Letters a written adventure: 100% Achievement Guide

This is an achievement guide to earn all achievements in the game “Letters – a written adventure”. Spoiler Alert!!!

Note: if you want to read the no-spoiler version, you can click here.


Automatic Achievements

Chapter 1:

  • Power of Words: kick the word “drawing” at the very bottom and throw the word “wing” at the bird.

Chapter 5:

  • They grow up so fast: complete Chapter 4.
  • Your Dream: Pick a dream (drawing, comics, games, or robotics (depending on your playthrough)) and throw it at the chat box with Katya.

Chapter 8:

  • The Truth: Although I cannot 100% remember this one, I believe you get this achievement automatically after discovering the truth about your parents in Chapter 8.

Chapter 9:

  • Self Love: kick the word “disrespect” and throw the word “respect” or kick the word “overconfidence” and throw the word “confidence” (depending on your playthrough choice) at insecure Sophia. Note: “respect” will appear if you told Katya that you were more concerned about the family and “confidence” will appear if you tell her that you were more concerned about the application.

Chapter 10:

  • A Journey through Memory Lane: complete Chapter 10.

Choice Achievements

Chapter 2:

  • Visit the Fairies: Throw the word “reject” at Maddie. Hidden Achievement Hint: To get the Exploding Sister achievement, you must go this route.
  • See the Pyramids: Throw the word “decide” at Maddie.

Chapter 3:

  • Gamer Girl: Walk into Lia’s door.
  • Art Camp: Walk into Nick’s door.

Chapter 4:

  • Feeling Blue: Throw the word “sad” at Sarah.
  • I WOULD LIKE TO RAGE: Throw the word “angry” at Sarah.

Chapter 5:

  • Flower Power: Throw the word “hippie” at the dream boy/girl avatar.
  • Fruity: Throw the word “girl” at the dream boy/girl avatar.

Chapter 7:

  • A Change of Heart: Throw the word “grunge” at Alex instead of “emo” or “reggae” or if you do pick “emo” or “reggae” then say “no” to the graduation dance.

Extra Achievements

  • With a little Help: Use the hint button (hold “H” on your keyboard) 50 times.

Computer Chat:

  • Drag and Drop: Whenever using the computer chat, use the mouse icon at least once by pressing spacebar while next to it.
  • Confusing your Friends: Throw 50 wrong words at the chat box.

Chapter 1:

  • Hairdresser: Throw the words “black,” “blue,” and “green” on Ragna.

Chapter 3:

  • Exploding Sister: Note: you must have gone the “Visit the Fairies” route for this achievement. Kick the word “enrage” and throw the word “rage” at Maddie then walk to her hand and have her throw you.

Chapter 6:

  • Weeeeee!: After Alex disappears, go to the right of the word “conversation” and keep going right until you slide down the pencil.

Chapter 7:

  • Pet the Cat: Throw the word “pet” at the white cat.

Chapter 10:

  • Fun with Words: Every character (other than the first from your job letter) has two words that change their appearance (all usable words will be highlighted already), use at least one word on each character, including Sophia.

End Credits:

  • Paper Plane Pilot: Go through all of the credits and only exit after you get the achievement. Note: you can move the plane around using the arrow keys and crash through the names for fun.

Thanks to AngelsHalo for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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