Jerma’s Big Adventure: All Secret Rats Guide (We’re the Rats Achievement)

This will be a guide to getting the “We’re the Rats” achievement. There are 5 normal rats and 1 giant rat hidden inside the game which you must collect by going next to them. You are not required to collect them in one run and you are able to skip to the needed areas by starting from a checkpoint in the post-game start menu.


Starting Area Rat and Giant Rat

Starting Area Rat
The area when you first load in there has a rat in the tree behind you.
The way to make the rat come out of the tree is by walking forward to fill the joke meter then coming back to the tree and holding E to make a joke. The rat will then appear after 1 sec.
Giant Rat
After falling down the hole if you go to the left there will be a wall. That wall has a secret hole in the bottom which you must roll into. Go forward in the stage to pick up the bat and roll ability then return to the hole. You will continue rolling behind the wall and enter the Giant Rat’s den.

Raptor Zone 2 Rat and Targets Rat

Raptor Zone 2 Rat
In the 2nd zone with only raptors at the highest platform you will see a stack of boxes with a slight dent on the roof. Jump into the hole and there will be small grabbable ledges which you can climb to the top. At the top will be floating platforms which you must roll and jump across to reach the rat.

Target Zone Rat
After Raptor Zone 2 there will be a stage where you must have the raptors shoot all of the targets. Climbing up onto the far right highest platform, there will be a pile of crates and a big gap. Jump from that spot over the gap onto the grabbable ledges on the wall and then climb up. You will find the rat in the little alcove at the top.

Casino Rat and Post-Boss Crate Stairs Rat

Casino Rat
To find the Casino Rat simply fall into the casino hole before the boss and enter the casino. Inside simply hit the large neon Casino sign multiple times until the rat pops out from above.
Crate Stairs Rat
After defeating the boss, you will enter an area with some signs and a large pile of crates. Instead of destroying all of the crates, hit the boxes to form a way to climb up and enter the small hole. There you will find the last rat needed to get the “We’re the Rats” achievement.

Go to the stats page in the main menu and click on the rats in respective order to play the rat song!

Hidden Rats (Video Guide by Bogus)

Thanks to Snake! for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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