Lakeview Cabin 2: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

Some different tips, tricks and secrets. Maybe these things are pretty obvious, or maybe it helps you figure out that one puzzle that you were stumped on. Or maybe it just teaches you a little something new. It’s just here to help if it can!



Like the description said, I’m not sure how much this will help, or if everything in here is pretty obvious already. But I haven’t seen any full/ semi-full guide on all of the secrets, items, and different gameplay strategies yet, so I figured I oughta just make my own.

Now disclaimer, this is a puzzle game, and it’s much more fun to figure out all the secrets on your own. But maybe there’s that one that just stumps you, or that one item you can’t figure out the use of. Or maybe offing all of the killers is proving more of a challenge than you thought, and you want to see if you can find a new strategy or two. (Definitely been there!)

In any case, I hope this helps!

Tools and Weapons Part 1


First, the ladder. An extremely useful and versatile tool, although simple. It’s located outside of the tool shed to the right of the house.

The recommended first use of the ladder would be to use it to take down the assorted tools and weapons in said tool shed.

Just click ‘X’ (or your variation of such) as you go up the ladder or as you fall off, and you’ll be able to get them all after a few tries. All of the items have at least one use which I will get into. But first,


It’s hidden above the tool rack in the far corner of the shed. You can usually knock it down in your attempt to get all of the tools. As far as I can see, it is a completely negative item for the player. Whether you drop it or throw it, it always releases bees.

To top it off, the bees don’t seem to attack the killers. While the bees don’t seem to be able to kill any of your characters, they can be an inconvenience and can easily mess you up when you’re in a chase or leading a killer into a trap. It’s much better to just avoid them if you can, and to never pick up the beehive if you can avoid it.


The chainsaw is usually an extremely overpowered weapon in any survival game. Although here, it doesn’t seem to be the best option to choose. You have to rev it multiple times before it will start working. Once you have it on, there doesn’t seem to be a way to turn it off or put on the safety settings, so be very careful putting it too close to any of your characters or any of your items. Furthermore, it doesn’t seem to be a very good weapon to go head to head with any of the killers, since it has a short range and they will just knock it out of your hands if you get close, leading to both of you getting cut up. And unfortunately, they have more health than you. Perhaps it can be done, but you’d have to be very careful.

Thankfully, it works great as a trap!

It cuts off a chunk of their health, and you don’t even have to be involved! But be careful, because after a few uses, it will break and become useless.


For now, the only use I’ve found of the wrench is using it to fix the shower in the sauna.

It doesn’t seem to be extremely useful, but it gives you another area to put yourself out if you catch on fire. But sometimes that’s not enough, or your character’s health is so low you wouldn’t be able to make it all the way back if you got caught on fire again. That’s why it has another use.


You can fill up the bucket located in the sauna room.

This is a one-time object (until you fill it up again) that you can use to put yourself out if you ever catch on fire. Useful for single players who have a tendency for arson.


Speaking of which, you can also use the shower in the house to put yourself out or fill up the bucket.


The screwdriver can be used to fix the washer in the shed at the start of the level so you can do the laundry.

Why would you ever want to do the laundry when you’re trying to keep yourself safe from killers? Fair point! But if you do, the vibrations from the washing machine will knock down all the items from the shelves on the left. It can be a very quick way to get the fireworks and toy plane, both very useful items.

The pile of laundry can be found upstairs in the parents’ bedroom, or if the secret room has been opened, you can usually find it there instead.

Unfortunately, it seems like using the washing machine bugs out currently, because once you fix the washer, you can no longer pick up the laundry.

Alternatively, you can take the ladder and pull the items down that way. Less fun, but it works!


The main use of the hammer lies in the shed at the very start of the level. On the left underneath the shelves, there’s a small hatch on the floor that requires the hammer to pull out the nails.


And what you open the hatch, what lies within is….

…a necklace?
But it’s no ordinary necklace!

Tools and Weapons Part 2


This is probably one of the most OP weapons in the game. Unexpected from first glance, right? But this necklace has the power to immediately destroy the witches (the four nerds in red cloaks) with no extra effort from you.

