Kathy Rain Director’s Cut: Walkthrough (All Puzzles & Codes)

Here is a full walkthrough with all puzzles and codes for Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut. Spoiler Alert!!!



Look at everything.
A single click now makes Kathy say something about objects in the inventory or notebook entries if you need an ingame hint. Using items is now drag and drop.
Locations you have finished will be greyed out and can’t be visited anymore.

Pressing space shows you interactive spots.

Day One

Turn off alarm clock
Leave the dorm room

Go to the cemetery
Move to the left to trigger funeral
Talk to Mrs Rain
Leave the cemetery

Go to Rain Residence
Enter the living room
Ask about Incident in ’81
Exhaust dialog options, offer to help

Leave the house, go to sheriff station
Talk to blond guy behind desk
Ask him about incident
Leave the conversation, go right
Talk to sheriff, ask about incident
Ask about police report
Ask Lenny about the report
Pick up the coffee pot and empty it onto the plant nearby
Search the police reports on the shelves
Read the note on the desk
Try talking to the man in the cell, he can’t understand you
Switch off the TV on the right
Talk to bum in cell
Persuade him to distract Lenny
Leave the cells area
Search Lenny’s desk
Go to cell area again
Use locker key on evidence lockers
Examine dictaphone (in inventory), press play, get note “attic”

Go back to Rain residence
Ask grandma about “attic”
Use light switch, the bulb is burned out
Go back downstairs
Remove lightbulb from table lamp
Go back upstairs
Use new lightbulb with burned out one
Press lightswitch
Pick up math book
Look at briefcase, note “locked briefcase”
Remember the message on the tape (three red roses, a blue violet, two yellow tulips)
Read math book
Take first three digits from the red bookmark, first one from blue, first two from yellow 235 1 31

Input number into briefcase lock
Take envelope, (in inventory) open envelope
Read newspaper clipping
Take tape from dictaphone, put new tape (answering machine) in it, play, get note “Cocky”
Go downstairs

Talk to grandma
Ask her about Cocky, note “Cocky” changes to “Cocky – call sign?”
Show her the overexposed picture
Show her newspaper clipping, get note “drowned teen girl”
Show her photo of soldiers, get notes “Charles Wade” and “McConnell AFB”
Ask about Charles Wade
Ask about McConnell AFB
Go back to the hall
Use the phone book
Search for Charles Wade and McConnell AFB

Go to cemetery
Look at tombstones, the one left of the mausoleum is important, note changes from “drowned teen girl” to “Lily Myers”
Talk to little boy
Try to leave the cemetery and go back to grandpa’s grave

Go to the station and enter the cell block
Call McConnell AFB from the blue phone
Ask about Charles Wade
Pretend to be a cop
Accuse him of being sexist
Call Wade residence

Go to Rain residence
Talk to grandma about Lily Myers, get note “the Myers family”
Use the phone book to look up Myers

Go to lakeside cabin
Knock on door
Knock on door AGAIN
Offer Sue a smoke (if you are too slow, just knock on the door again)
Talk to Sue
Ask about incident, about Lily,( about her family,) Lily’s art, and the art collector
Show her the photo of soldiers, note “art collector” disappears
Ask her about Charles Wade
Leave the cabin, the note “the Myers family” disappears

Day Two

Read note on computer screen
Call hacker Dave, exhaust all options
Pick up envelope, (in inventory) open it
Read instructions on floppy disk

Call Clyde from IT to ask about Eileen’s username (First letter of given name plus surname)
Find Eileen’s surname on her pink suitcase (Summers)
ESummers (not case-sensitive)
Use floppy disk on PC (switch it off first if it’s on)
Switch it on
Choose “corrupt hard drive MBR”, then shutdown
Call Clyde from IT, “broken computer”
Under username, put ESummers
Under password, put ANYTHING BUT angellove (English and Italian) / engelliebe (German) / angedamour (French) / amordivino (Spanish) / zbawienie (Polish) (other languages maybe later)
Hit Enter a couple of times until you locked yourself out
Switch off the pc

Put the floppy in the PC again, choose extract admin password
The credentials are: Username admin, password gadget.
Remove the floppy, press the power switch twice
Use Clyde’s credentials
Click on Network Settings (the symbol, not the text), choose dorm B, port 8, switch it on
Log out

