Luck be a Landlord: Tier List (Early Access)

I tried to be as logical and objective as possible. Still you may find it rather objective as everyone has their own likings and so on. Also I think this list represents the current extreme problem of not many builds being viable at all and with endless in mind, most builds fail at that. You find every Symbol rated by me from Z-Tier to Godlike-Tier. Items may follow soon as well as the most overpowered-builds to beat endless-mode (which you could figure out alone with the Tier-List)


Z-Tier Symbols & Items

The worst of the worst. Some of the symbols/item may be a ‘mixed’ bag but usually there is no real build.option with Z-Tier items and/or symbols.

Banana Peel (1g)

It destroys adjacent thiefes.

Well, this one is one of the worst items in game but… well, it gets rid of the thief if you have misclicked and added him to your slot-machine.

Beer (1g)

Okay, when generated by the Bartender and if you have a dwarf or two, this item gets consumed… But on it’s own it’s worthless. Sometimes if you had to pick a dwarf instead of really bad symbols, you could add it to be sure the item gets removed sooner or later.

Bounty Hunter (1g)

Destroys adjacent thiefes.

Eh… Yeah. Same with the Banana Peel. This symbol only gets worse with the item ‘Zaroff’s contract’ which mackes the bounty hunter kill all humanoid symbols for laughable 10g per destroyed symbol.

Coin (1g)

Well, technically Z-Tier but also B- or even A-Tier. Why? If you get two rather rare items (Coin on a String & 3 Coin) the coin is actually not that bad. But still bad without King Midas generating it. Don’t pick it.

Cultist (0g)

Gets +1g for every other Cultist.

Can you see the future? If yes, pick the cultist because only then it will be B-Tier.

General Zaroff (1g)

Destroys every adjacent humanoid symbol and gives 15g for each symbol destroyed.

Think about a +200 Geologist. Think about a +150 Mrs. Fruits and a +80 Diver. Yes. Are you thinking about them? Now imagine you have those three and ACCIDENTALLY only ACCIDENTALLY put General Zaroff in. You’re done.

How would I change Zaroff? Instead of +15g once make him like the Geologist, Mrs. Fruits and the Diver get +1 Gold permanently. Else this card has no value at all. Only if you wanna get rid of 20 Cultist… and what then?

Goldfish (1g)

Ehm. Yeah. Hi. (D-Tier when you have Fish Tank item).

Highlander (6g)

Super Rare. Super lame. A-Tier when you get it before doing your third rent. You have to remove it at some point. It interacts with absolutely nothing.

King Midas (1g)

Adjacent Coins give 3x more gold. Adds 1 Coin after each spin.

Definitively A-Tier when you have the 2 most important items, especially when you get him 4 times. (Coin on a string & 3 coin)

Magpie (-1g)

After 4 spins gives 9g.

9 – 4 = 5. 5 / 4 = 1,25g per Spin. Worth it? 🙂 Every 4 Spins you get 1g extra. Hurray. Lets take Birdhouse-Item and Tax evasion Item and it generates 1g each turn. 2 items to make this birb ‘meh’. Yeah, no. Not used in any builds.

Martini (3g)

Only when the Bartender makes them its somehow acceptable because Dame get’s rid of Martini Symbol. Not worth taking on its own. No build needs this.

Midas Bomb (0g)

Adjacent symbols are destroyed and give 7x their value.

Yes, it’s that bad. How would I change it? “Cover’s everything in gold and makes every item covered in gold generate +1 gold” Now you have a decent item!!

Pinata (1g)

Gives 5 Candy when destroyed.

Lame! Lame lame lame lame! I mean… LAME. There is no viable build option. You know when it would be fun and awesome to have a Pinata? In real life!

Robin Hood (-4g)

29g every 4th spin.

29-16 = 13 / 4 = 3,25. Its a RARE. Yes, it’s that bad. Hey… how… about… uhm… I don’t know like… Make Robin Hood like give 1g and buff him +1g whenever he’s adjacent to a coin? Destroy the coin… lilke, I don’t know like… i mean… stealing the coin? Hello?

Sloth (0g)

3g every 2 Spins.