Whenever you get close to a witch, it’ll emit a brilliant white light and blow up any nearby witches. It has unlimited uses, so you can get them one by one or all at once. In fact, you can sail right over to their island, enter the house, and eliminate all of them within about a minute. However, blowing them all up at once will do considerable damage to your character as well, so be prepared to deal with the consequences, or try and get them in smaller groups.

THE SCYTHE ….(in the shed)

Not to be confused with Scythe’s scythe, the scythe in the shed is one of the better weapons, with a longer range than most of them. You can pretty safely attack all of the killers with the scythe and deal some damage. With some practice. Most effective against Granny.

You can pretty easily and safely eliminate her without the use of any traps, explosions, or fire. The scythe method does also work on the other killers, usually at least able to damage them a little bit. But it feels like they have much more health than Granny, or at least more defense. Killing the others with the scythe is much less realistic, unless you want to sit there and chip away at them for ages. Might be time for a weapon change! Like….


Pretty standard weapons, they don’t seem to have unique functionality. They can be used to break things or attack enemies, though the game really seems to value traps and other creative ways of murder, considering their high defense and habit of smacking your weapon right out of your hands.

(I didn’t get a picture ‘cuz I’m lazy)

Want a more snazzy weapon? Introducing…


Probably not much of a surprise, the flare gun is hidden behind the logs in the wood pile.


It can be used to set the killers on fire or trigger fire traps from far away. It seems to spawn with a random chance to have between 1-2 shots, so be very careful to not waste your shots!


You probably already know this one, but just in case you don’t, you can find the flashlight by opening the first drawer on the left in the kitchen a second time. It makes it a lot easier to explore dark places.


The reverse of the bucket, the fire extinguisher is for the friends who might play this together.

You can use the fire extinguisher to put out another character who was set on fire, eliminating the need for the bucket or to run to one of the showers. Technically, a single player could make use of it with tactically placed characters, but it’d be much easier for two people to use it. One triggering the trap, and the other at the ready just in case.


The camera is probably the most useful tool in the game, if not the most useful. It has the ability to record the placement of any item in the game and keep it there for each consecutive playthrough. Don’t want to go through the effort of digging out the glowing necklace every time? Want to keep the guns in a secure place so you don’t have to go through the process of unlocking them? You can easily use the camera to put them in an ideal place, and then they’ll be there for every run afterward.

In the picture, you can see I record the placement of the ladder, the axe, the hammer, and the backpack. They’ll be there forever until I change their locations. And you can use the camera as many times as you want with different items.

Secrets and Hidden Items


Did you know there’s an entirely hidden room? Probably. But just in case… In the far left of the living room, there’s a small bar. If you push the ashtray on the far left of it, it will open a secret door leading downwards.


Downstairs, you’ll find a diorama of the map, along with some memorabilia of the first game. It doesn’t seem too impressive at first until you notice the locked case on the far right.

Pros: It holds two guns! Cons: It’s locked right now. But we’ll come back to that later. Another neat ability of the secret room is that you can close the door behind you by clicking the button next to the stairs, making this a viable saferoom, storehouse, headquarters, whatever you wish to use it for.


The secret room is quite useful for another thing. The diorama is an easily overlooked item, but it can make your runs much easier and more efficient.

When you open up the diorama, you can move tiny figurines of your characters back and forth across the map, but only the character you’re currently playing as. It’s not readily apparent what the point is until you start a new game. Like the camera, the diorama records the position of certain objects. Namely, the characters themselves.

This way, you can decide where exactly you want every character to start so they can be in the most optimal positions.


If you’ve fully explored the map, you’ve gone down the wishing well at least once. It’s a dark corridor, at the very end of which is nothing but a locked door.

But where is the key? It’s not in the key book above the TV. It’s in a bit more unconventional place, but one that’s not hard to notice. If you turn on the fan in the boy’s room upstairs, you may notice toys being blown away, to seemingly somewhere you can’t reach. But if you control one of the kids, you find that it’s a secret passage! (That also serves as a great hiding spot for the kids)

The center of which is a key. Take the key to open the locked door in the wishing well, and you find…


…A fetus in a jar. It actually does have a use, but we’ll be back to that later. Down there, you’ll also notice something that looks kind of like a shrine surrounded by statues.

