Lost Ark: All Runes Guide (Where To Find Them)

You can find every single Skill Runes in Lost Ark and how you can obtain these in this guide. Some of the runes from same quality can be obtained from 2 or 3 different ways I also wrote those. Hope you’ll find this helpful.   Galewind Focus Wealth Overwhelm Bleed Iron Wall Quick Recharge Protection […]

Lost Ark: Mokoko Seeds Full Maps with Locations

Here is a full completed maps with all Mokoko seed locations.   Mokoko Seeds Full Maps with Locations Prideholme Locations of Mokoko Seeds 9/9 Loghill Locations of Mokoko Seeds 9/9 Toxiclaw Cavern (dungeon) Locations of Mokoko Seeds 6/6 Ankumo Mountain Locations of Mokoko Seeds 5/5 Aquilok’s Head (dungeon) Locations of Mokoko Seeds 6/6 Rethramis Border […]

Lost Ark: How to Increase Your AFK Timer

Tired of getting kicked out of the game when you’ve only been AFK for 15 minutes? Then this is the guide for you!   Here’s how to set your AFK timer from 15 minutes to 60 minutes First you have to go into the Game Menu. To get to the Game Menu you either click ESC or click the Services icon in […]

Lost Ark: How to Download Korean Free DLC

Like a lot of people here, I had a really hard time trying to download the Korean free DLC, this guide will show you how to download it.   Prerequisites First, login to your Steam account on Chrome or Firefox for example, once done, if you have family mode enabled, enter your code so you […]