Just Drift It! Achievements Guide

“Just Drift It !” is a cool little game with custom vehicle physics based on realistic tire model and advanced suspension, Here is a guide on how to done “Just Drift It!” all achievements.


Achievements Guide

First Smoke
Complete My First Challenge

I like drifting
Complete 10 challenges

I love drifting
Complete 100 challenges

Play and completed Challenge first time, 10 times and 100 times.

Near miss L1
50 near misses

Near miss L2
100 near misses

Close the wall by drifting 50 and 100 times.

Drift Taps L1
50 drift taps

Drift Taps L2
100 drift taps

Car rear Touch the wall by drifting 50 and 100 times. You can do the “near misses” stunt mix this same time.

Ultimate drifts L1
50 ultimate drifts

Ultimate drifts L2
100 ultimate drifts

Do a drift very long time to see the “Ultimate drifts” stunt show-up 50 and 100 times.

jump drifts L1
50 jump drifts

jump drifts L2
100 jump drifts

Drift Zone have 2 closely ramp, keeping drifting to cross the ramp 50 and 100 times.
Drift Arenas have one ramp.

Slide through gates L1
Slide through 50 gates

Slide through gates L2
Slide through 100 gates

Drift Zone have 2 closely gate and Drift Arenas have 5 gate, keep drifting pass the gate 50 and 100 times.

Donut baker
Make 50 donuts

Donut master
Make 100 donuts

It is not easy stunt, must carefully tap the gas and pull steering to write a beautiful circle in situ, do it 50 and 100 times.
Must set middle or far distance camera to observe your move.

Roundabout L1
25 roundabouts

Roundabout L2
50 roundabouts

Drift Zone have a big roundabouts circle in map’s center, complete the circle then some second later the roundabouts circle will be back, do it 50 and 100 times.

180 turns L1
50 180-turns

180 turns L2
100 180-turns

Full steering and KEEP PRESSING E-brake to make the car spin 180 then STOP, you can see this shunt show-up, do it 50 and 100 times.

360 turns L1
50 360-turns

360 turns L2
100 360-turns

Full steering and full gas or touch E-brake to spin, spin 180 then stop gas and counter steering make car spin to forward, do it 50 and 100 times.

180 reverse turns L1
50 180-turns reversed

180 reverse turns L2
100 180-turns reversed

First keep running backward, then Full steering spin to forward, do it 50 and 100 times.

50 E-Brakes

Ultimate E-Braker
100 E-Brakes

Do the “Ultimate E-Brake” shunt, not normal or awesome E-Brake shunt, drifting from high speed and keep pressing E-Brake very long time to show-up this stunt 50 and 100 times.

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