Kathy Rain Walkthrough 2021 (100% Achievement Guide)

Since it was just announced that Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut sets to be released in 2021, I figure that I’d prepare you via some useless guides about how to get all achievements of this original version, and a full damn walkthrough.


Basically, the main character Kathy Rain, heard about her grandpapa died, and then, later, she goes to his funeral.
After the funeral, she decided to investigate about the mystery of her died grandpapa, and then found out her grandpapa died to the mystery. 😂 🤣 😆

Pack things up, let’s DO THIS!!! 😎 😎 😎

Day 1

Achievements you can get:


🎖️ —————————————————– 🎖️

Wait the first cutscene end, Kathy wake up.

1. Turn off the alarm clock.

2. [Optional] Look at/interact with 10 things in the dorm room.

ACHIEVEMENT: Procrastinator

3. [Optional] Combine use “Zippo Lighter” with the pink bear on the right.


4. Leave the dorm room.

5. [Optional] While on the travel screen, don’t click on anything, wait until the music loops.

ACHIEVEMENT: Enjoying the scenery

6. Click on the cemetery.
7. Move to the left to trigger funeral cutscene.
8. After the cutscene. move to the left again to talk to Mrs Rain, then left the area.
9. Go to Rain Residence, enter the living room, talk with Mrs Rain (a.k.a. Grandma).
10. Ask her about “Incident in ’81”, exhaust all dialog, then go back to the hall.

11. [Optional] At the hall, click on the wheelchair and choose the “ride wheelchair” option.


12. Leave the house, go to sheriff station.
13. Talk to blond guy behind desk, ask him about “Incident in ’81”, exhaust all dialog.
14. Go right, ask sheriff about “Incident in ’81”, get note “police report”.
└ Ask about “police report”
└ Ask Lenny for help
15. Go to the cell area on the left, go through the big door

16. Switch off the TV then turn it on, but anyway, turn it off again.


17. Talk to bum in the cell area, choose “Persuade him to distract Lenny”
18. Leave the cell room, exhaust dialog with Lenny, he will go to the cell area.
18. Poke through files and take the key on the desk.
19. Go to the cell area again, use locker key on evidence lockers on the right.
20. Open inventory, examine “Dictaphone”, press play, get note “attic”

[Before leave the station, the game will trigger a dialog with Lenny]
21. Choose the option “i’d rather eat a foot” or something like that.


22. Go back to Rain residence, ask Grandma about “attic”
23. Use light switch, the bulb is burned out, go downstairs.
24. Remove lightbulb from table lamp, go upstairs.
25. Use new lightbulb with burned out one, press light switch.

26. Press the light switch again to turn it off.


26. Press the light switch again to turn it on again. 🤣

27. [Optional] After turn on the light, interact with teddy bear on the left.

ACHIEVEMENT: Mr. Bear, reporting for duty!

28. Pick up math book on the desk, interact with briefcase, get note “locked briefcase”.
[Remember the message on the tape: 3 red roses, 1 blue violet, 2 yellow tulips].
29. Read math book:
└ First 3 digits from red bookmark
└ First 1 digit from blue bookmark
└ First 2 digits from yellow bookmark

\\\ Briefcase Password will be:

235 1 31

30. Enter the password, open briefcase.
31. Take the envelope, then in the inventory, open it, you will get:
└ “Newspaper Clipping”, interact to get note “drowned teen girl”
└ “Answering Machine” tape, put into “Dictaphone”, play it, get note “Cocky”
└ Overexposed picture
└ Photo of soldiers, examine and get note “McConnell AFB”
32. Go downstairs and talk to Grandma.
└ Ask about “Cocky”, note “Cocky” changes to “Cocky – call sign?”
└ Ask about Overexposed picture, exhaust all dialog
└ Ask about “Newspaper Clipping”, exhaust all dialog
└ Ask about “Photo of soldiers”, get note “Charles Wade”
└ Ask about “Charles Wade”, exhaust all dialog
└ Ask about “McConnell AFB”, exhaust all dialog
33. Go to the hall, use the phone book.
34. Search for Charles Wade and McConnell AFB phone numbers.
35. Pick up phone and call McConnell AFB.
└ Ask about “Incident in ’81”, exhaust all dialog
└ Ask about “McConnell AFB”, exhaust all dialog
└ Ask about “Cocky – call sign?”, exhaust all dialog
└ Ask about “Charles Wade”, must pretend to be a cop
36. Go to cemetery

37. [Optional] At the cemetery, combine “Zippo Lighter” with “Pack of Cigarettes” pack 5 times.

