League of Maidens: Nude Cheat Code, Shower Pack and Adult Filter

This guide will explain how to use the Nudity Cheat codes and the Shower Pack once you have them purchased on your account:   Verify Access 1 Press ESC to open your Desktop, then Click Costume Shop 2 Click the MISC tab and locate the Nude Cheat Code or Shower Pack and ensure they say Purchased Disable Adult Filter (Enabled by Default) 1 Press ESC to open […]

League of Maidens: Guardian Level Data

Guardian Level in League of Maidens is your “account level,” and some aspects of gameplay are determinant upon achieving certain Guardian Levels. For example, some usable items, cosmetics, or equipable gear may require Guardian Level 5, 10, or even 15. A player’s Guardian Level (GL) is increased through accumulation of Battle Points (BP) and Wins. […]