Lacuna: 100% Achievement Guide

All the information you need to know to obtain every achievement in Lacuna.


Welcome detective.

Let the investigation begin!

Jorus Plaza

Complete the first act

Story related.

Corion Church

Complete the second act.

Story related.

Rescue Mission

Complete the third act.

Story related.

Will It Have Mattered?

Tell your story.

Finish the game.

Enter the Multiverse

Tell all stories.

Get all 8 endings. This is by far the hardest trophy in the game. Every choice you make matters and when the epilogue starts the game will check your standing with the C.D.I, your standing with Zora and if you retrieved the data or not. This will give you 2x2x2 endings. Good luck detective.

Matching Description

Catch the sniper unharmed.

Submit the Banny’s murderer sheet correctly (see Master Investigator), the trophy will pop after the fountain scene.

Crisis Averted

Catch the bomber.

Catch Moore in the church attic.

A Little Justice Served

Catch the mastermind.

Submit the The Liberators sheet correctly (see Master Detective) and then arrest Dyson in the train.

Is This The Right Thing?

Try to start a war.

Submit the The Data sheet correctly (see Master Investigator) and leak the data to the reporter.

Or Is This The Right Thing?

Try to prevent a war.

Submit the The Data sheet correctly (see Master Investigator) and do not leak the data to the reporter (hang up).

Chonky Boi

Serve up lots of insects.

You can’t miss your pet in your apartment, feed Horace 3 times to get this trophy.

Happy Boi

Serve up lots of love.

Pet Horace 3 times to get this trophy.

Chain Smoker

Punish your lungs.

Make sure to smoke at every opportunity you get (e.g. at your balcony, next to musicians) just smoke every time the game allows you to smoke, and maybe even a bit more. Also don’t forget to buy the cigarettes, so you don’t run out. The trophy will pop after you finish the game.

Healthy Lifestyle

Be the good kind of quitter.

Just don’t smoke when the game gives you the opportunity. There are a few times in the story where Neil smokes one, but those don’t count. The trophy will pop when you finish the game. You can offer Cat a smoke on the roof, it should not void the trophy, but this needs checking.


Show some appreciation for the music.

Stand next to musicians for about 1 minute (and work on Chain Smoker while you are there).
You can do this in Matuna Residences when you first get there.

Good Cop

Be nice and de-escalate.

The game tracks a bunch of dialog choices where you can be either aggressive or agreeable. For this trophy make sure to do all of the following agreeable options;

* Go easy on the guards in the Villa (to Gary and when getting the keys to the cabinet)
* Easy on Ms. Norton in the Hotel (do not shoot her drone)
* Cut the bartender some slack (do not let Gary arrest her)
* Don’t lie to Ed about Rob
* Don’t lie to Rob about not being police
* Help Ed with his harbot spot
* Help Lila with her boss, and help her boss (Thompson) with Sheila
* Help Sheila, don’t make her go back to Thompson

The trophy should pop after you tell Gary about the Chief (or not).

Bad Cop

Nobody can stand in your way.

Opposite to Good Cop, it’s now cooperate or consequences… For this trophy make sure to do all of the following aggressive options;

* Punish the guards (agree with Gary about them being lunatics and don’t go easy on them when getting the key to the cabinet)
* Shoot Ms. Norton’s drone
* No slack for the bartender in the Hotel (let Gary arrest her)
* Lie to Ed about Rob
* Lie to Rob about being police
* Do not help Ed with his harbor spot (and say you can arrest him)
* Help Lila with her boss and help Thompson with Sheila
* Make Sheila go back to Thompson to fill her contract
* You now tell Gary about the Chief or not (don’t know if this is needed but it’s in the story line you follow at the moment)
* When going back to the train station you get a call to go to the harbor (it’s past the train station to the left). Walk past the guard and straight to the Red Herring all the way to the left, go inside and talk to the bartender. Ask if he knows Ed and how much a harbor spot is, you then get an opportunity to pay for Ed, don’t pay (way to expensive) and leave. The trophy should pop when you leave the harbor.

Master Investigator

Demonstrate your sleuthing skills.

Submit all sheets correctly, see answers below.

The universe (prologue)
Ghara, New Jordan, Tyllanium
The bullet
Sakura Hotel
Diaz’ escape
Banny’s murderer
Bald, Cut arm, Shaved
The broadcast
The Liberators
Dyson, Drovia, Mining, Tyllanium
Moore’s motive
His sick wife
The data
Sector II incident, 1800, Drovia

Bring her home.

Save Laura. Don’t let her get taking away again, or worse.

Reunited At Last

Get the girl.

Get reunited with Cat. Make sure you give her some attention, e.g. talk to her when you get the opportunity, the trophy will pop after you finish the game.


Listen to the corporate overlords.

Stand infront of an eye-level ad for about 2 minutes. You can’t miss the ad’s, you can do this when leaving the train station for example.

Couch Potato

Catch a break.

Sit for at least 1 minute on a couch (you can do this at the Villa early or at the AdSpot building later). Might work on a chair aswell (needs testing).

She’s Got A Point

Come to the dark side.

Cooperate with Zora either the first time in your apartment (when she is on the balcony) or the second time, when she stops you when you dont expect it (she ask you to follow her down some stairs). I got it at the second location afaik, might depend on what you answer the first time (needs checking).


Hello? Anyone there?

Don’t touch controls for 1 minute, you can combine this with Couch Potato I think (not tested).


Cut corners wherever possible. Literally.

Finish the game with the least steps possible. After you finish the game a few times and know what the consequences of your decisions are, you can figure this out. Example: You can threat Thompson with a court order so you don’t have to help (and walk to) Sheila. And when going home, make sure to exit the train station to the right (opens up after Act I) before that there are yellow cones and a fence that block you.

Lost evidence
This might come in handy.

  • The correct boat id is 220190
  • To get in the church easy, lie and say you lost your Bawas
  • When you interview Gonzalez, after checking the evidence, use these dialog choices; you had a call last night, anonymous, company needs Drovian tyllanium, you support independence
  • When you interview Cox, after checking the evidence, use these dialog choices; a Saviant, Drovia, Gharia, Sector II
See you on the next case.

DigiTales Interactive for this great game.
The developers on Discord for hints on some of the trophies.

Thanks to zodiak for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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