3 / 2 = 1,5. Good luck with your beastmaster hitting the 2x buff exactly every 2 spins. Goes automatically in D-Tier with ‘Checkered Flag’.

Snail (0g)

5g every 4 spins.

5/4 = 1,25g per Spin. 5/3 (Checkered Flag) = 1,6g per Spin. But no, it’s not per spin… Good luck with your Beastmasters. Not worth it. Only for the Diver.

Thief (-1g)

When destroyed gives 4x the stolen money.

Ehm yeah. Any viable thief-build here? No? 500 spins = 500g stolen. 2000g for once… well. Yeah. Nice. But who would do this? I would rather use anything that interacts better than this card.

How would I make this symbol better? Steal coins… Steal a buff-gold from another buff-symbol… There are more possiblities. Oh and yeah. Know the tax evasion item? Makes the thief 100% useless instead of 100% useless.

Toddler (1g)

Destroys adjacent Pinatas and munches on Candy and gives 6g for each.

<burps> Oh yeah? Yeah Morty, how about we take <burps> a freaking Toddler and and and <burps> feed it candy and pinatas. Does that <burp> Make you happy Morty? Does it?

Turtle (0g)

4g every 3s

Yo yo yo! This is Diver-Food! Buff the Diver!

D-Tier Symbols (1/2)

Those symbols usually are either meh or very specific in combination with others.

Banana (1g)

Gives a Banana Peel when destroyed.

If you really want to get Mrs. Fruits going. Else stay away from the Banana.

Bartender (3g)

5% for either a Chemical Seven (7g + 7-Item), Beer (1g), Wine (2g) or Martini (3g)

Yeah… the 5% chance kills it to be something other than D-Tier. In combination with 2 Dwarves and at least 1 Dame you could get rid of the drinks. With those symbols Bartender will be B-Tier but still not really viable.

Bear (2g)

Munches Honey for 35g.

Even with Oswald the bear (+1,5x g for Bears) the Bear is not really viable. Yeah… you look at that 35g for honey. But honey is rare. Beehive spawns Bees too and has a very low chance. If you have no other option, use the Bear.

Bee (1g)

Buffs flowers to give 2x their value.

I would consider the Bee Z-Tier on it’s own but if you go for the flower build (Mine is 12 flowers, 2 suns, 2 bees, 2 rain + clear sky + telescope) they are okay-ish. If you don’t get rain get 4 bees.

Beehive (3g)

5% chance to spawn a Bee and/or honey.

Stay away – far away – from everything that spawns stuff that you can’t get rid off easily. Yes… bears munch 35g’s out of a honey but was it worth it when 30 bees are in the slots?

Big Ore (2g)

Spawns 2 of any gem/void when destroyed. (Total Number = 2, not 2 of everything)

Usually throws out pearls and pebbles, extremely rare some uncommon game and way above godlike-rare a rare gem. Don’t use it when you’re not planning a Geologist build. Or… take it when nothing better is there.

Bronze Arrow (0g)

Points in any of the 8 directions and doubles everything that’s in line with the arrowhead with 2x their value.

Eh… sometimes I take it but most times I ignore the arrow. Silver & Gold Arrows are better and most of the time they don’t target the good things. But when they do… 🙂 ding ding. Still: D-Tier.

Candy (1g)

Why it’s not Z-Tier but Pinata is? Uh… I dunnow actually. But usually if you have a toddler and you have the choice between Candy, Spin-Based Birbs and/or Crusteceans? Candy is a viable option. But only then when the circumstances aligh.

Else: Z-Tier.

Cheese (1g)

Same with candy but with the mouse. The mouse has more interactions than the toddler and I had runs with ninja & mouse combos pumping out tons of gold when a cheese hits right. Yet I would not use this a build-option but as a filler that goes away through a mouse.

Cherry (1g)

It’s for Mrs: Fruit. Else Z-Tier.

Chick (1g)

10% chance to be delicious chimken.

Yeah uhm. You wanted that egg for omelette, right? Sorry. If available for pick: Z-Tier. Get rid of it!

Chicken (2g)

5% chance to lay Egg. 1% chance to lay golden egg.

You wanted that omelette, I know. Get rid of this! When open for pick: Z-Tier!

