Kingdoms and Castles: How to Farm the “Expert Gatherer!” Achievement

There is currently a point when you’ve completed all the current chapters where there is nothing left to do on your raft except farming achievements. One of the most tedious achievements is without doubt the “Hook 5000 items”, this is because there is a point where you don’t need to hook, all the floating loot goes right to the giant line of collection nets. At this point you’ve probably hooked between 1000-2000 and you’re very tired of it. Probably the first approach to this achievement is to hook every passing item, definitely boring and extremely slow.
A friend and I found a way to work around this tedious work; dropping items to the sea and then hooking them back, but with a catch. If you hook an item with a full inventory, the item is collected and then dropped back in the direction you are looking to, so if you fill up your inventory and try to catch items, you’ll collect them but they’ll be ready for the next hook without the need to manually drop them back. This idea made us be able to farm this achievement in around 15 minutes, images ahead.

Gifs showing the process

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