ACHIEVEMENT: Hooked on Corleys

38. Go to the small tombstone on left of the mausoleum.
39. Look at it, note changes from “drowned teen girl” to “Lily Myers”.
40. Go further to the left, grandpa’s grave, talk to the boy.
[Go to the right, and then go back to grandpa’s grave, the boy disappeared]
41. Go to the sheriff station, get the bum to distract Lenny again
42. Search the files.
43. Use the green phone on the Desk to call McConnell AFB
44. Ask about Charles Wade, pretend to be a cop.
45. Accuse him of being sexist
46. Call Wade residence, exhaust all dialog
47. Go to Rain residence
48. Talk to grandma about “Lily Myers”, get note “The Myers family”
49. Use the phone book at the hall, search for the Myers.
50. Go to lakeside cabin, knock on door twice, until Sue open the door.
51. Offer Sue a smoke, trigger cutscene.
52. Inside cabin, talk to Nathan, exhaust all dialog
53. Talk to Sue:
└ Ask about “Incident in ’81”, exhaust all dialog
└ Ask about “Lily”, exhaust all dialog
└ Ask about “The Myers family”, get notes “Lily’s art” and “the art collector”
└ Ask about “Photo of soldiers”, note “the art collector” will disappears
└ Ask about “Charles Wade”, exhaust all dialog

54. Leave the cabin, the note “The Myers family” disappears, End Day 1

ACHIEVEMENT: Get on the Katmobile

Day 2

Achievements you can get:


🎖️ —————————————————– 🎖️

Wait the cutscene end, Kathy wake up.

1. Read the note on computer screen.
2. Call Hacker Dave, exhaust all options.
3. Pick up the envelope in front of the dorm room, check inventory, open the envelope.
4. Read instructions on floppy disk.
5. Use phone, call Clyde from IT, ask about username.
└ The tips is, first letter of given name plus surname
6. Find Eileen’s surname on her pink suitcase on the right of the room.
└ Eileen’s surname is Summers

\\\ The user name for the PC is:


6. Use floppy disk on PC, then Shut it down
7. Use phone, call Clyde from IT, choose the “broken computer” option.
8. Cutscene triggered, after cutscene, interact with the PC
9. Under username, put ESummers
10. Under password, type anything but NOT “angellove” (the true password)
11. Click on the Enter button a couple of times until the PC locked.
12. Put the floppy in the PC again, choose “Extract admin password”
└ Username: admin
└ Password: gadget
13. Shutdown the PC, then use PC again.
14. Enter username and password you just got.
15. Click on Network Settings, choose:
└ Dorm B,
└ Port 8
└ Status: On
16. Shutdown PC
17. Use phone, call Hacker Dave.
18. Another envelope will be delivered to the dorm room, pick up it up.
19. Check the inventory, open the envelope.
20. Put the black floppy disk into PC drive.
21. Use PC, still using the same username and password.
22. Click on “floppy” symbol.
23. Turn off the PC.
24. Open inventory, combine “Overexposed picture” on scanner, then use PC.
25. Click on scanner symbol, wait, then turn off PC.
26. Take picture from scanner.
27. Put “Answering machine” tape in it (this is video game logic).
28. Use PC, click on the scanner symbol.
29. Drag and drop the picture file into the “Image Analyzer” program.
30. Adjust the filters until you get the most clearest result.
31. Click on the area of the three lights to zoom, click on “Analyze image”, print.
32. Zoom in on the flower, print, back to desktop.
33. Drag and drop the sound file onto the “Voice Forge” program
34. Click on the >> on the top right to move to voice #2

35. [Optional] Click on “HELLO” and “BABY”, then click “Export to tape”.