But one statue seems to be missing. So you gotta go find it. Nothing can ever just be simple, can it? To find it, you need to get access to the woods, a new area. You have to get a weapon- something that is sharp and/or can cut things- like the axe, the scythe, the hammer, or the knife, and go to the area blocked off by vines. A single swing is all it takes.


Inside, you’ll find another shrine and the missing statue!

Take it back down to the wishing well and put it in it’s proper place, and a secret passage will open!


…To nothing too exciting. But still, that’s a shortcut at least!


Something else you can find in the depths of the well are two torches. (honestly thought they were mops when I first saw them)

Pretty simple concept, of course. Light them, they catch on fire. Duh. You can light them with any kind of fire, or anything that can ignite. You can use them as a trap, or use them as a weapon!


But that’s enough of secret passages and tools and hidden objects. It’s time to bring out the big guns! Going back to the locked case in the secret room, it’s time to get the key. You probably already saw where it was, above the TV in the living room. The simplest way to get it is to get the ladder and stack two characters on top of each other. Have the tallest one grab the book and tada! Not as complicated as originally thought.

Now just rip out the pages of the book until the key flies out. Take the key and unlock the case downstairs. Now the shotgun and revolver are yours!

(note: the kids are too short to open the case, so get one of the adults to do it)


Now you’ve got the guns, but you’ve probably noticed that the shotgun is completely unloaded and the revolver only has six rounds. So of course, you gotta go get some. You can find the shotgun ammo in the attic on the left side.


The attic becomes unlocked when Granny becomes active, though you can unlock it early by bringing the ladder in and pulling on the cord. Though be careful, because as soon as you step into the attic, it’ll immediately trigger Granny. There are only three shotgun shells up there so use them carefully. None of them will be a one hit kill.

Okay, now that we’ve got the big guns and have properly prepared ourselves for facing the killers… what kind of traps can we set?


Traps and Tricks Part 1


Yeah, I know, you already know how useful the gasoline is. It’s a classic trap and can leave gasoline puddles. Well, did you know that if you drop the gasoline at the top of a hill, the gasoline will pour all the way down the slope?


Yep! It’s a pretty easy and neat way to make large gasoline slicks, huge walls of fire to catch your enemies off guard, and easy inescapable traps. Both pictures show exactly the place to put them to get this effect.

Okay, so what can we do to put this to use?


Sure, you can use the matches to light up the gasoline, but there’s a limited number of matches. And what if they were destroyed, or it would take too long to transport them where you need them? Well, you can also use the grill!


You can push the grill wherever you need it to be, and clicking on the ‘X’ button in the center of it will cause sparks to fly, catching anything super flammable near by on fire. There is enough time to get away before everything sets on fire, granted you don’t box yourself in.


The fireworks and propane tank are other useful explosives, though the propane tank will always require a hit of some kind, whether you sacrifice one of your people, or hit it with a projectile (aka, a shot from a gun or some other kind of shot). The big box of fireworks is where it’s at, but the firework shots can also be useful, to set things off from afar or just include more firepower in a huge trap.

The microwave is perhaps the lesser known of these explosives, but that doesn’t make it any less useful. You’ll have to take it off the counter and find a small metallic object to go inside. A good candidate is the butter knife you can find in the leftmost drawer on the first interaction.

Then simply put it inside and turn it on! It’ll take about 3-5 seconds to trigger, but once it does, it’ll be a huge explosion! You’ll only have a couple seconds to get away so be careful.


Apparently the battery also works in place of the butter knife, so it all depends on what you want to use.


Didn’t expect the tongs to be on here, did you? They seem to be a mostly entirely useless item, but alas, no item is useless. The tongs can actually trigger an item on the ground if you walk over it and it lands on said item.

No hands required! Think about it, you could get a killer to trigger a trap himself without your needing to interfere. Or if there are multiple killers on the loose, you won’t even need to stop to lead them into a trap. From my understanding, some of the childrens’ toys can achieve this effect as well. In particular, the toy car you can rev up, and perhaps the cymbal monkey too, although I haven’t tested them fully.

