Krunker: How to Fix Launch Issues with Client

Here is a helpful guide on how to get rid of your client issues and bugs.


How to Fix Launch Issues with Client
Launch issues (are when the client wont open and let you play)
Alot of my launch issues have occurred from updating the client

Navigate to your appdata folder
press win+r and typing “%appdata%”
open your file explorer This PC> C: drive > Users > “your pc user name” > Appdata > roaming
the appdata folder might be hidden click view at the top of your file explorer and click hidden items

in your Roaming folder there is “io.krunker.desktop” this is your cache for steam client
deleting this file and all its contents then relaunching the client fixes alot of issues by regenerating all those files
HOWEVER it also deletes your login and settings so save your settings if you are able to (otherwise remember to keep a backup in the future)

doing the above fixed all of the launch issues i have encountered you might also need todo that aswell as a fresh install of the client (i.e uninstall and reinstall )

Thanks to Kry for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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