Kill La Kill Anime Series Getting Video Game With New Story And Gameplay

2013 Anime shows Kill La Kill is back as a video game. Aplus, Studio Trigger and Dragon Ball FighterZ developer Arc System Works have announced Kill la Kill the Game during Anime Expo 2018, and it’s coming to PlayStation 4 and Windows PC via Steam next year.


Kill la Kill 2018 Anime Expo Trailer


Arena Fight Game

Kill la Kill is a anime series about transfer student Ryuko Matoi and her journey to uncover the identity of her father’s murderer. She attends the strange Honnouji Academy, where the students are clad in “Goku Uniforms” that grant various superhuman abilities.


Kill la Kill The game seems simular to the “Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm” series, but not totally, the colorful arena fighter have different special attacks and finishers. Visually, it has a lot in common with another game of Arc System Works, “Dragon Ball Fighter Z,” though combat looks to be much more open-ended here.


Actuel Gameplay Evo 2018


More Details Are On The Way!

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