Last Call BBS: All ChipWizard Levels Guide

Solutions to all ChipWizard levels. (Some are sub-optimal)


All ChipWizard Levels Guide

1. Signal Crossover

2. AND Gate

3. OR Gate

4. NOT Gate

5. Power-on Reset

6. Digital Signal Mixer

7. Interrupt Controller

8. Ignition Sequencer

9. Equality Tester

10. Dual Oscillator

11. Safety Interlock

12. PWM Solenoid Driver

13. Electronic Lock

14. Motor Controller

15. Programmable Delay

16. Synchrony Detector

17. AND-OR Combo Gate

18. Switch Debouncer

19. Stepper Motor Driver

20. Serial Number ROM

21. Pulse Echo Detector

Thanks to anotherLostKitten for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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