Alright, but what can we do to get the killers into the perfect spot?

Traps and Tricks Part 2


Remember the baby that we found underneath the wishing well? It’s a very useful, yet very finicky item. Basically, by dropping it, it releases a wailing, crying baby that skitters around the area it’s in (it won’t travel to other areas unless they’re open- aka no doors, no staircases, etc). The baby can stun multiple killers, including but not limited to, Sock, Scythe, Granny, and possibly the witches. I don’t fully remember, so correct me if I’m wrong about any of those.

However, be extremely careful, because it’s very fragile. (who knew!) For some reason, dropping it normally will break the bottle but throwing it will not, unless it crashes into something. It is super squiggly and will wriggle out of your arms if you try to pick it up, so transporting it once it’s out of it’s bottle is hard, if not impossible in some places. Plus, it will try it’s hardest to run away from you and others, and it only stuns the killers when it’s close by. The baby also only has one point of health, so one hit will kill it. Be extremely careful trying to hit killers when it’s nearby. Fortunately though, it seems to be unlimited use, so it will stun a killer long enough/enough times for you to kill them manually with a weapon if the baby survives that long. Unfortunately, Hook has no time for that ♥♥♥♥ and will immediately kill the baby if he comes in contact with it. Don’t try to use it when he’s around, or be quick about it.

Some killers also have specific stuns that work only on them. For example, Sock gets distracted by the porno mags you can find in the treehouse if you leave them on the ground.

Apparently, Granny gets stunned by the cereal/animal carcasses in the kitchen. I don’t doubt it- I’ve definitely seen her get stunned before, but in my testing sessions, I wasn’t able to replicate this scenario. It could be that I was just too preoccupied by other things.


Okay, I’m ready. I’ve set my traps. How do I call the killers early? Well, the sheet’s one of them. Throughout playing, you’ve probably noticed you can knock down one of the sheets from the clothesline out back with various items. Most easily with the ladder. You can take the sheet down to the harbor and attach it to the flagpole. Raising it will call Scythe over almost immediately.


You can trigger Granny by opening the attic, and you can take care of the witches by passing Scythe and making your way over with the glowing necklace. The other two will find you soon enough.


As mentioned before, the treehouse is where you can find the porno mags. But is there any other use to it? There is! First you just need to get to the top by climbing up the ropes. ‘Z’ and ‘X’ will make you go up and down respectively, and when you get to the second rope, you’ll have to swing back and forth to gain enough momentum to reach the top.


Once you get to the top, you can use it as a vantage point to see nearly all of the second half of the map. You can use it to tell where the killers are and who’s coming.


Another unexpected one, huh? But it’s useful nonetheless (and kinda fun too). But it requires quite a few steps. First you need to get the toy plane down. Then you need to find the remote control, which is conveniently tucked away underneath the porch.


But you might notice it’s out of batteries. One way to get some batteries is to take the radio from the upstairs balcony and smash it.


Then take the battery and put it into the remote control.

Once you do, you’ll be able to fly around the map with the plane! Soar across the heavens, check on where all the killers are, or just have some fun, it’s all good! It’s kind of like flappy bird controls, holding left/right will cause it to fly up in that direction and letting go will make it drift down.

Just be careful, because if you drive it too fast into something, it’ll explode and catch on fire. It’s pretty dangerous… and maybe also a perfect trap.

Bonuses and Random Secrets


In the shed all the way to the left, there’s a random crate near the washing machine. If you destroy it with a weapon, you’ll find an extra battery and a shotgun shell inside!


Not too huge of a secret, but nice extra stuff nonetheless.


If you get the roll of film from the witches’ den, in the left room with the baby stuff, and bring it back to the house and play it on the TV, it’ll turn the entire game black and white.

I don’t think it has any real purpose, but it’s neat.


Perhaps it’s not so secret, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you go over and kill all of the witches through any means, and then everyone in the family dies except one family member (doesn’t matter who), you’ll get a cutscene of a white orb forming over the altar in the woods.

Take your final character there, and…

I won’t spoil it for you. 😉
(The ending might have to do with killing all of the witches with the glowing necklace, but I doubt it)

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