KeyWe: All Collectables (How to Get)

A guide to get all the collectables in Keywe without having to spend stamps on hints. *Will update with the winter collectable very soon*


Before you start collecting

In keywe there are collectable on some of the levels. These collectables are found by solving small puzzles while completing the level itself. *Note: The level must be completed in order for the collectable to appear in your collectable area.* In the collectables area three hints for each collectable can be purchased for 5, 10, and 15 stamps respectively. This guide will let you save your stamps all while finding every collectable.

Look for the purple (most of the time) kiwi to know where about to find all the ingredients


The collectables are associated with two achievements: A Startling Discovery (for finding any collectable) and Secrets of the Telepost (for finding all the collectables). Finding each collectable rewards the player with a cosmetic which may contribute to the wardrobe related achievements.

Secret Spice Shaker

Summer 2
Top left on the binder move the blank piece of paper to revel a key. Use the key on the blue filing cabinet beside the toaster, this gives a piece of bread. Toast the bread in the toaster and once it pops up put it in the cassowary food dish and when the cassowary comes by he will eat it and give the shaker.

Glimmering Shell

Summer 4
Pick up the letter from the bottom right of the map. Once picked up it will need to be sent. When it is sent a pair of goggles will drop, pick these up and jump into the water where the octopus is. You will end up re-spawning but the shell will drop

Empty Chrysalis

Summer 5
Open the barrel of sweet gum at the bottom left of the screen and jump in. A bug will pick you up and carry you to the top of the screen (I did not move when this was happening). It should drop you off on a platform at the top of the screen at which you will hop over to the chrysalis.

Tempered Lens

Summer 6
Pick up a gear from the vertical storage shelves on the right between the upper and lower key pads. placed in the red glowing area above the send machine. A semi circle item will drop, place below the send machine a little to the right. A rectangle will drop place it goes on top of the send machine. After all this the lens will drop.

Wayfarer’s Compass

Summer 10
Hit a red pin beside the crane control machine so a mirror pops up adjust it so the light reflects of the one in the upper left. adjust the upper left so the light reflects of the one beside the package and adjust this one to hit the mirror in the brick opening them up a giving the compass.

Prickly Seed Pod

When the vines with small yellow flowers over grow the machinery pick them and plant them in the pot beside the fan in the upper left. Pick five for the pod to drop.

Ancient Tooth

Fall 1
Pick up the dino sticker in the bottom left of the map. This sticker can be placed on any crate but will only drop the tooth if placed on the crate that contains the fossils. this package apears ramdomly so you will have to play until you get the fossil crate (can be annoying to get).

Cosmic Friendship Rock

Pick up the battery found on the cassowary blanket in the bottom right corner. Put the battery in the radio by the cassowary food dish. Afterwards two aliens appear, have both kiwis in the circles and imitates the aliens. Once the aliens pick up the scarecrow it will drop the rock.

Charged Feather

Fall 6
Open the window using the crank to the right of the projector screen. Then get the kite found on the far right (blue with dots). Put the kite on the hook on the window ledge and a puddle of water will form. Stand in the puddle until you are struck by lightening (you may need to be in the charged state for this to work) this will drop the feather.

Salty Scale

Fall 7
In the level three fish will appear knock them all into the water to receive the scale.

Glowing Wishbone

Fall 12
Pick up the flask from the drawers in the bottom right corner. Put the in the cauldron in the upper left corner, this will active the cauldron and show a picture for what you need next (I believe it is the bone in the right of the window ledge every time). After putting in the bone both kiwis need to jump in and the wishbone will drop.

Thanks to Professor Pussy for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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