36. Choose the words:
37. Click “Export to tape”, turn off PC, grab printouts from printer
38. Put “Answering machine” tape back into “Dictaphone”.
38. Call Erica Wade.
39. While she’s on the phone, open inventory, look at “Dictaphone”.
40. Press play button on “Dictaphone”.
41. Combine “Picture of Lghts” with “Church brochure”, get note “Church of the holy trinity”
42. Cutscene trigger after leave the phone, exhaust all dialogs.

43. [Optional] After cutscene, phone rang, don’t take it yet, look at the mirror on the right

ACHIEVEMENT: Resting scowly face

44. Answer the phone from Erica:
└ Ask about “Incident in ’81”, exhaust all dialog.
└ Ask about “Lily Myers”, exhaust all dialog.
└ Ask about “Lily’s art”, exhaust all dialog.
└ Ask about “Charles Wade”, exhaust all dialog.

End day 2

ACHIEVEMENT: Wow, they’re hypnotic…

Day 3

Achievements you can get:


🎖️ —————————————————– 🎖️

Wait the cutscene end, Kathy wake up.

1. Go to community clinic.
2. Talk to the bum
└ Ask about him
└ Ask about his showbiz career, and get a synopsis of all 4 movies

3. [Optional] Stand close to Goober and combine “Zippo Lighter” with “Pack of cigarettes”.

ACHIEVEMENT: Passive smoking

4. Go inside the clinic, talk to the nurse.
5. Go outside, talk to Goober.
6. Choose “Live performance” option.

7. [Optional] After choose “Live performance” option:
└ Choose one Goober’s movie, he will go inside and acting in front of the nurse
└ You must go inside and watch, don’t do anything, then Goober will walk outside.
└ Do it again with others remains movies choices, which is in total of 4 times.


8. Tell Goober to perform “The Usual Surprises” in front of the nurse.
9. Combine the “Taser” with Goober.
10. Use the blue floppy disk on the nurse’s PC, choose “Extract admin password”
└ Username: cmendez
└ Password: otorgador
11. Search for “Wade” in the database, then leave the PC.
12. Go up stairs, the note “Charles Wade” disappears.
13. Get in Wade’s room, exhaust all dialogs.
└ Ask about “Incident in ’81”, exhaust all dialog
└ Ask about “Cocky”, note changes to “Jimmy Cochran”
└ Ask about “Jimmy Cochran”, exhaust all dialog
└ Ask about Lily Myers’ art, note changes to “Lily’s art – stolen?”
└ Ask about the art theft
14. Go to nature reserve, cutscene start.
15. Exhaust all dialog with the bald man, you will be teleport to Rain Residence.
16. Go to nature reserve again, pick up “the torn picture”.
17. Go to lakeside cabin.
18. Put “the torn picture” with the half on the floor, get note “the red man”.
19. Ask Sue about “the red man”.
20. Go to sheriff station, ask sheriff about the art theft, get The police report.
21. Read The police report, scroll down to the bottom, get note “Franklin Goldfarb”.
22. Go to Rain residence, ask grandma about “Franklin Goldfarb”.
23. Go to clinic, talk to nurse, to know where Goober is.
24. Go to church, talk with father isaac:
└ Ask about “Incident in ’81”, exhaust all dialog
└ Ask about “Church of the holy trinity”, exhaust all dialog

25. [Optional] Use “Zippo Lighter” on “The Bibles”.


26. [Optional] Use the taser on Goober.

ACHIEVEMENT: Trigger happy

27. Talk to Goober.
└ Ask about his real name, “Franklin Goldfarb”
└ Show “Zippo Lighter”, note “Franklin Goldfarb” disappears, you get note “BH”
28. Go to Rain residence, ask grandma about “BH”, note changes to “Black Hats”.
29. Ask grandma about “Black Hats”.
30. Go to clinic, ask Wade about “Black Hats” (This is not necessary).
31. Go to sheriff station, ask Lenny about “Black Hats”.
32. Go to Black Hats club house.
33. After cutscene, use the “Taser” on the azzhole.
34. Show “Zippo Lighter” to Beau, ask him about art theft, then leave.
35. Go to nature reserve, pick up flower.
35. Go back to the Black Hats give flower to barkeep.
37. Give drink to Beau, cutscene start.
38. Go to Rain residence, talk to grandma another cut scene start.