Cocunut (1g)

When destroyed spawns 2x Cocunut halfes (2g)

Mrs. Fruit and when really in need for quick cash and you have a Monke.

Dwarf (1g)

Consumes Beer & Wine and pays you the fair price of 10x the value of the consumed good.

“But Narsiph. When I have Wine, the Item that buffs drinks and…” Yeah, so? Nothing else buffs drinks and it works only with at least 4 Bartenders. Its okay but not a real build. Do you really enjoy 30g for Wine? Again: Bartender + Dwarf + Dame. Else: Bleh!

Egg (1g)

10% chance to get nasty (Chick)

If you really want that omelette, try it. But omelettes are usually not worth it.

Flower (1g)

It smells. That’s it. The flower build is rather viable but you need all the correct items and symbols for it. Mine is 12 Flowers, 2 Farmers, 2 Bees, 2 Rain, 2 Suns, Clear Sky, Telescope.

Goose (1g)

1% chance to spawn a golden egg (3g)

I had it happen twice in so many many runs. If you have nothing good to pick this could be okay. It’s considered B-Tier when pooping out at least 1 golden egg in early game. Else get rid of it quickly.

Hearts (1g)

Adjacent Diamonds and Hearts give 1g more. Gives 1g more if there are at least 3 Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, or Spades.

Hard mixed bag. I had runs with those freaking symbols turning the slotmachine upside down and other runs where they just popped up a couple times and no joker/card shark. This build really needs way more luck than any other build.

Hex of Destruction (3g)

30% chance to destroy an adjacent symbol.

Uhhhm… It works well? If you wan’t to get rid of stuff and you trust rngeesus?

Hex of Emptyness (3g)

30% chance you don’t get to choose a symbol after spin.

Do you know what you need? Symbols. Do you know what’s not good? Not choosing symbols!! Still. I had good early to mid game runs with the Hex’es without items.

Hooligan (1g)

Makes urns, big urns and tombs go away.

Neat little fellow if you don’t get the item that destroys by 50% chance. If you wanna get rid of all of your urns and tombs I’ll pick one. Else Z-Tier.

Key (1g)

Destroys adjacent Lockbox, Safe, Treasure Chest and Mega Chest. Destroys itself afterwards.

Neat early game item if you wanna get rid of chests and stuff in the mid game. Else Z-Tier.

Lockbox (1g)

Give 15g when destroyed.

If you have the lockpick or a key its a neat option because it doesn’t waste precious space for your true build. Else Z-Tier.

Matryoshka Doll, all (?g)

From 0 to 4g. 4/6/810 spins for the next one.

This does not interact with anything. But… I kinda like this doll-thing. Had one in my childhood. You didn’t have one in your childhood? Then consider this Z-Tier.

Mega Chest (3g)

100g when destroyed.

Only if you have the lockpick or a key. But by the time you see Mega Chests you’re probably in the end game and don’t need it.

Miner (1g)

Destroys adjacent Ore or Big Ore.

Hrm… I wanted to put this into Z-Tier. Don’t know why it’s here. There is no build that needs a miner. Consider Z-Tier.

Monkey (1g)

Destroys adjacent Banana, Cocunut and/or Cocunut Half and gives 5x the value of the destroyed symbol.

Eh… if there’s nothing else to pick. Sure. Can be a quick boost with the assurance to have slots free later on. Still. You have to get rid of monke.

Mouse (1g)

Munches Cheese and poops out 15g’s

Eh… Pick it if you really like Mice. One is usually enough. You have to get rid of it when not using Mouse & Ninja Item. Yet.. sometimes its better than the other optins in early game.

Ninja (2g)

Gives 1g less for every other Ninja.

One is usually enough. Early game really nice, especially when you’re lucky for the Mouse & Ninja Symbol or the Katana. Still… not really a build option.

Omelette (3g)

It has it’s value if you get it somehow. I would not pick it but with 2 chefs it’s actually not that bad. Still bad nontheless.

Orange (2g)

It’s for Mrs. Fruits. There is no other viable option. Sure… if you’re not planing endless it would work. Still, endless makes fun to see your true build really shine.