Call hacker Dave
Pick up envelope, (in inventory) open it
Sign back in as Eileen
Put “tools” floppy in PC drive
Click on floppy symbol
Go away from PC
Put overexposed picture on scanner, use PC
Click on scanner symbol
Drag&drop the picture on the “Image Analyzer” program
Play around with the filters until you get the best possible result
(Might be randomised)

(Click on picture to enlarge)

Click in the middle of the three lights to enhance that area, click on “analyze” (middle symbol on the left)
Zoom in on the flower, print, back out to desktop (arrow)

Put the attic tape in Mr Dicto and rewind if you need to
Click on “Voice Recorder” on Eileen’s desktop
Play the tape
Drag&drop the soundfile onto the “Voice Forge” program
Go to voice #2
Choose the words HELLO ERICA IT’S YOUR FATHER CALL KATHY RAIN, or something like that, does not have to be exact (instead of YOUR FATHER you could use CHARLES, for example) and click on “process”

Go away from PC, grab printouts from printer
Call Erica Wade, LOOK at Mr Dicto, press play
Combine picture of lights with church brochure, get note “Church of the holy trinity”
Answer the phone
Ask about the incident, Charles Wade, Lily Myers, Lily Myers’ art

Day Three

Go to community clinic
Talk to bum, ask about him, ask about his showbiz career, and get a synopsis of the movies
Go inside the clinic
Talk to nurse
Go back outside, talk to Goober
Ask him to do some acting for the nurse
Get Goober to perform “The Usual Surprises”, shock him with the taser
Look at the notice board behind the desk
Switch off the PC
Use the “boot” floppy on the nurse’s PC
Switch it on again
Extract admin password
Username cmendez, password otorgador.
Look for “wade” or “charles wade” (without “) in the database, leave the PC
Go up the stairs, the note “Charles Wade” disappears

Ask Charles about the incident, about Cocky (the note changes to “Jimmy Cochran”), ask about Jimmy Cochran, about Lily Myers’ art (note changes to “Lily’s art – stolen?”), ask about the art theft

Go to sheriff station
Ask sheriff about the art theft
Read the police report, scroll down all the way, get note “Franklin Goldfarb”

Go to nature reserve
Ask grandma about Franklin Goldfarb
Go to nature reserve AGAIN
Pick up the torn picture and take the shovel

Go to lakeside cabin
Put the part of the picture you found together with the half still lying on the floor, get note “the red man”
Ask Sue about the red man (and Franklin Goldfarb)

Go to clinic
Talk to nurse

Go to church
Ask Father Isaac about Lily Myers, the incident and the church
Talk to Goober
Ask him about his real name, Franklin Goldfarb
Show him your lighter, note “Franklin Goldfarb” disappears, you get note “BH”

Go to Rain residence, ask grandma about “BH”, note changes to “Black Hats”
Go to clinic, ask Wade about “BH”, if his location is still available

Go to sheriff station, ask Lenny about Black Hats

Go to Black Hats club house
Zap the guy
Show your lighter to Beau
Ask him about art theft, then leave the conversation

Go to nature reserve
Grab the flower

Go back to the Black Hats
Give flower to barkeep
Give drink to Beau

Go to Rain residence
Talk to grandma

Day Four

Go to living room
Ask Jimmy about (in that order):
Lily Myers, Jimmy Cochran, the Black Hats, the Red Man, the incident in ’81, and church of the Holy Trinity
Get note “Eileen”

Go to church
Enter door on the left
Search the desk

Take mop, hit the bulletin board with it
Search the board
Bend the paperclips (in inventory)
Use paperclips (aka makeshift lockpick) on lock
Lockpicking is randomised. If the lock resets, just redo the correct steps
Use the lockpick on the big locker
Call Lenny from the blue phone
Tell him you escaped
Turn on the TV (If you run out of time do that before the phone call next try)
Leave locker door ajar
Hide under the desk
Leave the station

Go to cemetery
Use old key on mausoleum (Isaac must have had another, I guess)
Untie Eileen, use rope on Father Isaac
Search Father Isaac
Look at key you got from him, get note “storage facility”
Leave mausoleum

