“LIFE” not found: 100% Achievement Guide

This is a 100% completion guide on how to get all the achievements in the game: “LIFE” not found”


Beginning Information:


Please play the game on your own first, it’s a better experience that way! I made this for all of the completion hungry people out there who want all of the achievements like myself.

Without further ado, here it is.

“LIFE” not found;

“LIFE” not found
“You launched the game, smh”

The easiest achievement in the game. Simply launch the game, and you are rewarded!

The Chosen One

The Chosen One
Quit the game (from the in-game menu)

Once again, an easy achievement to get unless you hate closing the game from inside it. Once you’ve launched the game, simply click “Quit” and you’ve got your second achievement!


Ignore all the messages you receive

Throughout the game the messaging system (Chatter) will pop up with a message from your three friends (Brendan, Nate and Calem). Simply close down the pop up each time without responding.

“LIFE” is hard;

“LIFE” is hard;
Try to change the games difficulty

Another easy one! Just open the options tab and try to change the difficulty.

Disk Jockey

Disk Jockey
Change the games music in the MP3 player

Open the MP3 player in the game and click any of the options.


Game with all of your friends

This is essentially the opposite to the achievement “Ghosted”. For this, every time the pop up from Chatter appears with a message from your friends, agree to whatever they ask.

Always use incognito mode…

Always use incognito mode…
Nice search history bro

Open “doorOSlegde” and click the tab “History” in the application.

See the problem?

See the problem?
First app you tried to open is a distraction

There are multiple applications you can open to get this achievement (I think). I got it first by opening “Tweeter”. But I think it works if you open “doorOSlegde, Tweeter, Grammer, Chatter, Games”.

You can get it by opening any of those, but it has to be the first thing you do when you “Start PC”.


Uninstall a productive application

You either uninstall “Deez Keys” or “Art Studio”

You uninstall applications by clicking the door in the bottom left and clicking “Apps”. Each app has the option of “Uninstall” under it.

What now chief?

What now chief?
Purge your PC from every application

You uninstall applications by clicking the door in the bottom left and clicking “Apps”. Each app has the option of “Uninstall” under it.

For this, you just click “Uninstall” for every application.

“LIFE” still not found;

“LIFE” still not found;

For this, I can’t remember exactly what got me the achievement. But it was definitely one of two ways.

The first way is this:

  • You uninstall applications by clicking the door in the bottom left and clicking “Apps”. Each app has the option of “Uninstall” under it.
  • First, you uninstall all of the “distraction” apps. That way, when you click the “Productive” apps, you can’t be forced to ignore it.
  • By doing this, the pop up with red text will still show up, but when you try to close the pop up, more will follow. Keep closing them down.
  • It’s then a case of watching what unfolds!

The second way is this:

  • As you might have noticed by now, when you “Start PC”, on the screen where it shows the white door, there’s text underneath that mentions a 17% chance of launching failing. It’s not lying.
  • Once in the game, click the white door in the bottom left of the screen and click “Back”. This will take you to the title screen. Then, click “Start PC” and keep repeating that until a fun surprise happens.

“LIFE” found;

“LIFE” found;
You beat the game, you found the path, now pursue it

This is going to be the biggest part of the guide. To get this achievement you need to beat the game, and don’t worry, I’ll go into detail on how to do this.

By now, you will have noticed the “Prohibited” folder in the bottom right of the screen. It gives you a list of things you need to do. Here is what each of those tasks are;

  • Q1) Which is the musical B key? = Click the second to last key on the “Deez Keys” app three times.
  • Q2) What button connected us to our mothers? = Go onto “Grammer”, go to the post by “xx_hottymolly_xx” and click the figures belly button three times.
  • Q3) Which video sharing app can’t be opened? = Go to the “doorOSlegde” app and click the word “TubeYou” three times.
  • Q4) What is “eu73yhq2grdsbherrgyfed” in the RB (Recycle Bin)? = Go to the “Diary”, click on the 8th entry, go to page 2 of that entry, and click the word “fan game” three times from the first paragraph.
  • Q5) Excuses, excuses for procrastination… = Throughout playing, red text will have appeared at random times through the game. Click these words and they disappear. Do this three times.

After doing those, go back into the prohibited folder and click “UNLOCK”.

We need to reset the computer with “factoryreset.exe” but it’s locked behind a 4 digit pin-code.

Have a look at all of the files, the next hint on what to do is in “pincode.txt”

It says that the code can be found from the following;

  • A white, slightly opened door = 8 = When you “Start PC”, the loading screen shows a slightly open white door. Click that door when it shows up.
  • The launch failure screen = 5 = As shown in a previous achievement. You have to keep going between clicking “Start PC” and clicking “Back” behind the bottom left door in the game. A surprise will eventually show up.
  • -_- = 2 = Keep clicking the -_- face on the bird for “Tweeter”
  • The middle of the title screen can break easily = 4 = When you’re at the title screen, keep clicking above the “Start PC”, in the middle of the screen.

Each of these will also show you the positioning of the numbers, which is: 2845

Finally, go back to the “factoryreset.exe” and type in the code. Congrats, you’ve beaten the game!

Speedrun go Brrr

Speedrun go Brrr
Complete the game in the least amount of clicks (pop ups not included)

I have no idea if there is a faster way to get this, but this is how I did it!

Note: click the red text that appears at any opportunity, remember you only have to do it three times. After that, you can ignore them. “Chatter” will also pop up with messages from friends, just close the pop up as it doesn’t count towards the clicks.

  • Click the second to last key on the “Deez Keys” app three times.
  • Open “Grammer”, click the left arrow, click on the figures belly button three times, close the app.
  • Open “doorOSlegde”, click “TubeYou” three times, close the app.
  • Open the “Diary”, go to entry #8, page 2, click the words “fan game” in the first paragraph three times, close the app.
  • If you’ve been following the notes, then the final task should be completed, and you can click “UNLOCK” when you open up the “Prohibited” folder.
  • Wait until the contents load then click the “factoryreset.exe”
  • Finally, enter in the code 2845 and enjoy your 100% completion!

Thanks to AjayJuice for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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