Loot Grind Simulator: How to Play (Achievements Guide)

Guide to the game, thanks to which You will learn how to play Loot Grind Simulator and get all the achievements on Steam.


The game itself is very simple and monotonous, but to deal with the interface and the mechanics itself is quite problematic. I must say that the game does not allow you to open in the full window, so I advise you to reduce it in the settings to 30-40% Your permission (this is necessary for all elements to be displayed correctly)

First of all, when we enter the game itself, you need to go to the Quests tab and select the quests that will be performed themselves. It is better, of course, to choose the most “fat” quests, but to save time, I advise you to just call the first ones that come across (crafting at this stage will be more profitable).

After accepting the quests, go to the Activity tab, where we wait for some time (5-40 seconds), if possible, we take the quests. As a reward, we get an item (if it is better, it is automatically equipped for you), and an item token with a quality that suits Your level (there Will be a separate Chapter about crafting). We constantly grind the first two tabs, thereby developing and farming craft tokens.

The third tab that you will need to visit from time to time is Equipment. Regularly monitor the level of Your equipment to get quests to a higher level and, in fact, get experience.

The fourth tab is Collection. Here you can view all the items that were crafted or received after completing the quest. It doesn’t affect the gameplay in any way, but if You want to get all the achievements, I advise you to craft those items that you don’t have enough types for the full collection.

The fifth and last tab is Crafting. On the right, you can see Your tokens, and on the tab itself, You can craft equipment (usually 50-100 levels higher than the current one).

For crafting 1 equipment of the highest level must have 10 previous tokens (suggest to craft the type of equipment that has the lowest level of wearing)

Alas, either the lag or omission of developer, but at first I received the items , not Junk, and only after restarting the game everything was as it should be.

To get all the achievements, you need to grind the tabs described above, and eventually you need to do:

  • Craft 100 items
  • Complete 1000 quests
  • Get 1000 level
  • Collect a complete collection of items
  • Put on a set of unique items

After all the completed achievements, we will get the last achievement – Loot Grind God.

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