Owl (1g)

Every 3rd Spin +1g

It actually is one of the best avian creatures out there. With birdhouse, checkered flag, moon, witch and a bestmaster you’re buffing this into new spheres. It’s actually the counterpart to ‘Quiqley the Wolf’-Item Build.

But you see the list. It’s very specific. Sure the wolf-build too but… that runs good even without the moon.

D-Tier Symbols (2/2)

Oyster (1g)

20% chance to spawn a pearl. Spawns a pearl when destroyed.

Geologist munches pearls. Oyster makes pearls. Only real option when to use 4 – 6 oysters. Don’t use a Diver. Diver munches Oyster!

Peach (2g)

Mrs. Fruits. Else … eh… to have 2g every spin?

Pearl (1g)

Munchies for Geologist.

Plum (2g)

Mrs. Fruits.

Rain (2g)

Adjacent Flower gives 2x more gold. Adjacent Seed are 50% likely to grow.

2 Bees 2 Rain. 3 Bees 1 Rain. 3 Rain 1 Bee… well.. its… actually exactly that. It’s another option instead of using Bees. I tend to run 2/2. More is just wasting space for Farmers and Suns.

Ruby (3g)

It’s shiny, it get’s buffed by Dame. Not really worth it but hey… A Geologist only want’s those cheap yumyums. When open for pick consider it mostly Z-Tier.

Safe (1g)

30g when destroyed.

Early to mid game. When you have a key or lockpick. Else consider Z-Tier if you can’t get rid of it easily.

Sun (3g)

Adjacent Flower give 5x more moneyz. Seeds are 50% more likely to grow.

I know, you wan’t that in Godlike- or at least in A-Tier but sadly it’s not. You have to have too many specific items so this is a A-Tier item only when you already have your build going! Don’t start to build when you see the sun.

Three-Sided Die (1-3g)

Shows random number, gives g based on number.

Its okay when other picks arent that good. Average is 2g per spin.

Treasure Chest (2g)

50g when destroyed.

Again: Only with lockpick and/or key. Else consider it more or less Z-Tier.

Urn (1g)

Spawns 1 Spirit (4g, 4spins) when destroyed.

With the %-chance to destryo this-item it’s considere B-Tier because Spirits disappear after 4 spins! Awesome! (Never the the gravedigger/gravekeeper!)

Wine (2g)

You need a dwarf to get rid of this. Pick it when there’s nothing good but remember that you need to remove it or get a dwarf.

C-Tier Symbols

Many of the symbols you find here are okay to use and probably useful in some builds or okay in their own way.

Buffing Capsule (0)

Destroys itself. Adjacent symbols give 2x more gold.

Mid to endgame its a neat capsule if theres nothing better to choose. It destroyes itself and frees up much needed space as well as buffing some symbols. Consider this Z-Tier in a well build endless-mode-build.

Card Shark (2g)

Adjacent poker-symbols are Wildcards.

I rather would have him be a B-Tier Symbol but sometimes he works okay-ish. Still a good way to get the highest possible gold from poker and/or other symbols. Yet… He should be an item instead of a symbol.

Clubs (1g)

Adjacent black poker cards give 1 gold more. Gives 1 more if you have at least 3 of the same poker-symbol, no matter which.

This is… a mixed bag. I tend more towards having this as a B-Tier or even Z-Tier item but when all the moons align perfectly they work okay-ish. I tried a poker-build a couple times but they work best when sticking to 1 color and using them just for the card shark yet they are way to inefficient.

Coal (0g)

After 20 spins you get the diamond. Diamond’s give 5g.

1 – 2 coals at the very beginning can be a neat thing. Later on in mid to end-game this is considered B-Tier (If you want to have 1 – 2 Dame) or Z-Tier when you’re running without Dame.

Crow (2g)

-3g every 4 spins.

Why C-Tier? Well because: 8-3=5/4 = 1.25. The thing is, it’s way better interacting with the witch and beastmaster so this is considered the best birb you can get. I had sometimes runs with 3 – 4 crows and they generated a good amount of gold. Not enough for endless (moon doesn’t interact with them) but enough for mid and lategame.

Diamond (5g)

It’s shiny, it gives 5g its a good pick in early and mid-game. In the end-game still a C-Tier item with Dame or B-Tier without Dame.

