow through until the end of the hallway. There you’ll find a small opening to the left of a room corner. Enter through and force the green orb all the way back to the dance floor, where you spawned, utilizing movement keys. This can be a bit tricky. Observing the orbs movement pattern, which corresponds to your own and application of some patience will do the trick in no time. Good luck. (Don’t press Right Mouse Button, when close to the orb as this will make it disappear from the screen)

Grand Halls
  • Enter through the hallway until you reach a Room with multiple doorways. Take the one on your top left and have a seat on the couch in front of the fireplace.

  • Approach the Table in the Garden Area. Behind it you will find a batch of fly agaric. Eat one.

  • Approach The Sphinx-esque statue’s rear and interact with the computer. Follow interceding onscreen-prompts.

  • Climb the staircase of the big tower in the desert and take a seat on the couch on the top platform, taking in the view.

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