Kerbal Space Program: How to Remove the Launcher

A little guide on how to remove the launcher. Will allow you to remove the launcher and continue to have full functionality. Note: This workaround seems not to work currently. we recommend you read the alternative solution from the Reddit or Steam Discussion. (Thanks to Thaurane for his reminding)   Removing the launcher If you just updated […]

Kerbal Space Program: Secret Launch Points

This guide contains the coordinates of all the starting points on Kerbin, as well as information on how to teleport to these coordinates.   How to teleport by coordinates? 1. Open the cheat menu by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F12. 2. Click the “Set Position” tab. 3. Complete the first three lines: “Latitude“, “Longitude” and “Altitude“. 4. Click the […]

Kerbal Space Program: Asteroids Guide

Here is a simple guide for you to learn about the asteroids!   Asteroid An asteroid is a randomly created celestial body usually in orbit around Kerbol or Dres. Asteroids appear and disappear frequently so that there are always a few scattered around the vicinity of Kerbin. Asteroids first appeared in the game with the release […]