Legion TD 2: Shadowynn Hard Mode Guide

This is a foolproof step-by-step guide to beat Shadowynn on hard Mode. For those who struggle with her and just want it to be over. Requires a human teammate for 2v2.

Note: This guide is based on Patch v8.04.


Wave 1
King 1

Wave 2
Sell Grarl -> Buy Egg
Queue 2 worker (4)
Send: snail

Wave 3
2x Pollywog (3 squares behind Egg)
Send: snail

Wave 4
No buy
Send: Snail

Wave 5
Priestess between Pollywogs
King 2

Wave 6
Upgrade 2x Pollywog into Seraphin
King 3
Send: Snail
Queue 1 worker (5)

She will send a Mimic here, but it should be no problem

Wave 7
No buy
King 4

Wave 8
Egg Behind Hydra (1 left 0.5 down)
2x Pollywog
King 5
King 6
Send: snail

Wave 9
2x Sea Serpents

Wave 10
Upgrade 1 Sea Serpent
4x Pollywog
2 workers (7)
Re-roll, keep Serpent and Egg, go for <Aura Re-roll>, or a tank
Start saving mithium

Pick a spell that gives mythium. We used “All out Attack”

Wave 11
2 workers (9)
Save mithium

Wave 12
Grarl OR <Aura Re-roll> between 2 Hydras Left Side

Wave 13
Upgrade Grarl to Ocean Templar OR Upgrade <Aura Re-roll>
Send Ogre – (~60% leak) OR Hermit + Safety Mole

Wave 14
2x Sea Serpent
<Aura Re-roll> other side of double Hydra OR re-rolled tank OR whatever re-roll you have. It’s hard to tell at this point.

You will probably leak here, but no worries

Wave 15
Adapt Pollywogs to Devilfish, buy more as you can
Spend the rest of your money as you can
1 worker (10)

Wave 16
Sea Serpent Middle
FULL SEND HERE: Four Eyes OR Safety Mole + Hermit

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