Kill It With Fire: Achievement Guide

The intention of this guide is to be a community resource listing every achievement in Kill It With Fire.
(I still need help with the MLG Pro achievement, and any advice is welcome).


Just Say NOPE

Achievement Description: Kill a Jumping Spider in mid-air.

This achievement is easily obtained by accident. As a matter of fact, just swinging around any melee weapon nearby one of these spiders should do the trick after a bit.
If you’re having trouble, try using an Energy Drink to slow down time and knock it right out of the air.


Achievement Description: Play a tune.

In the first stage, hit the piano with your clipboard multiple times. If you do it fast enough it actually begins to sound a little bit like a song.

Oil Boom

Achievement Description: Destroy the gas station.

Once you reach the end of the convenience store stage, you’ll see the gas station portion. Use the Flamethrower or the Hairspray to set the area on fire, and soon enough, everything will explode.

Blind Justice

Achievement Description: Kill a spider after being webbed.

This one isn’t too hard. You’ll need Cheese Puffs or a stage after Garden of Evil to complete this, since you need to find a Web Spider. After it webs you, just try to hit it with the Clipboard or the Frying Pan.

Tiny Game Hunter

Achievement Description: Kill every type of spider.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You won’t be able to get this achievement before you have the Paper Trail stage.

Eclectic Tastes

Achievement Description: Find every flavor.

This one is also pretty self-explanatory. You have to find every single flavor of Cheese Puffs, which also won’t be possible until you’ve unlocked the Paper Trail stage.

The Only Way To Be Sure

Achievement Description: Execute Contingency Omega.

I won’t spoil it for you, so I’ll just say you have to beat the final stage to unlock this achievement.

Live by the Sword…

Achievement Description: Kill an Exploding Spider with C4.

This one is tricky for one main reason: the C4. In the second stage (Close Encounters), you may have noticed an objective telling you to “find the secret room”. Go into the study. On the bookcase, there is a blue book near the upper left. Click it to open the secret room, because, hey- all the best secret rooms are behind bookcases, right? If you can’t find the book, just try every one.
Inside the room you’ll find C4. Now go to the convenience store stage, throw it all over the place, and press R to switch to the remote. You’re probably just one click away from getting the achievement.

That’s All Folks

Achievement Description: Kill a spider by dropping an anvil on it.

It may seem tricky in principle, but this achievement is easy with the right setup. You’ll find the anvil in Barnstormer, near the back of the stage in an open-fronted shed.
Make sure you have Balloons and Cheese Puffs (any flavor). Attach two or three balloons to the anvil, so it’s hovering right over the ground, and then scatter Cheese Puffs underneath it.
Wait for a spider to take the bait, and pop the balloons with your weapon of choice.

From Downtown

Achievement Description: Shoot a spider with the Revolver from a long distance.

This achievement is harder than it sounds (at least, it was for me). First, you’ll want to find a wide, open space in any stage. Make sure to bring Energy Drinks, and, of course, a Revolver.
Brightly colored spiders are much easier to see from a distance, so if you can manage it, try to use an Exploding Spider, a Web Spider, or a Queen Spider (which is also bigger). Chug the energy drink, wait for the spider run far enough that you can barely see it, and shoot.
If you get lucky, this isn’t too hard, but it took me a couple tries to get it right.

Extreme Landscaping

Achievement Description: Decimate the hedge maze.

Just burn as much of the maze in Garden of Evil as you can, but be wary of how much ammunition you have left.
You don’t have to burn the entire maze, just a significant portion.


Achievement Description: Sink a putt.

In the stage Contingency Omega, one of the first things you’ll see is a very, very small golf course. Just pick up the ball and drop it in the hole.

Ultimate Exterminator

Achievement Description: Find all equipment.

Find all the equipment, of course. Keep in mind that you’ll need to complete a couple of Arachno-Gauntlets to get the last piece of equipment.
To my knowledge, there’s equipment in every single stage except Contingency Omega.

Sending a Message

Achievement Description: Burn the money in the safe.

Go to that same secret room in Close Encounters that houses the C4 (explanation of how to get inside is above). Open up the safe and torch the money inside with the Hairspray, the Flamethrower, or any other equipment you’ve got that can burn things.

Jam This

Achievement Description: Destroy the printer using the RPG.

