Left 4 Dead – Survival Tips for Newbie

Are you new at survival? Or just generally looking for ways you’re able to improve? Well you’ve come to the right guide! I won’t be going through the various spots in the chapters you should camp at (as there are plenty of guides on that already) but instead, small tips that have personally helped me improve.



  1. Awareness 
    You’re probably wondering, “Hiroshii, what do you mean by awareness?”. Basically, in survival you’re trying to stay alive as long as you possibly can. Yes, you may be trying to keep yourself alive and in good conditions, but you also have to keep an eye on your teammates. Whether thats simply healing them, giving them pills or staying next to them while camping (which you most likely are doing).You do have to be aware of your surroundings and who you’re playing with. Mostly since trying to survive by yourself never usually ends well..

    2. Weapons 
    Your weapons are the main part of survival. Me personally, I always use the autoshotgun as it does great damage to the tank. There are sometimes chapters where you have to use certain guns, like the gas station where you usually should have 2 snipers and 2 autoshotguns, but its up to you. Hunting Rifles shoot long range and are good for special infected. Autoshotguns are the go to for alot of people as they do good damage and if around 2 people have it, you can kill the tank decently quick. Rifles can shoot a far range but I’m not sure if they do amazing damage with the tank as I rarely use it. As I said, its up to you but I HIGHLY recommend the autoshotgun.

    3. Using Pills/Medkits 
    Alot of people, even me sometimes, use these not very wisely.. I used to play with people who had such high times on survival, and they would always use their Pills and Medkits when they were on black and white, or simply after they were incapped. If you have a long way for an ammo run then healing when in the yellow bar could be necessary, but if you’re on a map like The Street (Death Toll) where you camp behind the weapons.. It’s kinda dumb to use them just like that, and it is a waste.
    Just… Think about if you really need to heal..

    4. Chapters 
    No, I am not going through the camping spots. Instead I shall be telling you which Chapters are best for you and you’re experience on the game. I probably wont go through ALL the chapters as it could take too long but instead, giving you a taste of what I mean.
    So, if you’re quite new at the game or Survival, I wouldnt go on maps like Last Stand, as there isnt really camping spots and to be honest, smokers and other infected can get you easily (it might just be me since I’ve never gotten a high time on that map..) but instead, try The Street or The Farmhouse. Them maps have really good camping spots and what you need is always there for you. I’m not saying that if you’re amazing at the game you cant play on these maps, It’s just if you’re new it would be very difficult to play on the more difficult chapters (and them are the maps I started out playing on and still play to this day).


Left 4 Dead has released on Nov 17, 2008. This guide was written by hiroshii

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