L.A. Noire: Patrol & Traffic Division Guide

Simply guide to the correct choices to solve the cases in the Patrol & Traffic division.


It’s 1947 – the war is over and life is gradually returning to normal, or at least what passes for normal in LA: murder, robbery, drugs, prostitution, arson, and a general seediness that seems to leak out of the Hollywood Hills.

As Cole Phelps, fresh from a tour of Japan with the US Marines, your job is to work your way up from humble beat cop to ace detective, righting wrongs and getting the bad guys locked up.

Split into five desks – Patrol, Traffic, Homicide, Vice, and Arson – and each desk features a number of cases to solve in order to progress to the next.​

Patrol Desk:

  • Buyer Beware

Traffic Desk:

  • The Driver’s Seat
  • The Consul’s Car
  • A Marriage Made in Heaven
  • A Slip of the Tongue
  • The Fallen Idol
Patrol – Buyer Beware​ Case
Interview Clovis Galetta:

  • Eyewitness Account: Lie / Evidence: Layaway Voucher
  • Possible Murder Suspect: Doubt
  • Details of Shooting: Truth
Traffic – The Driver’s Seat​ Case
Interview Nate Wilkey:

  • Purpose at Scene: Truth
  • Knowledge of Adrian Black: Truth
  • Contents of Wallet: Doubt
  • Bloodstained Pipe Found: Truth

Interview Margaret Black:

  • Slaughterhouse Receipt: Truth
  • Cavanagh’s Bar matchbook: Truth
  • Location of Adrian Black: Truth
  • Stenzel Glasses Case: Truth
  • Photograph signed Nicole: Lie / Evidence: Concealed Message
  • Alibi for Mrs. Black: Truth

Frank Morgan interview:

  • Link to abandoned vehicle: Lie / Evidence: Receipt For Live Hog
  • Location of Adrian Black: Doubt
Traffic – The Consul’s Car​ Case
Interview Oswald Jacobs:

  • Witness report: Truth
  • Hispanic suspects: Doubt
  • Possible suspect vehicle: Truth
  • Vehicle stripped of parts: Doubt

Interrogation of Juan Francisco Valdez:

  • Packard purchase history: Doubt
  • Theft of consular vehicle: Doubt
  • Association with Gabriel: Lie / Evidence: Valdez’ Notebook

Interview William Dewey:

  • Association with Valdez: Lie / Evidence: Alleged Bribery
  • Whereabouts of Del Gado: Doubt
  • Wrench used in auto theft: Doubt

Anna Rodriguez Interview:

  • Motive for auto theft: Truth
  • Last contact with Gabriel: Lie / Evidence: Breakfast Plates
  • Diplomatic plates recovered: Doubt
Traffic – ​A Marriage Made in Heaven​ Case
Shannon Perry Interview:

  • Eyewitness Report: Truth
  • Suspect Vehicle Description: Truth
  • Argument Overheard: Doubt

Dudley Lynch Interview:

  • Hit and Run Incident: Doubt
  • Association with Victim: Truth
  • Argument Overheard in Bar: Doubt
  • Joint Business Venture: Doubt

Lorna Pattison Interview:

  • Hit and Run Incident: Doubt
  • Nature of Argument: Doubt
  • Partnership with Leroy Sabo: Lie / Evidence: Insurance Letter
Traffic – ​A Slip Of The Tongue Case
Cliff Harrison Interview:

  • Vehicle Reported as Stolen: Truth
  • Motive For Flight: Doubt
  • Vehicle purchase details: Truth

Richard Coombs Interview:

  • Details of Transaction: Truth
  • Description of suspect: Truth
  • Association with Marquee: Truth
  • Check Payment details: Doubt
  • Suspicious transaction: Doubt

James Belasco Interview:

  • Stolen Auto Courier: Doubt
  • Association with Archer: Lie / Evidence: Fake Address
  • Auto Theft Racket: Doubt
  • Stolen Vehicles Warehoused: Doubt

Jean Archer Interview:

  • Stolen Kaiser Frazer: Doubt
  • Association with Belasco: Lie / Evidence: Stolen Auto Courier
  • Stolen Auto Courier: Doubt

Gordon Leitvol Interview:

  • Knowledge of Theft Racket: Doubt
  • Pink Slip Supply: Doubt
  • Coombs Auto Deliveries: Doubt

Steven Bigelow Interview:

  • Pink slip supply: Doubt
  • Association with Leitvol: Lie / Evidence: Deliveries Ledger

Gordon Leitvol Interview:

  • Deliveries to Industrial St: Lie / Evidence: Betting Slips
Traffic – ​ The Fallen Idol Case
June Ballard Interview:

  • Doping Allegation: Doubt
  • Suspect Mark Bishop: Doubt
  • Injured Female Passenger: Lie / Evidence: Underwear
  • Fake Shrunken Head: Doubt

Jessica Hamilton Interview:

  • Crash Incident Report: Lie / Evidence: Underwear
  • Contact with Parents: Lie / Evidence: Letter From Mother
  • Association with Bishop: Doubt
  • Evidence of Criminal Abuse: Truth

Gloria Bishop Interview:

  • Domestic Disturbance: Doubt
  • Whereabouts of Bishop: Truth
  • Check for $20,000: Doubt
  • Abuse of Jessica Hamilton: Doubt


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