Loop Hero: Warrior Guide for Infinite Loops

Warrior deck and theory for infinite loop runs! Chapters 1 and 2 covered.



Chapter 1

No real requirements, but ancestral crypt is helpful.

Chapter 2

Ancestral crypt is required to for a reliable infinite loop of chapter 2. River and Forest/Thicket is required to reliably get enough healing from vampirism.


Deck list:
  • Cemetery, Grove, Ruins
  • Battlefield, Blood Grove
      Not necessary, but will improve the loop if unlocked:

    • Vampire Mansion, Bookery
  • Rock/Mountain, Forest/Thicket
    Not necessary, but will improve the loop if unlocked:

    • River
  • Oblivion
    Not necessary, but will improve the loop if unlocked:

    • Storm Temple
  • Ancestral Crypt
Deck theory:

The Basics
Battlefield spawns ghosts which are great for getting cards. Ghosts can only come from monsters that have souls, which is why Cemetery and Ruins are included. Do not overlap Battlefield areas of effect. You don’t want to deal with Blood Clots.

Ruins also grant any random resource, which makes this a good infinite loop farming deck.

Aim to have every tile of the loop covered by Blood Groves. The Flesh Golems are your primary source of good loot, and the Blood Groves will stop the Scorch Worms from fleeing the Ruins.

Forests/Thickets grant attack speed, which becomes your primary source of healing with vampirism. Rocks/Mountains help offset the health debuff from the Ancestral Crypt, and grant you the health needed to tank with this no-evasion build.

Ancestral Crypt grants you bonus max health per enemy with a soul slain, which will push your health to the peaks.

Oblivion should be used on forest villages and goblin outposts, but they don’t seem to be a huge threat. Oblivion them when you get Oblivions, but you should be able to handle a few of these monster tiles.

Once you get the optional cards unlocked, adding them to the deck will make defeating the boss more reliable.

If you have River, then try to place Battlefields on the outside edge of the loop and run your River past them. The tile transformation will give you yet another monster with a soul to kill.

You can run a river on both sides of a line of Thickets and double (quadruple!) the attack speed bonus. A single line of forest surrounded by river should be all the attack speed you need.

Storm temple with a line of Forests/Thickets on fire will give you reliable damage, and the burning forests benefit from the river as well. Thickets do not give more damage. Once the Forest/Thicket is on fire, it’s the same tile.

Vampire Mansions simply add more souls-type monsters to your loop, granting more trophies and more ghosts. Aim to have every single square of the loop covered by a Vampire Mansion effect.

Bookery allows you to be picky on terrain placement. You can place nothing but Thickets to get maximum benefit. Let the Bookeries re-draw your Forests to different cards!

Once the boss spawns, I do recommend playing every single terrain card you have, even the Forests. Get the maximum buff going into that fight.



Chapter 1

Chapter 1 is not the best to farm, but if you want to conquer it you basically just focus on getting your evasion as high as you can. Be certain you cover the camp fire with the effect of a Blood Grove.

Exchanging Forest/Thicket for meadows works fine.

Completely surround the 8 squares adjacent to the campfire to block the boss castle spawns. Do not place a ruins adjacent to the campfire.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 is a lot of fun to farm! Be picky about your gear. Avoid evasion like the plague. Go all in on vampirism. Counter should also be avoided. Defense and regen are good. I’d rather have a weapon with good vampirism a couple levels lower than the loop level than drop my vampirism to single digits and take a stronger weapon with evasion.

You should be able to just take the hits from the boss and shrug them off, and gradually chew through her windows. And hey if you die, that’s what the ancestral crypt is for : )

  • Drop the ancestral crypt anywhere, don’t block a good Blood Grove spot if you have that.
  • Cover the camp fire with a Blood Grove
  • If you are using storm temple, set up one or two in a good spot and consider aligning a stretch of burning forests with the river if you have that.
  • Be mindful of ruins placements. Never place one adjacent to the camp fire. You should be able to handle archer scorch worms from adjacent tiles, but be certain to place Blood Groves to prevent them from fleeing and if you get dealt a ton of ruins early, consider slowing your play of them.
  • If you have the River, plan out its placement. You only need one line of Thickets bounded on both sides by a doubled-back river to get enough attack speed. Try to run the River past the road to transform Battlefields.
  • Never overlap battlefields. You don’t need to mess with blood clots. Focus on covering ruins and cemeteries with the battlefields. You can place battlefields on the outside of the loop and run a river up to them to get a different tile.
  • Use Oblivion on forest villages and goblin camps.
  • I tend to do just 4 or 5 bookeries. Just fit them in wherever, I like to get them covering 2 or 3 tiles so I can exchange cards rapidly.

For the initial layout, place tiles at the start of the loop. You want to get the good loot right at the beginning.


When you attack (or counter), your stamina drops. When you get hit, your stamina goes UP. When you evade, your stamina drops. Evading too much will run you out of stamina, and then you won’t be able to attack fast enough to heal. You want to take hits, because taking hits refills your stamina and keeps the vampirism healing going.

The key here is avoiding evasion and getting your health and defense and vampirism high enough to sustain you through anything. Vampirism will have to come from smart gear choices! This is why you want a lot of Blood Groves so you get a lot of high quality gear to choose from.

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