IXION: Hidden Achievements Guide (17/17)

List of hidden in-game achievements
Spoilers of course!



The game has 17 hidden achievements. Want to share their descriptions and some trigger conditions with you. Apologies for quite large images but I’m really dont want to waste time downsizing them.

Access Granted

Use the body of Oulixes to access the Thianki

Chapter 1
You need to finish Saturn event first by obtaining DNA-sample of Oulixes. On Neptune POI use the sample to gain access to hidden stash

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

Skip a transmission within 1 second of it starting

Better Him Than Me

Replace Edden with the P.A. of the Protagoras

Beyond Time and Space

Finish the chain of events concerning the strange spheres

Most likely starts at Chapter 2 at Rockatansky D79 POI

Breaking Protocol

Discover Outer Hope during the prologue

You need probe launcher to find hidden POI

Catastrophe Avoided

Destroy the Piranesi before it destroys a planet

Guy de Borderlands

Entertain your crew members

Build Alternative Life Center in one of your sectors and wait on event to pop

Help of the Forgotten Member – spoilers

Implement the Naomi protocol 3 times

Prologue – Outer Hope
Chapter 1 – Uranus
Chapter 2 – Mack R (By thawing Ice)
Chapter 2 – Tatra v8 (Interrogate P.A.)
Chapter 2 – Main quest: Man is the Measure of all Things
Chapter 2 – Main quest:  Thoughts of the Protagoras
note: Most likely linked to Better Him Than Me achevement
Chapter 3 – Ruins (We Are What We Eat) note: Most likely linked to other dog-related achevements

In Genetic Conatus We Trust

Finish the game by following the path of genetic conatus

Probably one of the two (secret?) endings

Man’s Best Friend

Adopt the borzoi

Chapter 3
POI: Ruins – We Are What We Eat

Mutual Loyalty

The borzoi survives the journey

Necessary Enhancement

Use exoskeletons to ensure no crew members die on Fargo 39

Chapter 2
Research science ship upgrade – exoskeletons before accessing POI


Free ZY6073

Tiqqun Contender

Gave a member of Tiqqun compose a rap song about the Administrator

Got it triggered after piling two small stockpiles full of trash and sector event poping to get rid of it

Tiqqun Unchained

Finish the game by emancipating yourself from DOLOS

Probably another ending. Most likely tied to Naomi Protocol events

What They Hide From Us

Discover the ruins of the genetic facility

You Had One Job…

Fail to make it past the prologue

Disable mess hall and force your crew to starve you monster!

Thanks to ArchAngel for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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