Lightstep Chronicles: All Achievements Guide

This guide details every achievement in the game and how to obtain them.

Before you read!

MANY of the following sections spoil major parts of the story. I highly suggest leaving this alone before playing the game first for yourself if you care about spoilers, as this is designed to be followed almost like a walkthrough.

A few of these I either did not collect before making this guide or I may have messed up the time at which something gets unlocked. That being said, if I’ve made any errors please let me know.

Possible errors may include the dialogue lines I’ve added to aid in getting some of the achievements. However, due to the amount of branching dialogue pathways in this game, some may not be errors but simply options you may not have encountered. For example, I’ve done the Stella!!! achievement about 5 times now and discovered numerous alternative dialogues from the AI, but not from Cain. I’ll write as many options as I can to make things easier, but there’s quite a few. If dialogue is included, try to work off Cain’s answers, not the AI.


  • You cannot obtain Savior and Monster in the same playthrough, so if you’re going for either one just pick it and stick with it, otherwise you will get nothing.
  • If you mess up somewhere, like for example in obtaining either the Savior or Monster achievements, and things go in a direction you don’t want, remember that this game usually autosaves right before your current conversation. Either quickly leave to the main menu and then continue from the last autosave, or stick with your decisions. In most conversations, like with earning Stella!!!, you can easily back out into the main menu and continue on if you do not wish to kill the rest of your crew. Your achievement is already earned and it won’t affect the rest of that playthrough.
  • If you’ve already completed the game before, you can consider creating a new game once you’ve completed chapter six to save yourself a little time, as nothing unlocks past this point besides The Proposition and End, both of which are unmissable if you go through the entire game once.


Stella!!! Defiant to the End. MISSABLE.
There are numerous ways of reaching this point, but it seems that all paths lead down to Aleph introducing itself and asking for Cain’s name and rank. The options for reaching this are fairly straightforward, just pick the options most likely to get him or someone else unsubscribed from life. Here are the selections I went through to reach the achievement:

Aleph: What’s your name and rank?
Cain: [stay silent]
Aleph: What’s your name and rank?
Cain: [lie] I am Corporal Rex Musterson.
Aleph: What’s your name and rank? OR So, now that you have been made aware of this, shall we try again?
Cain: [lie] I am Corporal Rex Musterson.
Aleph: Would you prefer doing that instead of giving your name away?
Cain: [stay silent] OR Do what you will, you crazy computer.
Aleph: See? She is already much more cooperative than you!
Cain: Leave her alone, you bastard! OR Hold on, Stella!
Stella: [screams]
Cain: Stella! OR It will all be fine!
Stella: [static]
Cain: [stay silent] OR What’s happening? Turn the comm back on!
Aleph: So, I’ll give you this round. I’ll just call you Captain for the time being.
Cain: Can you top torturing Stella, then? OR Let me talk to Stella!

Note: Keep in mind that once you complete this section and Stella dies, it (most likely) restricts you from obtaining Savior in this playthrough unless you quit to the main menu right after you obtain the achievement. Keep going however if you want to work towards Monster. Scroll down to Chapter 6 to see more details on these particular achievements.

Amarok Rises: Complete the Prologue chapter.
This will unlock once Amarok goes into space and Cain is off to the Control Room to help Aleph.

Chapter 1 – The Playground

Hide & Seek: Find Hod.
This pops up when Cain meets the next AI on the list, Hod.

The Negotiator: Talk to a crewmember within the simulation. MISSABLE.
At some point, Hod asks if Cain would like to play a game and you need to reply “Yes, but under one condition.” That condition should be to be able to speak to one of his teammates. Do so, and the achievement will pop up during or after you speak to them.

Stranger Things: Complete the first chapter.
Once Cain leaves the simulation with Hod, that concludes chapter one.

Chapter 2 – Stir of Echoes

Star Master: All of the answers are correct. MISSABLE.
This refers to Hod’s game, which requires the use of the newly obtained star chart to find the following answers:

Q1: What is the name of the planet located at the coordinates -9.989/5.393/1.284?
A1: Rangosius.
Q2: What is the population on Red Mars called?
A2: Both Red Martians and Blue Martians.
Q3: What is the primary source of income on Yulliony?
A3: Tourism.
Q4: What is the average temperature on Vogiestea?
A4: -4C.
Q5: What system does a planet Zoyyegav belong to?
A5: Xanda System.

Note: The game wants you to check the star map each time Hod asks a question. If you immediately converse with Hod after it gives you the question, the list of answers will not contain the right one. Also, simply opening the star map is not good enough either, you have to open each mentioned planet’s page, including Zoyyegav. Just seeing that it’s in the Xanda system isn’t good enough, you need to click on it for the right answer to appear.

Imprisoned Princess: Reach Tiferet.
Once Cain finishes up with Hod and Yesod, it’s off to meet Tiferet. This unlocks once he meets Tiferet in the next simulation.

Dangerous Games: Complete the second chapter.
Once Cain has a nice little chat with Tiferet, the chapter is concluded.

