League of Maidens: Guardian Level Data

Guardian Level in League of Maidens is your “account level,” and some aspects of gameplay are determinant upon achieving certain Guardian Levels. For example, some usable items, cosmetics, or equipable gear may require Guardian Level 5, 10, or even 15.

A player’s Guardian Level (GL) is increased through accumulation of Battle Points (BP) and Wins. What I’ve compiled here is analysis of the values needed to progress to the current maximum GL, which is 15.


Guardian Level Data

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Each Guardian Level begins as a Cadet.
To reach GL 2, you’ll need 2 Wins and 37 BP.

Upon reaching GL 2, and for every two Guardian Levels afterwards, the GL title changes until reaching GL 14, Champion.

Most GLs require 2 or 3 wins to reach the next level. However, the BP required between levels increases as GL rises. For example, only 37 BP are required to reach GL 2 from GL1, but 500 BP are required to reach GL 15 from GL 14.

The total number of Wins required to reach GL 15 from GL 1 is 35, and the total BP required is 3204.

Future data and higher Guardian Levels

Upon reaching Guardian Level 15 (the maximum level at this time), you may notice that your Desktop indicates level progress looking something like the example below:

Note the BP requirement “x/3755″ and the Win requirement “x/39.”
These denominators are indicative of what *would be* required to reach GL 16, if that were possible. However, until the time comes that the maximum GL is increased to a higher number, these numbers have little practical meaning once you’ve reached GL 15. Thus, these values were not included in the chart above.

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