Leaf Blower Revolution Idle Game: Autobuy Priority

Master Autobuy Priority to speed up unlocks after a reset!


What is this for?

You will only understand this guide after you’ve reached BLC and bought the Autobuy Priority Device upgrade.

A common bottleneck after resetting is Autobuy taking a while to upgrade converters, delaying Exotic Leaves unlock.

It’s helpful to learn how Autobuy Priority works instead of turning them off completely.

How Autobuy Priority works

  • Only a limited amount of upgrades are made per tick.
  • “On” takes highest priority, followed by 2, then 3, and so on.
  • Autobuy Priority is global. This means a higher priority in Flasks will go before a lower priority in Leaves. This includes Coins and anything you have a bot for.
  • Autobuy works from left to right for the same priority. (e.g. Gold Shop before Platinum Shop)
  • Within the same shop, higher priority upgrades will be bought until they reach the Autobuy max count or are completely upgraded, before moving on to the next priority.
  • Within the same shop, Autobuy does not move on to the next priority if it cannot afford an upgrade.
  • Autobuy settings are ignored if you don’t own the Bots(e.g. Science Upgrade Bot).
  • Autobuy does not stop for converters.

Main Guide – Autobuy Settings

1. Black Flasks & Strange Flasks

Early flask upgrades bottleneck Black Flasks upgrades, delaying converters from producing Strange Flasks.

Set earlier flask upgrades to a lower priority than Black Flask and Strange Flask upgrades.

Black Science and Strange Science upgrades set to “On”.
Earlier flask upgrades set to 2.
Earlier flask unlocks set to “On”.

2. Unlock next Leaf before buying Upgrades (Before Exotic Leaf)

Leaf upgrades use up your leaves before you get enough to unlock the next leaf.

Set leaf upgrades to a lower priority than leaf unlocks.

Leaf unlocks set to “On” for Void Shop and before.
Leaf upgrades set to 2 for Void Shop and before.
Gold Shop‘s combo upgrades set to “On”.

You should be producing enough leaves to quickly unlock the next leaf. Converters or printers help with that.

Thanks to Home for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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