Lara Croft GO: How to Tranfer Save Data from Mobile to PC (and vice-versa)

This simple guide will inform you on the locations of the save files for Lara Croft GO PC and Mobile, and how to transfer them.



If you, by chance, happen to own both versions of this game (PC and Mobile), you probably want to get your progress on Mobile from that long and boring road trip, and send it to your PC, to continue it. However, since Mobile (Android) only syncs saves with Google Games (I don’t know how Apple does it, if you know, share it in the comments), and Steam only syncs with Steam Cloud, you can’t cross-save those versions. What can we do, then?

The answer is simple. As the game is made in Unity, the progress is saved in files you can find. The first step to properly recover them is to find the locations. Once you know where the files are, you can copy them from one platform and send to the other.

Save file location (PC)

First, let’s see where the files are on PC. Games can save their progress in different files, and in different locations, according to their engine. Since this game is made in Unity, the save files can be found in the folder called LocalLow, back at AppData. So to find them, you can just go to:

C:\Users\(yourusername)\AppData\LocalLow\Square Enix Ltd_\Lara Croft GO

(as a tip, you can type %appdata% at the Address Bar of Windows Explorer, and navigate your way from there)

There, you should find something like this:

There are 6 files there, but the log file isn’t important now. We’re after the .runtime files. Those contain the save progress you are looking for.

Save file location (Android)

Now, for the mobile files. Since I’m working with an Android phone, I’ll use that as an example. Other platforms may vary. If you have said platforms, and wish to contribute to the guide, comment down below.

Save data for most apps is saved at Android\data, and guess what, so is this game’s save files. So, if we head to Internal Storage -> Android -> data -> com.squareenixmontreal.lcgo -> files, we should find this:

Notice how the files here are the same .runtime files from PC? That’s because they ARE the same files. Congratulations, you have located the saves from both versions. Now you can transfer the progress from one, into the other.

Transfering saves

With the files located, all you need to do now is copy the saves from the platform you want the progress, and paste them in the place of the platform you want to transfer your progress to.

The best method is connecting your smartphone to your PC using a cable, and copy-paste the files from one into the other.

Another method, in case both your platforms have Bluetooth, is sending the files via Bluetooth.

Remember to backup your files whenever you are overwriting one save with another, in case something goes wrong.

Last step

Once the files have been successfully copied from one platform to the other, you can now run the game and check if it worked.

If it did, you should see all your progress appear in the game. Achievements that would’ve been unlocked will be triggered and pop-up a few seconds after booting up the game.

If something went wrong, comment it down below.

I hope this guide has helped you.

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