Koi Farm: All Book Contents

When starting the game I really wanted to know what the later pages of the book would be. I kept hoarding fish in my big pool not knowing if they’d be useful.

There are seven pages in the book as of Mar 14, 2021.


Page 1

1. Solid White
2. Solid Black
3. White with black spots
4. Black with white spots

Page 2

1. Solid yellow
2. Solid orange
3. White with yellow spots
4. White with orange spots

Page 3

1. White with three black spots in a column (on the actual fish, the three spots in a column pattern looks like three triangles)
2. Black with three white spots in a column
3. Black with two yellow spots
4. Black with two orange spots
5. White with black and orange spots
6. White with black and yellow spots

Page 4
1. Solid Pink
2. White with two pink spots
3. Solid Red
4. White with two red spots
5. White with red and yellow spots
6. White with red and black spots

Page 5
1. White with black “skunk” line
2. Black with white skunk line
3. Deep taupe with two white spots
4. Deep taupe with white skunk line
5. White with two deep taupe spots
6. White with deep taupe skunk line

Page 6
1. Solid eggplant-colour
2. Eggplant with black skunk stripe
3. White with three eggplant spots in a column
4. White with two eggplant spots
5. Solid violet colour
6. White with three violet spots in a column

Page 7
1. White with slate blue spots
2. White with slate blue three spot column
3. Slate blue with yellow spots
4. Slate blue with yellow skunk line
5. White with navy blue spots
6. Navy blue with yellow spots

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