Lucifer Within Us: Chapel Case Guide

A bullet point checklist to solve the Chapel Case in Lucifer Within Us, earning all related case achievements. Spoilers!


This guide will take you step-by-step through the Chapel case.
If you are hoping to solve the puzzles, this will spoil them.
It shouldn’t reveal too much about the plot….
In general:

  • Start by collecting physical evidence (highlighted objects around the scene)
  • Listen to each suspect’s testimony in full
  • Return to suspects to contradict and ask key questions
  • Once you have found all physical evidence, psychological evidence and contradictions, Speed through asking about each part of testimony and evidence to complete the achievements.
Physical Evidence
All physical evidence items-

  • West Generator (left balcony)
  • Organ (left balcony)
  • East Generator (right Balcony)
  • ??????? – corner of left/center balcony. (Find out what it is exactly, too!)
  • Ritual Bell – right balcony
  • Ritual Hammer – right balcony by bell
  • East Generator – right balcony
  • Cybernetic remains – right balcony by East Generator
  • Statue of Walpurga—at altar, gives both Statue and Spear evidence
  • Abbot Gregory’s Body –at altar under statue
  • Inquisitor Arm -Ask Gideon about Cybernetic Remains
  • Remote Operation -Ask Gideon about Cybernetic Remains
Psychological and Spiritual Evidence (Interrogation)
Before starting interrogation, listen to all three suspects in full.

Talk to Gideon

  • If you have not already, Ask Gideon about the cybernetic remails. Get “Inquisitor Arm” physical evidence and “Remote Operation” physical evidence
  • Contradict “Wait By Organ” with “Patrol East Balcony” from Vergil
  • Enter Sanctum, learn Gideon has Shattered Confidence

Switch to Vergil

  • Contradict “Patrol East Balcony” with “Check Bell” from Gideon
  • Enter Sanctum, learn Vergil has Wrath

Switch to Augustine

  • Contradict “Take Seat” with “Eavesdrop from Balcony” from Vergil
  • Enter Sanctum, learn Augustine has the Ritual of Communion
  • Contradict “Arrested Near Bell” with “Arrest Augustine” from Vergil
  • Enter Sanctum, learn Augustine has Pride

Switch to Gideon

  • Contradict “Knocked Unconscious” with “Arrested at Balcony” from Augustine
  • Enter Sanctum, learn Gideon has Fear
  • Contradict “Wake Up” with “Find Gideon” from Vergil to uncover a contradiction

Switch to Vergil

  • Ask Vergil about the Inquisitor Arm, contradict, and use/Ask immediately following with Cybernetic Remains
  • Enter Sanctum, learn that Vergil is a Zealot

You can now approach each suspect to “Ask” about every person, piece of physical evidence, psychological evidence, and testimonial component to earn an achievement.

Who did it? Do the following:

  • Accuse Vergil
  • Means – Inquisitor Arm then Remote Operation
  • Opportunity – Attacked by Culprit and “Patrol East Balcony”
  • Motive – Wrath
  • Daemon – Sathanas the Vengeful

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