End day 3

ACHIEVEMENT: We’ve met before, haven’t we?

Day 4

Achievements you can get:


🎖️ —————————————————– 🎖️

Wait the cutscene end.

1. Go to living room, cutscene start.
2. Ask Jimmy in this order:
└ About “Lily Myers”
└ About “Jimmy Cochran”
└ About “Black Hats”
└ About “the Red Man”
└ About “incident in ’81”
└ About Church of the Holy Trinity

\\\ Note “Eileen” will appear

3. Go to the church, enter the door on the left.
4. Search the desk, you will get Old Key, then cutscene start, Kathy go to jail.
5. Take the mop, hit the “Bulletin Board” with it.
6. Search the “Bulletin Board”, you got “Paper Clips”.
7. Open inventory, choose the “Bend the Paper Clips” option, get “Makeshift Lockpick”.
2. Combine “Makeshift Lockpick” with the door lock, mini game start.
9. After get out of the cell, examine Evidence Bag on the desk, cutscene start.
10. Get out of sheriff station, go to cemetery.
11. Combine Old Key with mausoleum.
12. Cutscene start, after that, untie Eileen, use “Rope” on father issac.
13. search father issac, got “Key with Tag”
14. Looks at “Key with Tag”, get note “Storage Facility”
15. Leave mausoleum, cutscene start.
16. After cutscene end, you are at the hall of Rain Residence, go to the phone book.
17. Search phone book for “Storage Facility”, note “Storage Facility” will disappear.
18. Go to storage facility, use “Small Key” on the door on the left, A7.
19. Get inside, search Boxes on the left.
20. Open inventory, put Micro Cassette (Storage Unit) into Dictaphone.
21. Press play button on Dictaphone.
22. Get out of A7, use Key with Tag on the door on the left, A5.
23. Get inside, grab the “Paint Thinner”.
24. Read texts on the wall, look at paintings on the ground.
25. Go to lakeside cabin, use “Makeshift Lockpick” with the door, mini game start.
26. Use “Paint Thinner” on picture, then get outside of the house.
27. Cutscene start, after it end, go to the church.
28. Go to the door on the left, interact with the painting on the left.
29. Press random numbers on the safe to get the number of digits, 6 digits.
30. Search around the room, you will get “Poem”.
31. Go to cemetery, enter the mausoleum.
32. Interact with “Grave”, the system will auto merge the “Poem”.with it.
33. You get “Grave layout sketch”, interact with it, you will got a riddle.
└ First part of the riddle, click on:
└ Henrietta
└ Agatha
└ William
└ Joshua
└ Isaac
└ And the blank plot below William.
└ Second part of the riddle, click on:
└ Henrietta’s birthday
└ Joshua’s birthday
└ Agatha’s birthday
└ Third part of the riddle, click on:
└ 61, under Joshua    [Year of birth]
└ 11, under Agatha    [Month of birth]
└ 22, under Henrietta   [Date of birth]

\\\ The code for the safe at the church is:


34. Go to church, press the code into the safe, 611122
35. Search innside, get the “Bible Pages”.
36. Read “Bible Pages”, note “The Red Man” changes to “The Crimson One”.
37. Open inventory, put “Micro Cassette (Wall Safe)” into Dictaphone
38. Go to sheriff station, go to the cell block, use Dictaphone with father issac.
39. Go to Lakeside Cabin, take the “Thermometer”.
40. Go to Conwell Woods, open inventory, look at the “Thermometer”.
[The “Thermometer” displayed in the top right corner of the screen]
41. Go to the direction that makes the temperature go down, in my playthrough the order is:
└ North
└ East
└ East
└ South
└ East
42. If do the right order, you will get to the area where have the “MET HER END”.
43. Smell “Sea of Flowers”.

