Last Floor Walkthrough (Achievements & Tips)

Here is the walkthrough for Last Floor game, this walkthrough contains the achievements guide and tips.


Walkthrough + Achievements

13rd Floor

Objective: Go to work
Achievement: 2

  • Spoiled tea = confirm earning this
  • Key from stairs = confirm earning this

1. Before exit your apartment, drink some tea first
2. Examine the balcony from the kitchen
3. Grab the kettle and place it on the stove
4. Something is trying to attack you, escape your apartment and close the door!
5. All doors is not answer your help, except one is able to open (Mikhalynch)
6. The elevator doesn’t work correctly
7. Find the staircase to descend but the door is locked
8. Ask Mikhalynch for the key, but he won’t give you until he allow to finish talking

12nd Floor

Objective: Find a way to descend stairs
Achievement: 3

  • My first weapon = Grab a Mop to fight
  • Anfisa ghost = Long look at the Anfisa doll
  • Suicide = Make a fall from home, or later

1. You heard a woman scream!
2. Found Anfisa is laying on the bath tub
3. After defeated the hostile, nothing can do to help Anfisa situation
4. Continue find a way descend to lower floor

11st Floor

Objective: Descend to lower floor
Achievement: 0

1. The TV and lamp behave unusual
2. Find a way to stop the lamp (TV turned off it self). Just cover it with a pot
3. Leave and go to another unit, there a way allow descend to lower floor

10th Floor

Objective: Get to the stairs
Achievement: 0

1. Outside the unit, you found “things” flying repeatedly
2. After dodged them, head into another unit with furniture upside down
3. Exit window to climb the pipe, it lead to the stairs

9th Floor

Objective: Test the elevator
Achievement: 1

  • The brave man = Get to the 9th floor

1. You have option to look at the baby cart…
2. The elevator open now, you must go in
3. Something happen in the elevator, do something to exit!

8th Floor

Objective: Try out a new exit door
Achievement: 3

  • Key from music lover = confirm earning this
  • Complete 3 challenges = confirm earning this
  • Weapon more serious = confirm earning this

1. There is a large vacuum cleaner patrol in the corridor
2. The candle room wall having 3 doors, enter whichever sequence doesn’t affect anything.

  • The NOT SCARY room is able to find a key, but require facing correct direction to exit the room, or else will teleport back into living room. While walking thru the door, face to the up or right direction will pass.
  • The SCARY room is require to turn on the radio in-order to show a open door
  • The VERY SCARY room is require to turn off the lamp twice

3. Reward player an Axe in the candle room after complete 3 challenges
4. A new exit door will appear somewhere near you…

7th Floor

Objective: Test your Axe
Achievement: 0

  • Secret = You found Secret with a medic kit under the stairs.

1. Defeat all the hostile then a door will unlock
2. Enter the unit and enter a room, find exit at the balcony

6th Floor

Objective: Find the last key
Achievement: 1

  • Key from abandoned room = confirm earning this

1. You saw Mikhalynch again, but he is not answer you and…
2. There is a key at the end of the corridor, if you enter it, something will happen.
3. Use the key to unlock a door and exit to balcony

5th Floor

Objective: Kill anything that move
Achievement: 1

  • Boss was killed = One of the alien ship captain was killed

1. Be prepare to fight a group of hostile and a mini boss
2. Descend from the stairs

4th Floor

Objective: Remove the wired obstacle at the stairs
Achievement: 1

  • Daredevil = Get to the 4th floor, most of path has been completed

1. Be prepare to dodge programmed traps
2. Once passed the traps, push the lever up.
TIP: it seem resume back, it actually already open that gate, don’t push again will cause the gate close.
3. Now we go thru again the traps to push another lever again at another room
4. After that, there is red light hint you for the next step

3rd Floor

Objective: Defeat to Proceed
Achievement: 1

  • Cleaner was killed = confirm earning this

1. You see those weird thing again, now they are many on the wall
2. Stand still and watch a little show for you
3. Be ready to fight a group of hostile again
4. The mini boss is return, must defeat to proceed
5. Enter a unit and beware of the bed room entrance
6. You will be teleport back to kitchen again if facing wrong direction
7. Face up or right will be fine
8. Exit is again at the balcony

2nd Floor

Objective: Win in every battle
Achievement: 1

  • Secret = Discover a secret room with some medic kit near the bed

1. There many deactivated traps and many hidden batteries in this floor
2. Mini boss appear again, must defeat to proceed
3. You will found a 2 levers. The right is right side. The left lever is secret room
4. Exit from the gate and descend stair

1st Floor

Objective: Last meet, no word…
Achievement: 0

1. Meet the humanoid again, didn’t do any communication…
2. After touching him will decrease to mini size then run away thru wall
3. Find a way descend to ground floor

Ground Floor

Objective: Shutdown the power and exit
Achievement: 2

  • Bad Ending = Be kidnapped by an alien force
  • Good Ending = Destroy flying alien ship

1. Find the main switch and shutdown it
2. Find the building main entrance
3. Exit to meet the UFO

Congratulation! You beat the game!

There are some achievement I haven’t discover, will update once I got it. Thanks for reading!


1. You need to hide weapon to open a door
2. Find battery as many as possible, so you can get a good ending
3. Good ending require 57 batteries, there are total of 81 can be found
3. 95% of dark color door is unable to open, except they are half open
4. Keep monitor your health status and use medic kit if needed (+30 HP each)
5. Each battle must not use too much of medic kit, they are rare

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