Leaf Blower Revolution Idle Game: How to Get Celestial Leaves

A guide to getting celestial leaves, based on what I understand of the game so far.


Leaf Up

So, before you get to celestials, you’ll need to get some BLC coins. As far as I can tell, you earn more BLC and regular coins with the brown (exotic) leafs in the Abyss.
Don’t invest too much into the coin tree before you crunch, because it will reset your coins and coin upgrades. Get what’s necessary for getting BLC coins but don’t do anything too costly.

Once you’ve got enough BLC coins to unlock the Celestials area, 1 Million, You’ll want to farm in the Abyss for a little bit and go through the leaf portal for coins. I’d recommend doing this a couple times before even messing with the Celestial Leafs.

Active Play

So you want to actively collect leafs?
Well, once you’ve unlocked the Celestial Plane, don’t forget to reset for coins. If you want more, buy Prestige ++ after your first reset, then run it a few more times. It will help a little, but it’s not necessary.

When you plan to face the celestial planes, be sure not to buy any Nuclear Fuel upgrades, or ALB Blower Power upgrades. both of these will make things MUCH slower.

In the Coin Shop, you’ll want to buy More Celestial Leaves,all of the fruit upgrades, and Upgrade Discount. You’ll also want to buy some Celestial Printers and some Gold Printers.
In the BLC Shop, you’ll want to buy ALB Tools, Fruit Magnet, and later on Fruit Leaves. Most important to keep upgrading is Master of Leaves, Super Fruits (after Fruit Leaves), and What the Combo
Once you’ve entered the Celestial Plane, you’ll want to equip the Paint Roller. This will have a better radius than bare hands but won’t launch the leaves too far. With ALB blow power not upgraded, the amount of ALBs you’ll have by now will blow the leaves into little clusters that you can use as shotgun blasts if you approach them from the right direction.

Don’t forget to upgrade ALB damage and Player Damage in the Bismuth and Cosmic trees. Keep checking on them.

Leaf it Alone (Idle Play)
Got work? Need to sleep? Cook dinner and take a shower? If you’re gonna be leaving your computer alone, there’s two options to boost your Celestial Leaf Income.

Before you start, you’ll want the upgrades mentioned in the Active Play section. You’ll also want to make sure you have converters upgraded relatively well. This will let you produce a lot of gold leaves while in the Celestial Plane.

The first option is to Idle in the Celestial Planes. For this I recommend focusing more on the ALB damage than Player Damage upgrades. Sit in a far corner of the screen and watch, if your ALBs can destroy enemies without your help, then you’re good to idle. If not, you may want to do option 2 for a bit, until you can upgrade them.

My second method improves the amount of Celestial Leafs you get indirectly. Instead of farming Celestial leaves, we leave the printers to make a small amount, and instead we idle in The Abyss. Be sure to turn off your Gold to Platinum Converter!
Personally, I use an Autohotkey to move the mouse 100 pixels to the right every second then turn around and do it the other way, then loop. If people ask for it I’ll toss the script in here.

Alternatively, buy the compressor if you haven’t already, and stand 1/3 of the way onto the screen, blowing all the leafs to one side, top, and bottom of you, off of the screen. If you’re planning on idling for coins, go ahead and buy nuclear fuel.
Once you’ve idled in the abyss, you’ll want to do one of two things:
Reset for coins, upgrade things (probably to max if idling overnight)
Upgrade Combo in Gold Leaves, return to celestial plane, and enjoy high combo celestial leaves.

Celestial Upgrades

The first upgrade I recommend getting is the Celestial Combo and ALBs love Seeds.

Other than that, active players should get More Enemies and Worthy Enemies, Idle players should get Worthy enemies and ALB Hit Damage. get Celestial Marketing when you can for both.

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