Linda & Joan Prologue: “Four Months Earlier” – 100% Achievements Guide

A simple walkthrough for obtaining all 8 achievements.


Welcome to my first ever achievement guide! Here I’ll explain what this game is about and the quickest way to earn every achievement 🙂


Linda & Joan Prologue: “Four Months Earlier” is a prequel to an upcoming game also titled “Linda and Joan” and takes place four months earlier. The game consists of controlling Russell and Linda, Russell’s mother, on a hike up to the Griffith Observatory. It’s a short playthrough that you can finish in about 20 minutes.

First Playthrough

Walk to specific spot – Hold LMB and release

Advance text – Space

Choose text response – Q or W

Walk other character – Hold RMB and release (challenge mode only!)

Pause – Esc

Your goal here is to get a feel for the controls (which are not all that difficult) and complete the “good” ending. Also be sure to exhaust all dialogue before reaching the top of the trail.

After a bit of dialogue, you will continue on your hike to the left and up the mountain. You will notice right away that when holding down the LMB there is a small pink bar. That is how fast Linda can walk. You always want to release the LMB so that the two of you can walk at the same pace. If you don’t you will not be within earshot of the conversation. After a few successful releases in the pink bar, you will have earned Great walking!.

Make sure you continue through the conversation constantly!
After about 8 minutes of so of walking, Russell will ask Linda if she wants to go anywhere else.

Do not select “The Queen Mary”. Instead, press W and select “The Beverly Hills Hotel!”
This will make Russell laugh and you will earn Made Russell laugh.

It is possible that if you did not scroll through enough dialogue, you can reach the bench before this option comes up. If you miss this first try, it is completely fine as we can do it in the second playthrough if needed.

You will eventually reach the bench. Sit down on it and you will receive Found bench.

Now all that’s left for this playthrough is reach the top. Be sure to always continue through the dialogue. Choices do not matter. If you finish your conversation before reaching the top, you will earn Enjoy the scenery.

A few animation scenes will play out and eventually you will receive Expanded ending.

Continue watching the credits to find a special photo at the end. You will earn Behind the scenes.

Second Playthrough
Go into settings and turn on challenge mode. Challenge mode is where you must control both Russell and Linda at the same time. Basically all you need to do is point at a spot and make them walk at the same speed to stay within earshot. Also, do not rest on the bench. When you see the bench just keep walking up the mountain.

After completing the game in challenge mode and without visiting the bench you will earn Challenging Mode and Unadorned ending.

Congrats on your new 100%!

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