Little Witch Nobeta: All Chests Guide

This is a comprehensive guide for all the chests location in the current development stage, and I’ll be updating this guide for future updates as well. Since the chest is not hidden away that much, this guide will also have semi-walkthrough as well.



Welcome to my guide. I’ll be guiding you to locate all the 24 chests in the game. Bear in mind that this is the chests location for the early access stage only. Also, this is my 1st guide, so do forgive me if I made some grammar mistake as I’m not a native English speaker. All the 24 chests can be acquire without backtracking, you can get all the 24 chests by just playing from the start to the end.

Note: This guide will contain spoilers for the entire game.

Okun Shrine (Tutorial Area, 3 Chests)

Progress the game until you run past the lightning hallway.

1. The first chest will be at the upper floor, guarding by a monster. This chest contains a Primary Life Crystal .

2. After the first chest walk out to the right and the chest will be on a single platform, you will need to do an Air Attack (Jump > double tap attack) to reach this platform. This chest contains an Expansion Bag .

3. Proceed further and you will run into a cutescene, defeat all the enemies and saved the kitty, then walk to the upper floor and go to the opposite site(Don’t go up the stairs yet), the chest will be at the end of the pathway(You can see the chest behind the gate when you 1st entered the room). This chest contains a Primary Defense Crystal .

Underground Cave (6 Chests)

You will reach here after you defeated the 1st boss.

4. After the cutscene you will find yourself in the Underground Cave, turn around and the 4th chest will be at the end. This chest contains WIND , requires to progress.

5. Proceed through the chasm, and the end of it you’ll encounter a rock slide, turn around to get the 5th chest. This chest contains a Primary Life Crystal .

6. Progress further into the cave, walk up the wooden platform and you should see 2 red eye spitters on the opposite, keep going until you find a small path on your right that leads to them. The 6th chest will be guarded by 2 spitters and 2 mannequin. This chest contains a Primary Defense Crystal .

7. Keep going until you reach a stone walkway, for this 7th chest, you need to do some trick jump to reach the opposite platform,starting from the mini platform, you need to Run>Jump>Double Attack>Jump>Double Attack , you should be able to reach the area if you do it right.

8. After opening the 7th chest, jump down below and you should find yourself the 8th chest. This chest contains ICE , requires to progress the game.

9. After running past the fire corridor, run up the spiral staircase, the 9th chest should be at the end. This chest contains Primary Mysterious Crystal .

Lava Ruins (10 Chests)

After you reach Lava Ruins, head outside and you should find yourself in a crossroad. This crossroad will be the main home base as you can head to 3 different ways from here.

10. From the crossroad, head to the left, defeat the maid and the red eye ghost, walk to the end and the 10th chest should be on your left, jump to reach it. This chest contains an Intermediate Life Crystal .

11. From the crossroad, head straight, the 11th chest in on the 2nd level of the wooden rack, jump on top the fence then double jump to reach it. This chest contains a Primary Life Crystal .

12. Head further in and you will find yourself in a open area, and you can see the 12th chest on the opposite platform. To reach it, look underneath the lava when you enter the area, you should see a small platform, fall down and jump to it, then just head up and you will find the chest. This chest contains COUNTER MAGIC .

13. Progress the area and you should find a big gap, jump over it and head outside. Before running up to break the purple crystal, jump down to the ledge on the building, then head to the end of it to get the 13th chest. This chest contains an Expansion Bag .

14. Starting from the crossroad again, head to the right after you unlocked the path, before heading up the staircase, go to the left and break a fake wall, defeat a laser shooting ghost and a red eye ghost, then proceed further down and break another fake wall behind the ghost, go down and you should find the 14th chest. This chest contains WIND .

15. After you feel down the trap and defeated the Scissors Girl, proceed on and watch a cutscene. Walk across the bridge and you will find a mannequin and a laser shooting ghost. Jump around the platform and you should find the 15th chest. This chest contains Intermediate Sacred Crystal .

16. Proceed further and you will find a Blue Crystal, the 16th chest is at the end. This chest contains FIRE , requires to progress the game.

17. Head into the ruins(don’t take the shortcut on your right), proceed until you see a big staircase beside you, jump to it and run up, the 17th chest is at the top. This chest contains Primary Defense Crystal .

18. This is a tricky one, you must start from the Monika side, start the moving platform and jump to the structure on your left, run up the structure and get to the top, from there jump to the top of the moving platform, then jump to the higher platform on the right structure, the 18th chest is there. This chest contains ARCANE .

19. After you defeat Monika, head towards the kitty location and turn left(don’t go up the staircase), the 18th chest is guarded by 2 maids.

Secret Passage (5 Chests)

This is the area at the Center Hall you can access after you defeated Monika, open the blocked path by destroying the purple crystal.

20. Jump down the rectangular hole, turn around and walk down the pathway, before jumping down to break the purple crystal, turn around and you should find a ghost guarding the 20th chest. There will be a fake wall on NG+, but chest will be at the same location, if I’m wrong do correct me on this. This chest contains COUNTER MAGIC .

21. Proceed on and you will find a big gap, jump across it and turn around, you should see the 21th chest in the middle. This chest contains WIND .

22. Drop down into the dark room, take out the enemies and you will have 2 fake walls in the room, the one to your left has an enemy, while the one on the right has the 22nd chest. This chest contains ICE .

23. Progress further until you see the Goddess Statue, go up the staircase and walk until you reach a drop down, the 23nd chest is right under. This chest contains FIRE .

24. As for the final chest, progress on and breaks the purple crystal, then go into the blocked path and fight Deranged Specter Armor. After defeating him the final chest will be waiting for you at the upper floor. This chest contains LIGHTNING .

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