Diamonds (1g)

Look at “Clubs”

Diver (2g)

Eats snail, turtle, crab, goldfish, oyster and pearl. Permanently gets +1g per symbol destroyed.

Mrs. Fruits and Geologist are way better than the Diver. Most of the animals aren’t worth taking, even with items and/or bestmaster, which gets less and less effective when the animal symbols are gone, they are just food. If you get an early Diver you can go for it. Not lategame nor endless-viable if you don’t get constant animals to feed the Diver.

Emerald (3g)

This is considered a Z-Tier but C-Tier when you get it out of an Ore through Geologist and running with Dame. Else just get rid of it. Don’t pick it except in early game.

Golden Egg (3g)

Z-Tier if you wan’t to pick it outisde of early game. C-Tier if you get it early game or via goose or chicken in early game.

Hearts (1g)

Look at “Clubs”

Hex of Draining (3g)

30% chance making an adjacent symbol not give gold.

It’s actually worth it taking it in early game. I’ve had runs made easy just with some hexes. Sure, if you get unlucky they dent you a bit but most of the time they’ll okay.

Hex of Tedium (3g)

1,2x less likely to find uncommon+ symbols.

You can pick this without thinking about it too much. You can counter the passive effect either via items and/or many other symbols easily.

Hex of Thivery (3g)

30% chance to take gold instead of giving.

Good and bad at the same time. Again: Some of my witch runs were decided early just because I got some Hex’es. They’re a viable option if you know how to handle them.

Honey (3g)

If you get a honey early game, sure, take it. Bears use it to generate 35g but mid to late-game especially in endless honey is not worth picking. Nearly no interactions that are worth talking about.

Joker (2g)

Poker symbols give 2x more g.

I had it rarely happen but poker symbols can spin out of control for the mid to late-game. They aren’t able to generate much in endless but they can be viable for normal runs. A couple jokers will ensure a good run.

Mine (1g)

Adds Ore after each spin. Destroys itself after giving gold 4 times. Adds 1 Mining Pick (item) when destroyed.

When you have a Geologist build this item gives you 4 ore’s. Awesome. Else you should consider this more or less Z-Tier. The Item sadly isn’t really good for Geologist builds but hey, at least +4 buff for your geologist(s).

Sapphire (2g)

Geologist food. Else Z-Tier.

Seed (1g)

25% chance to grow into banana, cherry, coconut, flower, orange, peach, plum, apple, strawberry or watermelon.

25% chance to get 1 out of 5 consumables for Mrs. Fruits? Not bad. Sadly Mrs. Fruits doesn’t eat flowers, banana gives the peel and apples, strawberry and/or watermelons arent to Mrs. Fruits taste. Consider it when you run a flower-build, else don’t take it. The chance you ruin your build are there.

Shiny Pebble (1g)

1,1x more likely to find uncomm+ symbols.

Munchies with crunchies. Geologist-Item. Else counter the Hex with this one else just see it as Z-Tier.

Silver Arrow (0g)

3x more gold for everything that is pointet at with the arrow-head in a line.

It’s a neat thing when you’re about to go into endless mode and have a viable build and aim for a little bit extra. Its a two-edged sword because its depends highly on luck. I had arrows pointing never at a single symbol for 13 spins.

Spades (1g)

Look at “Clubs”

Strawberry (3g)

Early game? Neat. Else Z-Tier.

Tomb (3g)

5% chance to add Spirit (4g, dies after 4 spins). Adds 5 spirits when destroyed.

Fantastic early game item because you can ged rid of it quickly and even in mid to endgame it’s a neat thing to have a filler when you’re not done preparing for endless. In endless it’s considere Z-Tier.

Wealthy Capsule (0g)

Destroys itself and gives 10g.

Neat early to mid-game item because it gets rid of itself.

B-Tier Symbols

You can use them freely and you probably win the game just solely with those items without thinking too much. Yet some of the symbols are a mixed bag or work much better in tandem with others.

Apple (3g)

Farme, Chef, Witch are interacting with the apple. It’s considere Z-Tier if you don’t get it out of a seed by accident. Early game a good pick but not in mid and/or endgame or even endless.

Big Urn (2g)

Spawns 2 Spirit (4g, destroys itself after 4 spins) when destroyed.