44. Cutscene start, End Day 4.

ACHIEVEMENT: Down the rabbit hole

Day 5

Achievements you can get:


🎖️ —————————————————– 🎖️

Wait the cutscene end.

1. Get “Pen” from table lamp on the right.
2. Use “Pen” on guestbook.
3. Go to the “Elevator”, press 2.
4. Go to the door on the right.
5. Use “Pen” on “Bloody Wall (Panel)”, get “Scalpel”.
6. Use “Scalpel” on “Mom?”. 😂
7. Cutscene start, use the “Scalpel” on “Mom?” again. 🤣
8. Look at the red “Refrigerator”.
9. Open the red “Refrigerator”, get “Heart Scarab”.
10. Get out of the room, pick up “Postcard” on the ground.
11. Cutscene start, let the chaser walk over the fractured place on the floor twice.
12. Go to “Elevator”, press 1, look at combination lock, “THE CODE IS NEAR”.
13. “THE CODE IS NEAR”, meant, the code for the combination lock is “NEAR”.
14. Remember the scrabble letters on the red “Refrigerator”:
└ Under the N is number 3
└ Under the E is number 2
└ Under the A is number 1
└ Under the R is number 5

\\\ The code for combination lock is:


15. Enter the code, take the “Padlock”.
16. Go to the “Elevator”, press 3.
17. Use “Padlock” on “Broken Link”.
18. Turn the crank on the left, then place the “Heart Scarab” in “Indentations” on the floor.
19. Turn the crank again, twice, then pick up the “Small Key”.
20. Use “Small Key” on the “Casket”, cutscene start.
21. After cutscene, pick up the “Brass Key” on the floor.
22. Go to the “Elevator”, press 1.
23. Use key on the “Padlock”.
24. Pick up “Lock and Chain” on the right.
25. Use “Chain” on “Door”.
26. Pick up “Lock and Chain” on the left.
27. Use “Chain” on “Elevator”.
28. Open Inventory, use “Padlock” on “Attached Chain”, cutscene start.
29. Leave the living room, ascend on escalator on the right.
30. Use “Paint Thinner” on “Sea of Flowers”.
31. Use “Zippo Lighter” on “Sea of Flowers”.
32. Cutscene start.

End Game. 😆

ACHIEVEMENT: Been there, done that

Achievements list

🎖️ —————————————————– 🎖️


(Day 1)
Look/Interact with 10 objects before you leave the dorm room for the first time.


(Day 1/2/3)
Combine “Zippo Lighter” with the “Pink Teddy” at the top right of the dorm room.

Enjoying the scenery

(Day 1/2/3/4)
At travel screen, stay until the music loops.


(Day 1/2/3/4)
Use the wheelchair in the Rain residence hall, after talking to grandma.


(Day 1)
Switch on the TV at the cells room after switching it off.


(Day 1)
When Lenny asks you out, select “I’d rather eat a foot” option.


(Day 1/2/3/4)
Switching on the light in the attic, switch it off again.

Mr Bear, reporting for duty!

(Day 1/2/3/4)
Look at the teddy bear in the attic.

Hooked on Corleys

(Day 1/2/3/4)
At outdoors locations, use “Zippo Lighter” on “Pack of Cigarettes” 5 times.

Get on the Katmobile

Finish Day 1.

How YOU doing?

(Day 2)
When using “Voice Forge” program, at voice #2, click on “HELLO” and “BABY”, then click “Export to tape”.

Resting scowly face

(Day 2/3)
Look at the mirror in the dorm room with Eileen present.

Wow, they’re hypnotic

Finish Day 2.

Passive smoking

(Day 3)
In front of the clinic, stand close to Goober, combine “Zippo Lighter” with “Pack of Cigarettes”.

Film buff

(Day 3)
Listen to all 4 monologues of Goober in front of the nurse.


(Days 3/4)
At the church, use “Zippo Lighter” on the “Bibles”.

Trigger happy

(Day 3)
At the church, use “Taser” on Goober.

We’ve met before, haven’t we?

Finish Day 3.

Down the rabbit hole

Finish Day 4.

Been there, done that

Finish Day 5.

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