Lakeview Cabin 2: How to Beat the Game (Important Items)

In this guide I’ll talk about the uses of important items in Lakeview Cabin 2, and where to find them

The camera by default can be found inside the main home as soon as you walk in, slightly to the left. the camera can be used to save the position of various items for future runs. Most notably the camera can save the position of the shotgun, shotgun shells, matchbox, lighter, dried laundry ,the necklace, and that god forbidden hanging towel, eliminating a lot of time you’d spend obtaining those items. That being said, certain items cannot have their positions saved like for instance, the flare gun or the butter knife (items found in drawers or cabinets). it is also worth noting that the camera emits a flash which will briefly light up a room for only a moment, so it can be used as a light source under certain circumstances.

There are two backpacks, the child’s backpack which will spawn in the little girl’s room upstairs in the main house, and the camping backpack which will spawn in the shack to the left of the house up the ladder. Note that the camping backpack is much better than the child’s. The backpack can be used to store multiple items by dropping them into it. for instance, you can carry a shotgun, the propane tank, a matchbox, the ladder, etc all at once! to release the items from the bag, simply pick it up and drop it until the item you need comes out. this is great for saving time and reduce backtracking.

The Jerrycan (gasoline) can be found by default on the bottom floor of the shack to the left of the main house (right near spawn). Whenever the item is dropped or thrown, it will leave a gas puddle which can be ignited with matches, or sparks caused from flickering the lights on and off rapidly. The gas once ignited will leave the floor engulfed and spread fire to any nearby puddles. the jerrycan will also explode if whacked with a weapon, ran over with the car at full speed, or shot with a gun making it an incredibly powerful dual-function murder weapon if used properly.

Found in the sauna room (by the dock at the far right of the mainland). Can be used to throw a lit match ahead of the player. the matchbox has a limited number of matches ~30 so basically just don’t go totally nuts with it. Lit matches can be used to ignite gasoline which is effectively it’s primary use. it can also be used to light the sauna (once you’ve repaired it with a wrench) to kill the bandaged man once he’s been injured.

Propane Tank
Found near the by the grill on the balcony. Can be dropped or thrown. the propane tank will create a devastating explosion if shot, hit with a weapon, or set on fire. note that shooting it or hitting it will blow it up instantly, but lighting it on fire will cause it to explode after a few seconds. The most effective use for the tank is to position it where a killer will be, and shooting it when they’re near, this will eliminate every killer in the game aside from the bandaged man, who will only be damaged.

Found in the secret back room of the house inside of a locked display case. to open the door, head inside the main house and go all the way to the left until you’re met with the mini-bar. interact with the green ashtray to open the door. to open the display case, locate a book marked with a key atop a bookshelf in the main room of the house. to get it, either stack your entire family on top of each other, or use the ladder to reach it. Then tear pages from the book until you get the key. Finally, unite the key with the display case. The shotgun by default is unloaded, and requires ammo to be fired. The shotgun is an amazing took for detonating explosive objects from a distance. Most killers won’t die from one shot, so using it this way is the most effective use of it’s bullets.

Shotgun shells
By default spawn in the attic guarded by the intruder. the attic entrance is located in the little girl’s room upstairs and can be seen by it’s pull string. to access the attic, use the ladder to climb up and interact with the pull string. Be mindful however, as opening the attic will set the intruder free so be ready to deal with her. she is extremely weak to fire and can be stunned in place with the cereal box, so use that to your advantage. Once dealt with (or not) the ammo box will be located on the left side inside the attic. the box contains 3 shells that can be loaded into the shotgun.

Never judge a book by it’s cover because this is a weapon of mass destruction when used properly. the microwave can be located inside the kitchen. it can be picked up, thrown, have items loaded into it, and turned on. loading certain items into it will cause it to create a massive explosion once turned on. the easiest thing to load into it for this effect would be the butter knife which can be found in the kitchen inside of the left-most drawer. note you can also load a battery, or fireworks inside of it for the same effect. Upon loading an item inside, after turning it on you have about 4 seconds to get away before it explodes, which is more than enough time. the microwave’s explosion is a standard explosion and thus will eliminate any killer aside from the bandaged man. killers that can be stunned or held in place with items (like sock head with porno mags) can be easily dispatched by setting the microwave near them.

Glowing Necklace
By default can be found inside the floorboards inside the shack to the left of the house. it’s location is marked by a square in the floor tightly bolted shut. it can be opened with a hammer which is located in the tool shed to the right of the house. you can get the hammer inside by climbing the ladder and using the interact key while climbing up to drop it to the floor. after smashing out the floorboards with the hammer, you’ll get the glowing necklace. The glowing necklace has one use, that being to kill the witches that spawn inside the house across the river, or on the second rainy day. while wearing the necklace, simply being near a witch will activate automatically and cause a bright light to flash, knocking the player back and instantly killing any nearby witch. the necklace has infinite uses and can thus be used to kill all four witches easily.

Sheet (Towel)
The sheet can be found hanging on a drying rack to the right of the house. it can be taken down by disturbing it enough. once taken down and obtained, it can be taken to the far right end of the mainland to the dock and hung on the flagpole. Once the flag is raised, this will prompt the “scarecrow” to come without needing to leave the mainland. this is great if you have a trap prepared (for instance a simple shotgun, propane trap).
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