L.A. Noire: How To Unlock 60FPS (Fast and Easy Way)

So, to unlock, we need to download any version of Cheat Engine. I installed the most recent. Its all. You dont need to install anything else. The way still works.

Step 1
After installing Cheat Engine, we need to launch the application and the game itself. No need to change game settings.

We do everything as in the screenshot. Just open the process with La Noire and read on.

Step 2
Lets continue. Click on Value Type and change to Float. Nothing difficult.

Step 3
That is not all. After that we enter 59.94000 in the Value line. Next, click on the First Scan and go to the next step.

Step 4
After the first scan, we found 2 addresses. They are located on the left. Double click on the each of them. Now these two addresses are at the bottom. Double click on the Value and change the number to 119.88. Just enter 119.88, the rest of the numbers are generated independently.

So, now we can play stable 60FPS.

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