Chapter 3 – The enemy of my enemy

Lady’s request: Complete the third chapter.
This chapter is pretty simple. Cain leaves the simulation, talks to a few of the AIs, does what has been asked of him, and then goes back to talk with Tiferet. Nothing extra to get in this chapter.

Chapter 4 – The Melting Pot

Unforseen Consequences: Break Tiferet. MISSABLE.
Once Cain inputs Tiferet’s code and it becomes the dominant AI for a time, it tells you the passphrases that send an AI into safe mode and then into standby mode. At a pretty great time too for anyone who questions why it did this in the first place, as now the game lets Cain use it on Tiferet. Use the first phrase, talk to it a little bit, then say the second phrase to shut the AI down. Aleph then comes in and to nobody’s surprise decides that Cain is far too dangerous to keep alive and ends his life, giving you the achievement.

Broken Child: Complete the fourth chapter.
Cain goes off and uses the phrases on Hod, and the chapter ends with Cain forcing Hod into standby.

Chapter 5 – Staring into the Void

Be Afraid: Reach Yesod.
This pops up once Cain witnesses Yesod’s true form within the simulation, right after the cool cutscene.

Embracing the Void: Complete the fifth chapter.
Once Yesod is sent into standby mode, it’s off to chapter six.

Chapter 6 – Finding the Fiend

Desctuction Itself: Reach Malkuth.
It’s back to the simulation for Cain to speak to the final AI, Malkuth. Once he meets it, the achievement unlocks.

Information Hoarder: Read all of the logs and diaries within the scanned objects. MISSABLE.
This one is pretty self-explanatory, but also pretty easy to miss. Make sure you’re checking every possible scannable object available and reading every node as they become unlocked for you.

Note: Check new nodes whenever possible. Nodes do not get removed or added to objects, but there are some that are only available to read at certain times- namely, the ones within the simulation room. The nodes on the panels are only accessible when that panel is accessed, which is usually only during certain parts of the story when you need to access an AI simulation. Always check these whenever you have access to a new one, as you can go back to every other one in the game except these. This achievement pops up whenever you manage to read every node, and Malkuth gives Cain the ability to read its nodes somewhere in either chapter five or six, so it could unlock anywhere there.

Monster: Every member of Salvage Squadron is dead. MISSABLE.
Do whatever it takes to piss off the AI. Stay silent, be disrespectful, goad the AI into hurting your crew, whatever it takes to obtain this. If a conversation with any of the AI ends without someone getting hurt, I’d say it’s safe to quit to the menu and try it again. Here are the steps you need to take in order to obtain it:

  • In the Prologue, go through the steps for the Stella!!! achievement. I’m not 100% certain if you can obtain Monster without this one, but better safe than sorry. After all, she’s still a part of the crew. Here, you lose Stella Rodriguez.
    Total thus far: 1.
  • In Chapter one, Cain starts playing Hod’s game. The easy part here is to simply answer everything with the wrong answers, and his teammates will suffer. In the middle of their torture, Cain will have the option to stop it, but that’s obviously the wrong option for this achievement.
    In order, Cain loses David Horger, Robyn Graitz, Nick Pendergast, and Sarah Tormes. Regardless of how the last question is answered, Cain gets Hod’s code and nobody else suffers. Once he goes back to the simulation room, you will see all four dead crewmates on the ground, which is strange considering Tormes got well… Disintegrated.
    Total thus far: 5.
  • In Chapter six, Tiferet starts suffering a breakdown because of the interference of the other AI. Tiferet blames the Captain and threatens to turn off life support for the rest of his crew. Malkuth offers to stop Tiferet, but Cain has to say no and call out Tiferet’s bluff, which brings about the torture of Bright Daley. Tiferet mentions that this individual was the only one to speak, as the other three were too busy choking.
    Total thus far: 9.

Once Cain’s conversation with Tiferet is concluded here, the achievement pops up.

Note: If you’re paying attention in the Prologue, you’ll notice that Aleph mentioned that there are 15 total crewmates on the ship. However, you only need to kill 9 of them to get the achievement. At least, I’m fairly certain there are only 9 who die, as those are the ones who were explicitly mentioned. It’s safe to assume the rest of them are dead too. I probably missed something and messed up with my counting, but I thought it was interesting to point this out.

Savior: No one from your crew was hurt. MISSABLE.
Go through the game doing everything in your power to prevent all of Cain’s crewmates from being tortured. Not just killed, but you need to avoid getting them hurt at all. Be as compliant as possible and do everything the AI ask of Cain. Avoid everything listed in the details for Monster. That means:

  • In the Prologue, comply with Aleph’s demands as much as you’d like. Don’t stay silent and don’t lie to it.
  • In chapter two, answer all of Hod’s quiz questions correctly.
  • In chapter six, don’t call out Tiferet on its bluff to harm Cain’s teammates, and take Malkuth’s help to quickly prevent her from doing any harm to the crewmembers.

Like Monster, this achievement pops up after this conversation is concluded.

The Proposition: Complete the sixth chapter.
Once Cain agrees to help Malkuth, the sixth chapter is over and it’s time for the finale.


End: Finish the game.
Congrats, you did it! This unlocks once you’re done with the final cutscene and the credits start rolling, regardless of your choice at the end.

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