Loop Hero: Comfort Build (Traits & Tips)

Things can get overwhelming once you start having too many options (cards, classes, combos). So, I suggest this comfy yet powerful and fun build for the Rouge.   Intro Things can get overwhelming once you start having too many options (cards, classes, combos). So, I suggest this comfy yet powerful and fun build for the Rouge. Pd. […]

Loop Hero: Warrior Guide for Infinite Loops

Warrior deck and theory for infinite loop runs! Chapters 1 and 2 covered.   Requirements Chapter 1 No real requirements, but ancestral crypt is helpful. Chapter 2 Ancestral crypt is required to for a reliable infinite loop of chapter 2. River and Forest/Thicket is required to reliably get enough healing from vampirism. Deck Deck list: […]

Loop Hero: All Achievement Guide (Tips to Obtain)

A guide which will go through every achievement in Loop Hero and explain how you get them.   An Introduction This guide looks at every achievement and, if applicable, provides some tips to help those struggling to finish them. ──────────────────────────────────────────────── Achievements are grouped in relation to a specific action/event that is required to achieve it. […]

Loop Hero: Card Combos and Resource Guide

Loop hero doesn’t hold your hand so I am offering mine. Let us rebuild.   Card Combos Hungry Grove Put a blood grove next to a grove then use oblivion to remove the grove. Blood Path Place 2 battlefields next to each other Blooming Meadow A normal meadow generates 2HP at the beginning of each […]

Loop Hero: How to Modify Game Speed

A Short description on how to increase the ingame speed by editing the variables.ini file.   Locate Game Folder In your steam library locate the loop hero game and right click it to open up the context menu and select “Properties”. Once the new window opens up go to the Local Files Tab and click […]

Loop Hero: Tips & Tricks (Basic Bestiary)

Here’s some off-the-cuff basic advice, pieced together by an evil genius! TIP 1: PAUSE BEFORE FINISHING A LOOP. When you finish a loop, it all gets harder. Monsters will level up and that makes them substantially more dangerous. You always want to go to planning mode and take stock of how you’re doing – if […]

Loop Hero: All Tile Combination Lists

Here are all tile combination lists for Loop Hero game. if you have any problems. please let me know.   Loop Hero: Old Tile Combination Tile Source Card Name Placement Acquired? Description Note Wasteland Road No. 5% Chance to Create a Slime Not affected by Chrono Crystals Slimes can stack Dark Slimes are not created […]