Its a good pick when you can destroy it for mid to end-game if you need a quick filler. Else don’t use it because it can stay for a long time until you either get a hooligan (which you have to get rid of quickly after doing the deed) or the item.

Chef (2g)

Makes adjacent Banana, Beer, Candy, Cheese, Cherry, Egg, Wine, Coconut Half, Plum, Peach, Orange, Strawberry, Omelette, Martini, Honey, Golden Egg, Apple and Watermelone give 2x more gold.

A pretty neat pick if you’re going for a food-build. For endless it’s not very viable.

Dame (2g)

Adjacent Void Stone, Pearl, Shiny Pebble, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby and Diamond give 2x more gold. Destroys adjacent Martini and gives 35g for each Martini destroyed.

A dame can handle those rare(r) gems while the geologist munches everything else.

Farmer (2g)

Adjacent Banana, Cherry, Coconut, Flower, Orange, Peach, Plum, Apple, Strawberry and Watermelon give 2x more gold. Adjacent Seed are 50% more likely to grow.

If you aim for a food-related build the farmer is a good pick as well for the seed-flower build when using compost heap item and Mrs. Fruits.

Five-Sided Die (?g)

Shows a random number (1-5) and gives gold related to that number.

Good early and mid-game pick. In average the five-sided die gives you 3g.

Golden Arrow (0g)

Points at one of the 8 directions and everything in line with the arrow-head gives out 4x more gold.

Neat little thing especially when used with a quiver-item. Normally I’ll use 1 – 2 in my builds but when paired with a quiver I’ll always use 4 of them.

Ore (1g)

When destroyed it can spawn any gem and or void-stone/beast.

Its only considered on this tier when used within Geologist build. Else consider it Z-Tier.

Rabbit (1g)

Normally the rabbit isn’t really worth taken but there are a couple items that interact with the rabbit aswell as symbols like ‘Moon’ and/or ‘Beastmaster’. So it’s viable within such a build. Don’t take shedding season (10% chance Rabbit spawn 1 rabbit fluff). You can’t really get rid of that effectively and will destroy your build(s)

Rabbit Fluff (2g)

1.2x more likely to find uncommon+ symbols.

A neat pick early- to mid-game. You have to get rid of it after the end-game if you plan to go into endless. Get the rare’s you need then get rid of the fluff.

Void Creature/Void Stone (0g)

Adjacent empty spots give 1g. Destroys itself when not adjacent to any empty spots. Gives 8g when destroyed.

Godlike-Tier when picked within the first 5 spins. Else a neat early and/or mid-game item that get’s rid of itself when you need a quick filler.

Watermelon (4g)

Consider it Z-Tier when you don’t get it via Seed or as a pick straight up in early game. You can consider this at this tier-level when you plan to use it for a food-related build with farmers and chef’s.

Witch (2g)

Adjacent Apple, Cat, Crow, any Hex, Owl and Spirit give 2x more gold.

She’s a good addition to animal builds that include tons of crows and cats. Else she’s fine for endless buffing your wildcard cats. Thats the main reason she’s on this tier and not A-Tier (You need the Item that makes your cats be wildcats. Else she’s just a restrictive beastmaster).

A-Tier Symbols

Those items are great in most if not any situation. Still, some of them are mixed-bags. Yet, most of the main/op build symbols are in here.

Cat (1g)

There are many items buffing your cats and especially the “Cats are Wildcards”-Item is worth picking up at least 4 cats. You should aim for 4 cats because with some items you can use them much more easily to get your rare’s. And the beastmaster and witch buff your wildcat-cards 🙂

Chemical Seven (0g)

Destroys itself. When destroyed give 7g and adds 1 7-Item (3x 7-Item = 77g once and destroys the 7-items you have)

Pretty much an awesome early game, midgame and late-fame filler.

Dog (1g)

When you pet the dog it’s automatically Godlike-Tier. Else it corresponds with “Quigley the Wolf”-Item which transforms Dog into Wolf (3g). Its one of the easiest to achieve builds together with beastmasters and moons.

Golem (0g)

Destroys itself after 5 spins. Adds 5 Ore when destroyed.