Search phone book for “storage facility”, lose note “storage facility”

Go to storage facility
Use key without tag on the lock of storage A7
Go inside, search boxes on the left
Listen to the tape you found
Look at scout uniform
Use tagged key on the lock of storage A5
Grab the paint thinner
Read text on wall, look at paintings

Go to lakeside cabin
Use paperclips (aka makeshift lockpick) on lock. Correct sequence is randomised
Use paint thinner on picture
“No one. I just found out.”
“That’s not my style, Sue. I don’t rat people out.”
“I understand that…”

Pick up the picture on the hut’s deck (1)
Go to the boat dock
Pick up the picture there (2)
Examine the boat engine

Go to the storage and use the spark plug on the lawnmower

Go to the police station and take the gas can from the cell block

Go to the lakeside cabin
Fill the gas can from the Katmobile’s tank
Go to the dock
Put the spark plug in the boat engine and fill the tank

Pick up the drawing at the island shore (3)
Go to the tree house
Pick up the drawings on the ground (4 and 5)
Shout at the tree house
Use any picture on the tree house
Clcik the drawings in this order: Top right, bottom left, top left, bottom middle, and bottom right

Go to church
Go through the door on the left
Move the painting
Try to open the safe, press random keys to get the number of digits (6)

Go to cemetery, enter mausoleum
First part of the riddle:  Make a cross. For that, mark Henrietta, Agatha, Father Bill, Joshua, Isaac, and the empty grave below Father Bill
Second part of the riddle:  Birthdays. Mark the birthdays of the people around Father Bill – Henrietta, Agatha, and Joshua
Third part of the riddle:  Right to left, long measurement unit of time to shorter, to shortest. Year (on the right grave) to month (on the middle one) to day (on the left)
Solution: 611122

Go to church, put in the code for the safe 611122
Read the bible pages, note changes from “the red man” to “the Crimson One”
Put tape from wall safe into Mr Dicto, listen to it and rewind

Go to sheriff station
Enter cell block
Use Mr Dicto with Isaac

Go to the Rain residence
Get the metal detector from the attic

Go to Parowan Peak
Use the metal detector and go as far left at the bottom as you can
Dig at the marked spot (you might have to move Kathy so that the X is between inventory blocks)
Open the metal box
Listen to both tapes
Go to the clifftop

Go to lakeside cabin
Grab the thermometer (you can only get it if you listened to the tape from the buried box)

Go to Conwell forest
Look at thermometer (in inventory), it will be displayed in the top right corner of the screen
Get close to the area’s exits, take the one that is the coldest
Repeat a couple of times
Smell the flowers

Day Five

Get pen from table lamp
Use pen on guestbook
Use lift, press button #2

Go right and through door in back wall
Use pen on bloody wall (panel), get scalpel
Use scalpel to cut “mom?” loose
Kill “mom?” with scalpel
Look at fridge:

(Click picture to enlarge)

Open fridge, get scarab
Go back out, pick up postcard
Let the attacker walk over the weak spot in the floor twice

Go back to elevator, press 1
Look at combination lock
Remember the scrabble letters
THE CODE IS NEAR (3215, English)
DER CODE IST HIER (4125, German)
LE CODE EST LOIN (5413, French)
LA CLAVE ES LEER (5225, Spanish)
IL CODICE È A EST (1253, Italian)
KOD TO MARA (3151, Polish)
(More languages to come, maybe)
Take the lock

Enter lift, press 3
Use padlock on broken chain
Turn crank
Place scarab in indentation
Turn crank again, twice
Pick up key

Enter lift, press 1
Use key on padlock
Fasten chain to door
Fasten other chain to elevator
Connect both chains with the padlock
Use lift

Go to the living room
Look at TV
Put coin into slot
Pick up the remote and use it on the TV

Leave the room and examine the desk
Enter lift, press 3

Use crowbar on casket
Enter lift, press 2

Pull vines towards hole

Pick up the postcard and read it
Press the left grave, the one highest up, and the second from the right
Don’t get hit by the fallen rocks, look for the moving chains

Pour paint thinner on the flowers and burn them
Leave the forest

Thanks to XBL Laberbacke for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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