This one is pretty easy. All you need to do is find the RPG in the stage Paper Trail, and then blow up the printer near the start of that stage.
Note that acquiring the RPG in Paper Trail requires you to complete a couple of objectives first.

Smarter, Not Harder

Achievement Description: Find every upgrade.

Find every upgrade in the game. Keep in mind that you’ll need to complete some Arachno-Gauntlets first to find some of the upgrades in Consequences.
Click here for an excellent guide that can tell you all of their locations.

Knowledge Is Power

Achievement Description: Find every tracker upgrade.

All you need to do is find every tracker upgrade. As with the other types of upgrades, you need to complete a couple Arachno-Gauntlets to find some of the upgrades in Consequences.
Click here for an excellent guide that can tell you all of the tracker upgrade locations.

Out of Business

Achievement Description: Knock every letter off Kill It With Fire HQ.

In the stage Consequences, shoot the letters spelling “Kill It With Fire Pest Control” with anything that will knock them off. The RPG is especially efficient, but any other firearm should work too.

Line of Succession

Achievement Description: Transform a Spiderling hatched from a Queen into a Queen.

This one isn’t very easy. Since spiders don’t automatically grow up, you’ll need to use the Royal Grape flavor of Cheese Puffs to transform the Spiderlings.
Kill the Queen Spider, and then start throwing cheese puffs everywhere.

Lilliputian Commando

Achievement Description: Complete a mission while in Tiny Mode.

Tiny Mode seems elusive at first- not in the options menu, or on the home screen for that matter. But all you need to do is nose around for an upgrade.
In the stage Consequences, there’s an upgrade sitting in a drain that you can pick up. When you go back to the Upgrades menu, there should be a new upgrade called “Tiny Mode”. If you don’t already have enough points, refund them and rearrange so that Tiny Mode is activated.
Here’s my personal strategy: Go to the first stage with Cargo Pants (infinite ammo, another endgame upgrade) activated, and rapid-fire the RPG all over the place. You should be done in under a minute.
Make sure to go to the Exit so the game knows you beat the stage.

High Voltage

Achievement Description: Find batteries.

Again, very self-explanatory. Some batteries are hiding in very elusive areas, so make sure to look very closely.
There’s a tracker upgrade you can get under the van in Consequences that lets you track batteries and upgrades, but I haven’t tested it extensively.
If you don’t have that upgrade, click here for a guide detailing all the battery locations.

Spick and Span

Achievement Description: Destroy EVERY dish.

This one is really tricky if you don’t know where to find the last dish. In the Domestic Duties stage, all of the dishes but one are inside the kitchen- the last one is outside the laundry room’s window, by a grill. The windows are breakable.
Having trouble deciding what the game defines as a dish? I had no idea either. Just whack everything that looks like it can break.


Achievement Description: 360 no-scope a spider with the Assault Rifle.

Obviously, you need the Assault Rifle, but… I have no idea how to do this.
Any advice would be welcome. This, after all, is why the guide says “90%” in the title.

Unintended Consequences (Secret Achievement)

Achievement Description: Face the music.

You need to complete every single Arachno-Gauntlet to get this achievement, including the one in Consequences. In case you didn’t notice, that’s a cockroach on a pedestal… but, not to worry, I won’t spoil the ending cutscene for you.
Click here for a very helpful and comprehensive guide on how to complete every single Arachno-Gauntlet.

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Post Author: Robins Chew

3 thoughts on “Kill It With Fire: Achievement Guide


    (October 9, 2020 - 3:42 pm)

    You can get the MLG Pro achievement by slowing down time (by using energy drink), and then you need to jump and do the 360 rotation, and shoot the spider.


    (February 14, 2021 - 10:25 pm)

    I got 360 no-scope by using the cargo shorts for unlimited ammo, throwing down like 40 pieces of basic cheddar puffs, disturbing some nearby spiders, and then while they are eating stand directly over them, aim down with reticle over them, and jump and spin 360+ (mouse and keyboard recommended) and then shoot while you are still aiming at them.


    (June 11, 2021 - 6:22 am)

    you know the piano and the spider on the top drawer open the drawer and run back without disturbing jump on the piano make a 360 and shoot it (all in 1st level also don’t use cheese puffs if it leaves the drawer reset the lvl)

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