Lelie Navigation!: Good Ending Guide

Here is a guide on how to get a good ending (Ciel investigate) in Lelie Navigation!



This guide reference from ezez game
From this video

And This guide add my experience from I try and error

This guide show you two way , In-game Ver.1.01 Uncen

  1. Normal way (Don’t drink tonic) [NW]
  2. R-18+ collector (Drink tonic) [18+]

Update on 12/06/2021 8:21 utc+7

Normal way (Don’t drink tonic)

Day One (Daytime)[NW]

After line up in Worship hall
  1. Go to East Hall
  2. talk with this nun. ask about the pot
  3. Go to Canteen
  4. talk with nuns. ask about the priest
  5. Go to library.
  6. talk with this nun. ask about the priest

Day One (Nighttime)[NW]

  1. go to this room
  2. answer The passwork (Grilled Meat)
  3. go to Filo’s room on the East Wing
  4. Talk and Ask her everything
  5. Go to sleep and Let the priest in (optional)(Auto)

Investigate (Daytime) (Optional) [NW/18]

-1 Trust(Star) when do this but get something back. Can use both way
  • go to this path
  • Have 3 rooms to investigate
    1. Canteen
      • 1st time get Life Seed(big) [Vitality Up 2]
      • 2nd time get Mana Seed(big) [Willpower Up 2]
      • next investigates don’t get anything
    2. Library
      • 1st time get Ars Notoria (Ciel’s Weapon)
      • next investigates don’t get anything
    3. East Hall
      • 1st time get 10,000 gold
      • next investigates get 500 gold

My suggestion
  • 2 times Canteen
  • 1 time Library
  • 1 time East Hall

Day Two [NW]

Day Two (Daytime)
  1. go to Worship hall and ask this nun about Monica
Day Two (Nighttime)
  1. go to this room
  2. Ask this nun about Monica
  3. go to Filo’s room
  4. Talk Filo About Monica
  5. Leave option’s ask and Talk Filo again (it will talk without use option)

Day Five [NW]

Day Five (Nighttime)
  1. go to Filo’s room
  2. Talk Filo and she joins the party
  3. Talk This nun
  4. go to Worship Hall

R-18 collector (Drink tonic)

It get 3 H-Scene With this Way
Just like [NW] but Add Drink tonic and Don’t do a task which has Stabilize Judgment until day five.
Warning!!! Warning!!! Warning!!!
Don’t do tasks like this.


if you do it correctly when you sleep it shows This.

Don’t Choose “…”

until day Four

Day One [18+]

Do The Same To Day One (Daytime)[NW]
Do The Same To Day One (Nighttime)[NW]
Before Sleep
  1. Drink The tonic (important) (Auto)
  2. Let the priest in(important), in the Day one, it’s nothing

Day Two [18+]

Do The Same To Day Two (Daytime)[NW]
Do The Same To Day Two (Nighttime)[NW]

If it shows that, it means You do correctly
Sleep Without Sleep[18]

  1. Let the priest in(important)

  2. Leave the room and talk with the priest he joins the party
  3. Go to East Hall And do the event

Day Three [18+]

Sleep Without Sleep[18]
Do the same to Day2 (Sleep Without Sleep[18+]) and collect another H-Scene

Day Four [18+]

When Sleep, Choose “…” and Collect another H-Scene

Day Five [18+]

Do The Same To Day Two (Nighttime)[NW]
If you do it correctly , you can talk this nun

Do The Same To Day Five (Nighttime)[NW]
In Filo’s Room, Talk until she joins the party

Thanks to YuriLoliSiscon (YuLos) for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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