Z-Tier if not used with Geologist.

Item Capsule (0g)

Destroys itself. Adds 1 common item when destroyed.

There are many Z-Tier items but some common-items are very good! Also: If you have less and less to choose you get a tad higher chance for uncommon+ items to choose from.

Lucky Capsule (0g)

Destroys itself. Guarantees a rare+ symbol after this spin.

If you don’t have your needed rare’s yet, pick this. Its great and help you out to spare some re-roll’s from time to time.

Mrs. Fruit (2g)

Destroys adjacent Banana, Cherry, Coconut, Coconut Half, Orange, Peach and Plum. Permanently gives 1g for each symbold destroyed.

She’s super attractive! So many yummie fruits that correspond with her so you can easily buff her and make her ready for endless mode.

Reroll Capsule (0g)

Destroys itself. Grants a reroll when destroyed.

When you still have to look for your rare symbols you need. Else it’s Z-Tier.

Spirit (4g)

Destroys itself after 4 spins.

A great filler especially early and mid-game when you’re prepping for endless and still havent filled all the slots.

Wolf (2g)

Like Dog but you can’t pet the Wolf. Quigly the Wolf gives Wolfes +1g permanently. The catch with the Wolf-Dog/Beastmaster build are solely 4 beastmasters and 4 moons. Clear Sky and/or Spyglass. Even without Clear Sky and/or Spyglass you can get very high gold numbers. 12 – 16 Wolfes 2 – 4 Beastmasters or 2 Beastmasters and 4 Moons.

Godlike-Tier Symbols
Those are the best of the best of all symbols. See one? Pick it!

Geologist (2g)

Adjacent Ore, Big Ore, Pearl, Shiny Pebble and Saphhire are destroyed. Permanently gives +1g for each symbol destroyed that way.

One of the most op-symbols because they chew down so many and so much ore and gems. Pretty much, when the machine is filled up they usually get a +2g for a ore if it not spawns a rare gem or void-beast/stone.

Moon (3g)

Adjacent Owl, Rabbit and Wolf give 3x more gold. Adds 3 Cheese when destroyed.

Restrictive beastmaster but extremely good when you get Clear Sky, Spyglass or even the Corner-Adjacent-Item. If you’re not aiming for this specific build consider it Z-Tier.

Removal Capsule (0g)

Destroys itself. Gives you a symbol removal.

Since you get so less removal now you have to pick this whenever you see one, you you can remove much more symbols if needed. Consider this Z-Tier if you’r build is done.

Wildcard (?g)

Gives gold equal to the highes value among adjacent symbols.

Pick it. This will generate insane gold values when you aim for an endless-gold-build. Everything evolves around the Wildcard.

How to beat the regular game?

Step 1: 777 / 10

You have to get 77,7g per Spin (10 Spins) in the very last rent-phase. You have to work towards it and that is achievable through most half-decent combinations of items.

Step 2: Read

Every stage has a gold-value that you have to beat. Stage 1 wants 25g within a certain amount of spins. Stage 2 wants 50g, stage 3 100g and so on.

25g, 5 Spins (5g per turn, gpt)
50g, 5 Spins (10gpt)
100g, 6 Spins (16,7gpt)
150g, 6 spins (25gpt)
225g, 7 spins (32,2gpt)
275g, 7 spins (39,3gpt)
375g, 8 spins (46,9gpt)
450g, 8 spins (56,3gpt)
575g, 9 spins (63,9gpt)
650g, 9 spins (72,3gpt)
700g, 10 spins (70gpt)
777g, 10 spins. (77,7gpt)

If you constantly just make 1gpt more every stage you beat the game automatically. You don’t have to play the most op-builds or end the run just because you don’t get the items you want. All you have to do is to aim for the 1gpt more you need in the next phase.

You have to have your average gps (gold per spin) in your mind but you should be doing okay. If you follow the Tier-List you can easily beat the game over and over except when the game itself is very evil to you ^^

The real fun starts when you aim for the endless mode which stays on 10 spins per rent-phase. It starts with 1000g and adds up 500g on every new rent-phase. The challenge is to build your “slot machine” (aka: Deck) to the point where you can start into endless mode and survive until you got the last bits of your build and rock.

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