Knights College: All Chapters (R18) Guide

Some guide for you to quickly find R18 on this game



Hi guys, just guide that can help you guys find r18 faster with the command card
(make sure to end last chapter so you can access more cards)
You can also followthe R18 patch install step-by-step tutorial from here.

To access r18, you need patch first :
– Download it first here :

– Follow the steps (it’s on the rar) but you can see this SS to make it faster

– After it’s on Knights college folder, patch it inside and then click Yes All
– You can see on starting menu if there’s _P on last word of it, it mean patching complete.
– You can turn off the animation on Settings. (Dont worry)

Chapter 1

I found 2 on this chapter which is amazing > <#
Here i put picture, but SFW :3

Free time on Derich’s Room

Choose Theo card, Something will happen which i also love it #> <#
(i really like Daddy Derich btw, OwO#) i guess he’s the only one why i bought this game.
Oho? what both of them looking at?

Free time with Grant

Choose Beach card -> Ignore card -> Hug Card
Something good (animated) will happen #> <#

You can preview the Animation whatever you like.

Chapter 2

I only find one on this chapter, i tried everything and only got 1 on this :’>

Free Time with Oscar

Choose Private Talk Card -> Devil’s Whisper card
it’ll be appear animated > <# ehe. Here some SFW picture to look at OwO

Where are you looking at Oscar? o.O

Chapter 3

Free time with Julius

Choose Doubt Card -> Lie Card -> Tease Card
Animated will appear OwO# Here some SFW works

What they both doing?

Chapter 4

Sleep time but waking up with Paul

Choose Doubt card -> Talk card -> Angel’s Smile Card
Animated will appear > <#

Chapter 5

MY “Always” Favorite Chapter Ever

Free time with Daddy Dedrich > <# :

Choose Consult Card -> Lie Card -> Angel’s Smile Card

SOMTHINGGGGGGGGG Animated will happen and yeah i like it ALOT!!!!!!!!! hopefully they update the animation more deeper OwO# ehe.

Oho, what daddy looking at?

Chapter 6

Make sure you clear it first so 2nd option will appear

Prince Theo

Choose Worry Card -> Friendship Card -> Never Give Up Card -> Hug Card
THENNNN animated with prince Theo, enjoy > < OwO#

Ara ara, what prince Theo looking at?

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