Journey of Life: How to Run a Dedicated Server

Detailed step-by-step guide on how to run a dedicated server for Journey of Life!


Server Files and One-Click Updater

This is assuming you have steamCMD installed.  If not, please find one of the numerous guides.

Create a new folder where you want your server located. Let’s use

We want to be able to have more than one server so let us call it

Next, we are going to turn a notepad file into a batch script so that we can automate the download, and future updates and verifies.

Right click on a desktop and New > Text Document
Call the File JolServer1
Open the document and enter the following  (adjusting to your own variables of course):

start /wait steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir C:\MyServers\Jol\Server_1 +app_update 988950 +validate +quit

In the upper left of the notepad click File > Save As
Below the name change the file type to All Files
Change the file name to JoLServer1.bat and click save

There should now be a batch file on your desktop.
Drag and drop this into your SteamCMD folder and double-click it once you have moved it.

Steam should now be acquiring the JoL dedicated server files and will close itself when completed. Please do not close this window.

Start Script and Server Args

Now that Jol is installed, we are going to write another batch script to start the server and easily add and parameters we may want.

Again click on a desktop and click New > Text Document
Call the File something like ServerStart
Open the document and enter the following  (again adjusting to your own variables):

start “” /NORMAL “C:\MyServers\JoL\Server_1\JourneyOfLife_419\Binaries\Win64\JourneyOfLife_419Server.exe” -log -QueryPort=27015 -Port=27010

Again click File > Save As
Below the name change the file type to All Files
Change the file name to ServerStart.bat and click save
Drag and drop that file into C:\MyServers\Jol\Server_1

NOTE: Ports are default steam ports and can be changed if needed.  Please allow for a 3 port gap when defining any ports.

Run the start script, to initialize the server and populate some files.
The console output should now pop up, once the output has stopped, exit the console, shutting down the server by pressing Ctrl+C

Server Configuration and Starting

There should now be a save file at C:\MyServers\JoL\Server_1\JourneyOfLife_419
Open the saved folder and then the Config folder located inside.
Now open the ServerSetting file which should be blank.

Add the following:

ServerName=Gone Campin’
//Leave empty for no password

Other vaiables that can be added are:

//Save command is known to be bugged atm, and is not recommended to use.

Save the file.

Lastly copy the 6 steam Application Extension files from:



This makes sure steam can see your servers.

Assuming you have port forwarded, Start the Server with the ServerStart script and enjoy JoL!!

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Post Author: Robins Chew