JUNKPUNK: How to Change Left Shift Button For Sprint

How to Change Left Shift for Sprint to Left Control
You need it if you using Shift + Left Click on Containers on Toggle Mode


How to Change Left Shift Button For Sprint

If you using toggle sprint option you gonna learn the fact when you use containers and do shift+left click it gonna turn of or on your sprint and gonna ruin your day. There is no way to change it on game currently so i’m gonna show you how to deal with it.

First of all you need to change a random key to another key in game. I just changed Flash from T to Y to done it.
After than quit the game and go to %appdata% – > Local -> JunkPunkProject -> Saved -> Config -> WindowsNoEditor
In there you gonna see input.ini. Open it. What you need to do is change the this:
to for example this
Now Left Control toggle on or off sprint if you on that mode so shift+Left Click wont hurt your sprint mode.


Thanks to Ender Elohim for his great guide on how to change left shift button for sprint, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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