KingSim: All Achievement Guide

A list of achievements. All achievements are given an explanation, insight for achieving (if I haven’t gotten it myself), or just the title.


There are 98 endings and 2 proper achievements in this game.

The large majority of endings are found by running out of a resource as a result of making a certain choice.
Many endings can only be found by playing with random resources, which allows you to start with few enough resources to run out by making certain decisions.

Endings with plain text are usually tested explanations.
Endings with an @ are my best guess, usually because it’s an ending I got before I started tracking how to get the endings.
Endings with just a quote are the title of the achievement, which can be a indication of what to try out.
Endings with a quote and an @ include my insight on what to try out to get the achievement.

If one of my explanations are wrong, please let me know, and I’ll credit you.
If you know how to get one of the endings I don’t know about, please let me know, and I’ll credit you.

1.Sell your army at the market until it hits 0.
2.Sell your food at the market until it hits 0.
3.Buy stuff at the market until your money hits 0.
4.Sell your faith at the market until it hits 0.
5.Sell your happiness at the market until it hits 0.
6.Sell your health (heart) at the market until it hits 0.
7.Execute your advisor, and execute his twin as well.
8.Call Therald a coward and don’t apologize
9.Run from Esteban
[email protected] Fight against Esteban and lose
11.Beg for mercy from Esteban
12.Run out of money by hiring an assassin or injecting a spy to kill Esteban
13.“Never underestimate the double game”
14.Play with random resources, start with low military. Use necromancy against Kalahar Ard and lose.
15.Beg for mercy from the Kalahar Ard
16.Stay silent after you are defeated by the Kalahar Ard.
17.Try and fail to bargain with the Kalahar Ard.
18.“Help from your agent”
19.Hold the princess in your bedchambers
20.“A Title is a valuable thing to bargain with”
[email protected] Run when invaders arrive.
22.Recruit necromancer, execute priest, then execute necromancer.
23.When on bad terms, don’t immediately call the guards when the princess asks to enter your bedchambers.
24.“Demons! Demons everywhere!”
25.“Feeling a bit peckish?”
26.“Never enough”
27.“Become a slave to a demon”.
28.Triggers after ending the day with happiness 0. Judging by the text shown, it might be a glitch, but it can be reliably reproduced.
29.“Is that you or just a black goo?”
31.“Vase to the head”
32.“Sweet dreams, my King!”
[email protected] “Quiet bride” Beatrix is a quiet bride.
34.“Really? Is that a reason for an assassination?”
[email protected] Get burned at the stake for saying ‘no’ during wedding
36.“Political vengeance”
37.“Wow! There are more thieves than one?”
[email protected] Get burned at the stake by the pope for being heretical.
39.“Romeo and Juliet”
[email protected] Allow the necromancer into your castle, pope kills you.
[email protected] Pope declares you unfit to rule
43.“Crazy little sparrow”
44.“The grief, the death of Messiah”
45.“Wait… Why did I said that?”
46.“Good news, everyone!”
47.“Oh, what a knight…”
48.Agree to become vassal, then become vassal
49. “Steak for a flying beast”
50.Marry Countess Delover, get killed by a merchant assassin
51.“Triple rainbow”
52.Marry Beatrix, fail to stop her from summoning God
53.Marry Anna Sopristan, be on bad terms with her, execute Countess Delover on the spot.
54.Marry Anna Sopristan, be on good terms with her, execute Countess Delover on the spot.
55.Get faith to 0 by legitimizing the werewolf cult, which I believe shows up if the werewolf is not killed at the start of the game.
56.Try to build irrigation without enough money when famine strikes
57.Give inquisitors power, to deal with the plague or otherwise.
58.“Who let the dogs out?
[email protected] “The crying King” I’m not sure exactly how to get this, but you can cry at Therald to get him to help you out of pity.
60.“I grant you my sword”
61.“Beast Slayer is starving”
[email protected]“I’m gonna catch that thief whatever it takes” Presumably you need to run out of resources while trying to catch Esteban.
63.“Who cares if it was fair?”
64.Run out of happiness by giving Esteban a barony.
65.“Panic attack”
66.“You didn’t say they were hungry!”
67.“United by poison”
68.Play with random resources, start with really low happiness. Run out of happiness by executing peasants at the start.
69.“At least I’ll dance on my grave” Nice.
70.“Now HE is the assassin?”
71.“Swords first, money go second”
72.“The whipping for the King”
73.Play with random resources, start with really low happiness. Run out of happiness by holding ball for nobility.
74. “Death by Chandelier”
75.“The gallows”
76.Run out of happiness by taking the goat in court
77.Run out of happiness by failing the mining minigame
78.“Now I’m surrounded”
79.Get happiness to 0 by throwing bodies into a pit
80.“Medieval hater”
81.“Best decision ever”
82.Get killed by the Grey Plague. It triggered after I chose to not do anything.
[email protected] “The Queen of Thieves overdid it” You can marry Esteban after recruiting her, and she will plan a giant heist.
84.Get religion to 0 by performing an orgy after becoming King.
85.Get religion to 0 by doing demon sacrifices after becoming King
86.Get happiness to 0 by executing heretics after becoming King
87.Get food to 0 by holding a peasant feast after becoming King
88.Get money to 0 by holding a nobleman ball after becoming King.
89.“The fate of a tree”
90.Run out of money by sparing the woodcutter, unless I lost track of which achievement that was.
[email protected] “Miners, to the rescue!” This probably has to do with the mine collapse event, and running out of resources as a result.
[email protected] “The Matriarch” This might happen because your queen usurps your power. Azaelia Is a likely candidate.
93.“Unhappy Shuriken”
94.“Let’s talk business”
95.Thrown off the walls by religious guards after attacking Pope.
96.Anger a foreign country in diplomacy, get invaded, and lose.
97.“Healer’s journey
98.“Please don’t cry”
Destroy the game: Be evil, recruit the necromancer, in the end he hacks the game. You have to properly quit the game when this happens.
Become Great: Conquer or Ally the whole world. This is easier if you have a proper income for the endgame. For example, if you marry Esteban and she succeeds in her heist, you have a permanent gold income.

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